Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Avoid The Ovoid

Blog-post # 314:
(314 = 2*157.
I know, I know: 314 is also pi*100,
rounded down.
Yeah, as if that even matters...
Or is even round,
or is roundly even.)

(Seven images.)

Lapse Of Elapsed Dimensions

Almost Quasi-Circular

Telescopic Thus Sans Science

Physics Then Damns Us

Hypothetical-Heretical Anagram

However Imploded Is This

Phonetic Phosphors

I like most of these images. Of the names, however, I only like "Lapse Of Elapsed Dimensions", "Almost Quasi-Circular", and "Phonetic Phosphors" (since this last name is all {pseudo}synesthetic).


Anagrams (5, no jive):

Then as I dream,
death remains.


This pours into its
thin flatness gained.
It sprouts nothing itself,
and is then as I.


Its geometry lesson:
One sees mostly trig.


These ruined us...
in the ruse used.


USA: Beware in Afghanistan.
War, again it has been snafu.

(Ah, an Afghanagram..)

Related to the last anagram
(and maybe related to the
anagram above that one too):

New word:
(noun and verb),
which is what one is claiming if one
is claiming to be succeeding,
while actually one is failing horribly.

As in,
"The US is making
af-gains in Afghanistan."
(And we are af-gaining
the people's trust there.)

We could also call that country
"Again-istan", because of all the
empires that have lost wars fighting
there during the long history
of that region.


Palindromes! (7):

Is all as, alas, all as I?

It is if less is self. Is it I?

Was its all indeed nil,
last I saw?



So, stats all lopsided is poll:
Last; at SOS.

Politic: It I lop.

(The last palindrome above
alludes to the "heading-off
our biggest problems" pun
from my blog a couple posts ago.)

Chop up your paper into bits
to prepare it for your art-project
with your..

Papier-mache machete.


Social-networks are about..

clickable cliques.

(Oh, I do believe I indeed
heard this before. Are these
'clickable cliques' thus
cliche?.. And as cliche
as is.. papier-mache?)


Punk-rocker clothes brand-name:

"Terrible Wearables"


"There are likely more people
on Earth who are assholes than
people on Earth with assholes."

-- L Quet



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kikinotdee said...

Phonetic Phosphors I don't know why but this one feels like you crated something that's alive I love it also Lapse Of Elapsed Dimensions I like the flow of this one.
Why isn't it spelled fonetic ? :)