Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Title Does Not Contain The Word "Lie"

Blog-post # 326:
(326 = 2*163.)

Seven new images,
as was expected:

Of Oculi Or Oscilloscopes

Psychoatomic Counterpoint

Mathematics Drips As Gravity

Any Description Of
Dictionary And Timepiece

Of Numberism's Quasi-Equations

Its Asynchronized Self-Differing

Our Rigor Rigorously Disproved

(I think the middle image above has the longest name I have ever given an image of mine. And if I had my way completely, I would have used the plurals "Dictionaries" and "Timepieces" instead; but I tried to shorten the name as much as I could.)

Anagrams (5?):

A total lie and
evils destroy us.
It devastated
you losers in all.


Any colors pulse;
Loops surely can.


I am indeed sideways
plus overlapped.
Plaid divided me,
as we nearly suppose.


Atomic skin or nuclear eggs:
Cracking our lies' megatons.


Such was soft normality;
Thus, it conforms always.


The workings of a
SUBatomic-clock are its..



The overly-repetitive
oscillations do..
we non-hipsters.

(Yet we loved those pulsations
ourselves before we got old.)

(Yes, I am talking about
MUSIC here..)


Sadly, if a married couple
misplaces their chastity-belt,
then they have to have..
'sex out of wed-lock'..

(Oh, the humanity!...)

But that is not as bad as if
the husband misplaces the key
while his wife is wearing
the chastity-belt.
Then they are f*cked..
Or not.
(..Or not at all, really..)


Since I am too lazy to groom
myself well, I guess I cannot
manage to..
muster my luster..


Yeah, I'm pissed.
And I am determined to be so,
no matter what you say.

That's right:
curmudgeon ain't budgin'..


No more funny-business:
the following is not a pun!)

My big idea:
What the world needs now are:

(I will re-invest the profits I
make from my rental-pizza idea
in sunglass-monocles.. Maybe
these monocles are polarized.)



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