Friday, August 3, 2012

Is All As I?

Blog-post # 319:
(319 = 11*29.)

(Seven images.. again.)

Or Else Self-Equal

Equating Truth To Truth

Poetic Thirst

Roundly Hexagonal

Its Central Intermediacy

Analogous To Anthropomorphism

Insideways Indeed


Anagrams (eight, oh great):


(^Now, this one is ironic.)

Perimeters hint of lust;
For, time sleeps in truth.


I lost yesterday;
but this day emerges.
I lasted inside.
Indeed busted,
it hid meagerly;
yet it is less so astray.


Of all bisections,
no best coils fail.


Hidden eyelets
puncture eggs.
Ugly seeps get
cured in the end.


Protection inside your
oscillatory cage alone;
Or is one at all any
poetic or cryogenic solitude?


Nude lass in
Hints of sins,
skin, and cute legs.


Those palindromes:
The loops in dreams.


I was wondering earlier if
the ultimate palindrome is:

"Is all as I?"

But this, however, is less
ultimate than the even more
ultimate palindrome,


(Then there is the phonetic
equivalent of this most
ultimate palindrome, yet
another palindrome:



Phonetic spoonerism:



(Seems appropriate, somehow.)

You hear about the
understocked sex-toy store?..

I hear they're always out of
what you're into..

(The ex-stripper who owns it
says she is now out of jello..

And you cannot get her to
get back in it again..)

(I should probably post
some joke here about
But I don't think I will
post that.)


Okay, I will now post a very
bad joke I JUST thought up.

You hear about the witches and
the prostitutes playing

It was..
'hexes versus hoes'..

And did I hear this before?
Yes I did.
.. Maybe in elementary school.)

Speaking of jokes I have
definitely heard before but
will post here anyway as my own..

The difference between women and men:
(Quite generalized, of course. ALL of
these types of jokes generalize..)

When a woman talks to a man she
likes, she pretends to be stupider..

But when a man talks to a woman he
likes, he ACTUALLY becomes stupider.


"Hey, what are they goin'
to do with that vacant lot?"

"A lot."..


Seriously now...

I fully expect some American bigots
to soon proclaim, if they have not
already proclaimed so,..

"Well, the American Flag(tm) is
indeed red, white, and blue;..
NOT red, BROWN, and blue!...
So, therefore, only Whites
can be true 'mericans!"


Or alternatively proclaim,

"Hey, the American flag is
red, white, and blue;
NOT PINK, white, and blue,
proving that this country was
founded by our Founding Fathers
on heterosexual-principles!",
or something.

If none of America's many laypeople
revisionist historians have already
actually said any of this stupidity,
it is only because they are
not clever enough to have done so..

(But when it comes to "God"
on US money implying our
"Founding Father's desires
for a Christian nation",
they surely are quite adept
at similar speciousness.)


Regarding the truth of the
illusion of All:

If matter/space/distance is
an illusion, as these surely
seem to be, then why would
time alone be real, however?

Is the dream only remembered,
then? Or has it actually
occurred, albeit falsely, as
it has been experienced?

Is simultaneousness
only simulated?


Imprefectly (sic),

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kikinotdee said...

You're right bad jokes indeed but cool art, you changed your style a little.
do you know why my friend Amy fell of the swing?-she has no arms
Knock Knock- who's there?- not Amy :D
I know bad jokes to.