Friday, July 27, 2012

A Least Silly Doom

Blog-post # 317:
(317 = prime.)

(7 images.)

Translucency From Refraction

Entropy Hypocritically Entropic

Cosmos Approximately Electromagnetic

Of Unequal Onenesses

Un-dimensionally Demystifying

Monotonically Into Bidirectionality

Macroscopic If Yet Predicated

Of these, I most like the top image ("Translucency From Refraction"), the second image ("Entropy Hypocritically Entropic"), and the bottom image ("Macroscopic If Yet Predicated").

I don't know if anyone (except myself) has noticed that for the last few blog-posts, my images have all been square-shaped, and not 6-by-5 anymore.
Squareness is much more natural, I feel, than 6-by-5. 6-by-5 was originally chosen by me for the very unartistic reason that this better fits the computer-monitor's aspect-ratio. (And my monitor actually has a different aspect-ratio anyway.)
Reject arbitrariness,..
because you can have..
art-itrariness instead!..


Anagrams (nine, all mine):

A god's ire bites us all.
Ill bigots are as used.


And sadly,
human stupidity is ours.
It damns us,
thusly as did your pain.




Quasi-rendered as me,
it once split less...
in some ellipses'
quartered distances.


All teenagers so dumb:
Mobs sell, guaranteed.


In some disaster's
busted criticality:
Its sly deceit only rested,
but it is an atomic spiral.


A Science's Pulsating Loxodrome:
Magical Loops' Round Existences


Bald Guy


Time's bang:
This was theirs/ours,
a least silly doom.
As Earth,
it is blossoming
or is thus always melted.


That last anagram leads
me to realize that
"A Least Silly Doom"
would probably be
a good band-name.
(Somehow, the name sounds
to me like the name of a
British band, specifically.)

Also, I was thinking yesterday
that a good band-name would be
"Yyx", if this name is not
already used for a band
(which it probably is, though).
The significance of this name,
besides the chromosomal
abnormality it alludes to,
is that the name is pronounced
"Yikes". (At least the name of
my band is pronounced this way.
I don't know how the other Yyx
pronounces their name.)


I don't know why so many people
don't trust the climate-scientists.
It's instead really the geologists
studying earthquakes who are..


If 13 is a "baker's dozen";
then is 11 of something
(at least something good) a
"faker's dozen"?..


What is the antonym of


Oh, woeful is the one who

(Did I write about this already?)

New word: (adjective)
Danger caused by an error is so..

(if not just dang erroneous).



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kikinotdee said...

Translucency From Refraction
Cosmos Approximately Electromagnetic

I think there is Eleventy one in a Fakers dozen :)