Friday, July 6, 2012

Claustrophobic Philosophers... Versus Vice

(.. and vice-versa..)

Blog-post # 311:
(311 = prime.
But I am unprimed for a prime.
No prime-time, primarily.)

(6 images of artsiness.)

Before Every Infinity

Then Of Vague Arithmetics

Refractive Claustrophobia

Anything Never Something

Being Of Being Then Becoming



Six anagrams. A hexagram?

My insanely specious
creeds enrage us so.
As money, pseudosciences
are lying ruses.


She is the one virgin.
He gives in to her sin.


Devils shit on our
hope's spheres.
Oh, philosophers
severed its sun.


Its claustrophobia,
it is but a poor clash.


We got indented,
wedged into net.


Our last eventual reality
itself slips.
So, all is irrelevantly
upset at us, I felt.

(I like the first top two of these
and the bottom one by far the best.)

Robots who have never had
sexual-intercourse* are only...

'technically virgins'..

Or would that be robot
oral-sex instead?)


And if your DNA has made you so ugly
that you have never gotten a date,
you unfortunately might have..



Why is everyone so furious?

Because anger is.. all the rage!..


Socialism is..


(Okay, now THAT is an unoriginal
joke. And I fear it might get me
on some government list.
Sing it:
"I'll be on the list..
as a likely terrorist!")


Here is a fun gag to play
upon your neighbors..

Put up this sign on a pole:



Answers to the name "Pounce".
(Full name: 'Pounce de Leon'.)



So, do stand-up comedians
perform at 'gag-gigs', then?



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kikinotdee said...

May I pinch one of your pictures Anything Never Something I like it a lot, It would look good on my laptop :)