Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sad Loops Stirred

Blog-post # 318:
(318 = 2*53*3.)

(Seven new images, again.)

Pronouns Themselves Antecedents

An Eclipse Excessively Halved

It Incanted All Of Astronomy

Geometry Likewise Disentangled

Only Less And Else More

Hexagraphically Extrapolative

Polyplurally Multitonic

(Regarding "Polyplurally Multitonic" {the bottom image above}, this image especially is far less original in amount than by the amount of how much I find it interesting. As for its name, should I have called it "Multiplurally Polytonic" instead?)


(seven, again,.. again):

Arbitrary statistic:
It is abstract rarity.


Sane evil,
I enslave.


I was insane;
is a sin anew.


Why stir the sad loops?
Or they split shadows.


Said unto this,
questioned as skillfully,
.. to die.
Quiet is asked
if it only lulls;
and it does shout.


Touch things so indented as.
Into a sin, thought descends.


A vastness thus
encoded loops in hexes.
This passed unto
sad convex holes seen.


When you get your nouns,
verbs, articles, prepositions,
adjectives, adverbs, etc
all scrambled in your
sentences, you surely do
have some...



we need universal healthcare,
because the Universe is sick!

It is sick with the
cosmic contagion, with
the interstellar infection.
And all astronomy looks
ashen (with its asthma,
its aspergers, and its

Well, it all is just unwell.
(Can't you tell?)

All astrophysics needs an..
'astro-physician'! Stat!


The vast and hidden uber-class
of the world's secretive and
most powerful elite, where none
of them will ever be punished
for any of their surely
infinite crimes; they are the..

Uncountable Unaccountable.



Oh, I am so...


(What, are not* you too?)

*(And why does 'are not'
sound so awful here
compared to if I had
used the contraction
"aren't" instead?
Idiotic idioms!)



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kikinotdee said...

I love these ones especially Pronouns Themselves Antecedents it's like your old stuff.