Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Blog-post # 320:
(320 = 2*2*2*5*2*2*2)

Seven new images:
(No fewer, nor more,
than immediately before.)

Oxymoronic Biosphere

Indecisively Dimensional Electromagnetism

Darkness Incapably Dark

Longitudinal Non-Density

Unpronounceable Facade

Also Oscillating, Only Ambiguous

An Explosion Destroyed


Anagrams (just 3):

All destroys complexity:
Mostly clarity explodes.


That angularity spins so,...
thus, into a lasting spray.


A god ruined sane stomachs.
And sad hunger is comatose.


Jerk logicians are the..

'analogs of anal-logs'!..



If a digital clock is noticed to be one minute ahead*, then is it less likely it will be corrected by anyone than it would have been otherwise, because to correct it by setting it back one minute -- by pressing the "minute" and "time" buttons simultaneously, say, and having to go ahead through 59 minutes -- will likely take so long that the clock would have read one minute ahead by the time this correction is completed anyway?
(Even if going ahead 59 minutes only takes 30 seconds, for example, there is still a significant chance that time would have flipped ahead to the next minute by then anyhow.)

Are there far more digital clocks around the world that are one minute ahead than there otherwise would have been, therefore?

*Why do we English-speakers (at least in the US) so often say a clock is one minute "fast"? "Fast" implies the clock's RATE is too quick. But saying the clock is "ahead" by whatever time correctly implies what is more so true, that the clock's rate is not too quick (for the most part), but the time simply has an offset.


Why do we, when we mean something happens "occasionally", so often instead say that something happens "periodically"?
Because most of the time, it seems to me, what we really mean is that these somethings happen "aperiodically", which is the opposite.

Very ironic.


So, in 4 billion years (approximately..),
the Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda
galaxy will "collide", astronomers say.

Oh, that there Andromeda galaxy..
.. So, THAT is what the world
is really coming to!..


If you think you might leap off of
a cliff because you think you have
just realized something so horrible,
perhaps you should not be..

.. jumping to any conclusions!
(even to yours!)

In the Game Of Reality:
"If you land on this space,
then jump ahead to the end.
Game over. You win!")

And if you hit your head while
leaping, but don't die,
maybe you are just..
.. jumping to concussions..


(Oh, NOW I will offend you all..)

You know what the visually-impaired
architect said when I told him I
will invent audible blueprints
for his sake?..

"Sounds like a plan!"..


You know why politicians like to
flip-flop on the issues so much?

Because many of them used to be..


(Now, THAT is a bad joke.)

You hear how fascism results
from having ESP?

E(vil); S(tupidity); P(ower).

Fascists: Definitely more
telepathic than empathetic.



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kikinotdee said...

I think you seem happier ? your art feels happier, your jokes are still bad though :)