Saturday, June 30, 2012

As Logical As All Illogicality

Blog-post # 309:
(309 = 3*103.)

(7 images, Seven Arty Images, yes.)

Identity Onto Identicalness

Rigorously Mis-alphabetized

Lengthwise Unlike Dreams

Chaotically Simple

Not In Their Self-Inclusion

De-rotational Carousel

Occasionally Permanent Paradox


As grand anagrams:
(3? More. 4.)

As rusty lovers' slaps
soon hit me,
this mess sprays
all over onto us.


More stays near to mentality
in looped spirals.
It is permanently, also
temporarily too, as ends.


A thin perimeter's path --
the rim, it then appears.


Un-centered is ours,
totally nil.
No, it cursed us all
not entirely.


Houses without house-numbers is
a problem that needs to be..


(Based on actual recent events..)

You know how we know the
racist ranter screaming
obscenities was likely to
have been drunk at the time?..

Because he was..
slurring.. his speech.

(He definitely has "free speech",
however -- free from the control
of any intelligent thoughts.)

{Was it autonomous, or rather
autonomic, bigoted-ranting?}


There is much evidence
of dense evil.



(Sorry for the lack of puns
in this post.
So so sorry. {'Sosorry'?.. Sorry.}
However, the 'evil-dense' pun-like
thing above is a segue into this..)

The Universe Itself
has been disproved
by reductio ad absurdum!

(Look up 'reductio ad absurdum'
if you do not know what it is...
AND if you exist at all.)

The very fact most of us do not
seem to realize this fact* is just
more evidence (evil-dense)
supporting this disproof of All!

("Reductio Ad Absurdum"
would make a good punk-band name.
I wonder if there already is a
band named that or something

*{Which 'fact' am I referring
to here? That the Universe has
been disproved? Or the fact
that people not realizing this
is part of the disproof?
Or both?
Logic is a circle;
but so is illogical nonsense.
And although these two circles
may differ, they both do
indeed seem to be shaped
very similarly, despite
the unequal values of pi
within each.}


If you are interested in
poetry, why is it possible
that the Universe exists
for YOU, however?

... Because..




kikinotdee said...

See what you made me read with your Reductio Ad Absurdum
Suppose (1) p ⊢ ~p

(2) ⊢p → ~p from (1)

(3) ⊢p → (p & ~p) from (2) since p →p

(4) ⊢ ~(p & ~p) → ~p from (3) by contraposition

(5) ⊢ ~(p & ~p) by the Law of Contradiction

(6) ⊢ ~p from (4), (5) by modus ponens

And I thought it was a Harry Potter spell :)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Where did you find that, Kiki!?..
I used to really like math (but not so much pure logic without numbers, etc). The reductio ad absurdum disproof was one of my favorites. (Although I do not recall having used it much at all in my own proofs that any conjectures were untrue.)
The basic idea is, you prove something is untrue by showing that IF it HAD been true, then a logical/mathematical consequence that would have necessarily been true as a result of the conjecture being true, well, it turns out to be obviously false (such as 1 = -1, or something like that). Thus the original conjecture is false. (.. As long as you didn't make a math-mistake somewhere. Otherwise YOU are the absurd one instead!)

I never before heard of "contraposition", "The Law of Contradiction", or "modus ponens". I may have to just look those up.
And I had no idea before that my browser could display the sideways-T symbol.

kikinotdee said...

Reductio ad Absurdum [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Table of Contents
1.Basic Ideas
2.The Logic of Strict Propositional Reductio: Indirect Proof
3.A Classical Example of Reductio Argumentation
4.Self-Annihilation: Processes that Engender Contradiction
5.Doctrinal Annihilation: Sets of Statements that Are Collectively Inconsistent
6.Absurd Definitions and Specifications
7.Per Impossible Reasoning
8.References and Further Reading
this is were I got it plus a content list I'm sure you will understand it better than me I get the general Idea but the maths baffles me,but a lot of it reads like your blog.