Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blurry Numerals, Re-Returning As Circles

Blog-post #310:
(310 = 2*31*5.)

(Six images.)

Loci Almost Dreamt

Complicated Via Null-Sets

Afterwards Previous To Before

Axioms Made Of Matter

As Integers Made Of All

Return Of A Future Pi

(Notice the names of the 4th image and the 5th image from the top, and notice how they relate.
Five of these 6 images have names directly related to math. That is odd {ha}, since I do not practice math that much anymore.)


Anagrams (Only 5??):

If supposed
anti-righteousness taints,
it is as thus seen,
an upsetting disproof.


These dimmer puns I do taper in.
Ours trapped mine inside them.


All of pi does return
unto these pasts.
Soon the lepidopteran's
future lasts.


Never throughout is hate as seen.
Thus rust goes here into a heaven.


Elite BS
Best Lie


Where do computer-graphics
artists live?..

In their high-rez high-rises!..


(Wouldn't it be ironic if
Occam's Razor was a twin-blade?..)

{But a very close shave
it is, nonetheless.}


Al Gore may have
"invented the internet".

But Bill Clinton was the first
to utilize the 'intern-net'..

(Did I hear that before? I KNOW I did.
It sounds much like Jay Leno's doing.)


Why were we gored*
to shreds in Pamplona?..

Because something..'taurus'..

*(speaking of..)

If you are suffering marital
hit-and-miss, not bliss,
then you are probably
living in a..


(Oh, come on now. I KNOW that
this pun is unoriginal.
But I cannot personally
recall ever hearing it before.
Is that only because I am single?)

Stubbornly unmotivated loser
mathematicians (as I) are too..

.. 'null-set' in our ways..


(Okay, the funniness ceases.)

If I discuss my disgust,
I cuss.
(And coarsely, or course.)

Damn right, I'm f*king

(And the deja vu continues..)


A little pseudoscience
about pseudo-reality:

What if numbers/mathematics
were themselves created in the
Big-Bang (and did not precede It),
much like the physical universe
and even time supposedly were?

Then perhaps this is why the
enumeration of all universes
(those universes created at the
instant of the Big-Bang)
is not well-defined (or more
precisely, is not well-known
to myself personally).
One universe, plural finite
universes, plural infinite
universes, or zero universes:
all of these possibilities
and more simultaneously?

All possibilities coexist,
perhaps. And all is about
probabilities -- as could be
other concepts in mathematics
also, maybe even the concept
of numbers themselves.
Even the idea of probability
might itself be a matter
of probability.
(And circular logic is derived
from only logic's circles --
all self-encompassed by
those non-rigorous compasses,
all self-described and
thus so scribed.)

Possibly all the integers
too, then, are as blurry
as the pixels making up
our physical "Reality"?

(And more deja vu..)


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