Monday, August 13, 2012

These Ruins Of Myself

Blog-post # 322:
(322 = 2*23*7.)

Seven imagined images:

Perfect Misalignment

Purest Asymmetry

Absurdity Orbits Roundness

Conically Ecliptic

A Clear Glow Complexly Bleak

Inertial And Never Inert

Probability Of Predetermined Smoke

I actually do not absolutely love any of these images. But they are all quite acceptable to me anyway.

(Note the relationship between the names of the top two images.)


Anagrams (5):

All reverts sadly into
ruins of yourself.
It forever turns falsely
or loudly as sin.


A stain: something stinks;
In this is stagnant smoke.


An orbit there somewhere:
On Earth,
it bores me/we/her.


This precise essence made..
as the prime seed's science..


This melodrama's nasty style:
Reality shat mostly madness.


When we are overreacting,
ironically by being quite
emotionally inert, we are
thus being so very...

melodramatically mellow.

that's our panic.


"Oh By The Way, you know
that's the street I live on?"

"NO WAY!.. is where I live."

"Yeah, I keep getting mail for
the guy who lives at my address
on Oh By The Street."

(Abbot & Costello say so.)

[Warning! Politics and

Funny, those people who actually know the very LEAST science, sociology, or anything else about the races of humanity are called "racists".

That is like: If those very people who knew the least about physics and science were called "physicists", or like if those we call "mathematicians" were those very people least able to even add.

"sexists" are all virgins, then?..)


[Warning! More politics.]
Not very clever point ahead!]

Since the US Constitution is now considered void and completely irrelevant to how we are governed in the US now days, why do we in the US even need a president or congress or any other constitutionally-mandated government entities at all anymore, then?!

(I am not saying that anarchy is all that great, though.
But since we Americans supposedly -- at least those in the rest of the world believe this -- all personally own and carry weapons [given the 2nd Amendment], this fact alone should lead we Americans, in the absence of any official government, to still all be honest and civil with each other anyway.. Right?..)



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