Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Directions Directly Dire

Blog-post # 324:
(324 = 3*3*2*2*3*3 = 18*18.)

Seven new images.

Its Electromathematical Perfume

Of Any Quantum Of Logic

Truth Surpassed By Essence

Shapes Into Spaces Unto Vastness

Psychosis Unequal To Trigonometry

Rigorous Delusion Of Echoes

Cosines Aperiodic Then Chaotic

(I like the word "electromathematical" in the top image's name. I wonder if it is a new word; and I especially like how it sounds similar to "electromagnetic". Wouldn't any math, though, used to describe electrical-circuits, or maybe the equations describing electromagnetic propagation or describing the quantum physics relating to electrons/photons or such be properly called "electromathematical"?
PS: I am not looking this word up now.
PPS: And maybe the word does already exist, but it is hyphenated.)


Anagrams (nine.):
(Warning. Some of these
may offend. Warning: Some of
these may not be that good.)

It oriented each mass...
the same as direction.


Ebola is disturbing and
also beyond-real to us.
Global diseases do not
end our burials any bit.


Asses die.

(^Which can be the
plus-side of disease..)

Got insanely gouged:
Does it on an ugly egg.


Easy smegma:
A messy game.


many tell.


All this roundness...
is a dullness' thorn.


In the one
shadow's dichotomy,
No two icons,
some they had hid.


Human vastness will waste
in us our flat ethos.
Most anuses (as we) have
truthful stains now ill.


(Now, the jokeyness.)

You know how Noah's misuse
of trigonometry lead him
to go way off-course*?

Yes, he went off on an..

*(Like this really mattered.
Didn't he just have to stay
afloat, and that is all,
according to lore? I mean,
he wasn't GOING anywhere
in-particular, correct?)

I'd never date a

She would definitely have
too many 'hang-ups'!..


You know what the guy told
me who REALLY likes watching
slasher movies way too much?

"Hey, man, I need help,
because my mind is surely
in the gut-her."


Sometimes, using contractions
sounds better than writing all
the words out, does not it?


The clockworks, the waterworks,
the fireworks, the ironworks,
the steelworks, even the roadworks,
but I do not.


^This reminds me that I like
the new compound-word I may
have invented:

As in,
"The knot-works are
extremely plexiform."

Would the 'knot-works' be the
factory where they make knots?

Or would it be a tangle of
knots reminiscent of clockwork?

(I was thinking of the latter
definition when I came up
with this word.
Or maybe without the terminal-s,
then, it is definitely the tangle.
But maybe the knotworks factory
is extremely plexiform too.
Why not? And why knot?
.. "Because it pays the bills,
that's why! People can't
be expected to make their
own knots, now!")


Speaking of consumer culture..

I noticed this statement on my
perfume-free laundry-detergent
bottle: "Dermatologist tested."

Of course, I immediately thought
when I read this that they
tested this detergent
ON dermatologists, instead of
on animals.
"No animals were harmed in the
testing of this product.
But some dermatologists,
however, indeed were!"

(Or are dermatologists just a
bunch of animals, anyway?..
They DO work in the...
'skin-industry', after all!)


Now, the seriousness:

(Related to the last anagram above.)

There is no truth; none at all.
So, thus, I myself am as unreal
as all else is.

Regarding human-beings:
Only our anuses exist.
Not our bodies, not our minds,
definitely not our souls.
We are all literally just
a bunch of assholes.

Seven billion assholes.
That is a lot of holes, period,
let alone a lot of smelly holes.

(Sorry for that image,
but you deserve it
because you are an..)


Update: This angers me. Even though my crappy dictionary does not have "knotworks", a simple online search would have shown that this word is quite common online, and it has a number of different definitions besides even those two I give above.

The word "electromathematical" as one word is rare online, however. As two different words in conjunction, the compound phrase (not necessarily hyphenated) is much more common, though.



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