Sunday, September 30, 2012


(Yes, I must have read, but NOT HEARD,
this title somewhere else before.)

Blog-post # 334:
(334 = 2*167.)

Seven new images.

Arctangentialism Versus Geometry

As All Nihilistic Spectra

The Configuration Of Proximities

Ordinarily Pathological Ordinals

In Molecules Of Non-Nouns

Evenness Exceeded Unevenly

Translucency's Transparent Impurities

I will try to forego now over-rambling on about neologisms in my image-titles
(update: but I failed).
It suffices for me to note that, yes, I suspect that "Arctangentialism" (in the first image's title) and "Non-Nouns" (in the 5th images' title), "Non-Nouns" taken as a whole, are neologisms. And, yes, of course I suspect I was not the first to use these.
(And I especially like the bottom image's {neologism-less} title.)

(And, shame, I forgot to give the number of anagrams in my last post, if you could not have counted them yourselves. There were nine then, by the way.)
And nine this time too!

Your puns were spoken.
We rue pesky pronouns.


In this similarity,..
it is arty nihilism.


These insects inside reality
are so abused there.
Because, sheer entirety
sans lies, it dares to hide.


The helix is in most any
magnet's permutations.
A puny extreme:
Its moon has this,
its alignment.


The ruin is..


Unwiser end:
Ruined news.




What is the USA's dear creed?:
Liberals against conservatives..
As vain rebels with scathing
voices are assaulted, arrested.


I am me:...
A mime.

(^I guess this, "I am me", is one of the deeply philosophical concepts that "a mime" is trying to convey.)
(My favorites of these anagrams are the first 2, 3, or 4; and the last 2.)


A few palindromes:
(Then we will find balance.)

'No, I tan madness,
else mimes lessen damnation.'

'Eras are.'

'No ion?'

'We sew.'


A weird and indescribable thought:


(Sounds like a good band-name?
Probably already is,..
but not a good name. Sorry, guys.)

The second item below the
palindromes in today's blog-post
is.. (rum droll..)

Regarding "Second":
Hey, that ordinal is not any
ordinary ordinal! Just the
second-most ordinary of ordinals.

(Damn ordinals..)


You hear about the hippy who
ended up working in the
medical laboratory?
Yeah, he was a..

counterculture culture-counter.

("Yeah, man, and I do a lot
of drug-testing there...
on myself."..)


The political hierarchy is,
in essence (even if not

the 'HEIR-archy'.


New saying, in regards to our
political system and to so much
else these days:

"It's stuck on 'suck'!"

(I might have heard this before.)


The evolution-deniers often say
that they "refuse to believe that
man evolved from monkeys!"

Well, evolution experts always are
trying to point out that they do
not believe mankind "evolved from
monkeys" either!.. or from apes.
To the simians' relief/benefit(!),
human-beings and apes and monkeys
actually are all likely to have
evolved separately and in-parallel,
but came from some earlier common
ancestral species of primates
(which are all now extinct).

It's like a tree, stupid, you know,
with branches and stuff.
(And monkeys sometimes live in,
and sometimes love in, trees --
to help you remember.)

In any case, so then I guess it
can be said that the
"I refuse to believe that man
evolved from monkeys!" argument
made by evolution-deniers is
quite a...

'straw-monkey' argument!..

(And, get that straw-monkey
off your back!..
In other news:
Did you know human-beings
evolved from albatrosses?..
Might be fun to deny THAT now..)

(And when we find that 'balance'..)

Hey, since when is rhetorical
equivalency these days actually
about absolute equivalence, anyway?

"Yeah, it's bad now; but, come on;
the problem of false-equivalencies
being over-used to try to justify
arguments is just as bad as it
has always been,"
... would be the proper answer.


Usually, I guess, I wouldn't find
a sexual joke to be as funny as
most people do, because..

I just don't GET IT..


The authorities trying to determine
if we are "criminals" only from
images of our faces, possibly by
using facial-recognition AI,
would indeed be..


(Which is ironic if AI is used;
because the technology is now more
accurate when the faces are viewed
more so from the front, not as
much when viewed almost completely


Do we still.. 'din'-y
we like hard-rock music?..


Its own.. 'up'-posite.


Morticians surely do know how to..
'urn' a living!

(Or are they instead urning a


On an antimatter planet, during
a very bad storm, can a very
large charge of positrons
strike you with..

Yes, being electrically-shocked
severely can be quite..


I may not do so. But you do know
what things DO mince words?


(They especially mince
offensive-smelling words.
Better than getting your
mouth rinsed with soap, I bet.)



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transphoric Metaformation

Blog-post # 333:
(333 = 3*37*3.
333 = Half-The-Beast. Yay!..
So, not the best Beast, then?
Just half as good,..
I mean, half as EVIL!)

Seven new images:

Trans-metaphorical Metamorphosis

Sidelapping Overways

Contextual Unknowability

Emptiest Equations Of Enigmatism

Synonyms Rearranged Into Permutations

Unimaginations Thus Unimagined

Its Approximately Glassy Astrology

Regarding the neologisms:
The second image's title,
"Sidelapping Overways",
originated by exchanging the
first halves of a pair of
particular compound words;
like a spoonerism, but of
entire prefixes instead of
involving only the first letter
or two of the respective words.
What is that called?
Still a spoonerism?
(This is also as in the title
of this particular blog-post.)

"Enigmatism", in the 4th
image's title, maybe is not
new. But it obviously means
the concept of being enigmatic,
or maybe it is the entire
philosophy of enigmas. That
idea may already be called
something else
"enigmatication"?), but
the "-ism" sounds extra spooky
to me, plus this 'new' word
rhymes with "astigmatism".

"Trans-metaphorical" (in the
first image's title) must be
a neologism, taken as a whole.
It means what you want it to
mean, man. Just go with it,
and the truth will find you,
man. Then you will know what
is really more metaphorical
than even metaphor itself...



We are of seedlings.
A genesis flowered.


We fail any wings.
I was flying anew.


An ellipse was that,
itself so lopsided.
Pi spills also as
what is often deleted.


A steep swirl is..
its wise pearls.


This dared a death,
slaying its taint so.
Destined is that,
as ghastly radiation.


The inwardness is her death.
These sins I had drawn there.


I still preyed upon
a page's scabs.
As it is papered
by all cusps gone.


Earrings, they upset.
Super things are yet.


The oval hole inside us:
One's lie should have it.


I should have mentioned my
vomiting-problem when I was at
the doctor,..

but it didn't come up..


And the Luddites do declare
that a weavers' strike..


"Wow. This pencil
is really sharp."

"I agree with you, yes,
that's a really good point."


What kind of camera cannot see
colors, but can still accurately
determine what in the image is
red, anyway?

An infer-red camera..


So, there are "canals" on Mars.
And there are indeed canals
in Venice.
So, why no canals on Venus??


Trade-name for a cleaning fluid:

"[Whoever's] Anti-Splatter"


Update regarding the last item
in my previous blog-post:

I wrote, in part:
"if it rewrote your reference to
the Brookhaven supercollider, the
"Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider",
instead as the
"Relatively Heavy Ion Collider"."

'Relatively Heavy Ion Collider'..
So, then. Is it the ions that are
relatively heavy relative to other
ions? (Which is true regarding those
ions in this supercollider, surely.)
Or is it the super-collider that is
heavy compared with other colliders?
(Which may indeed be true, I suspect.
It is probably one of the heaviest, at
least at the time of its construction.)
Either way, this super-collider is
relatively heavier than an ion.
That is true.
(If anything is true, however.)

Hey, I have an idea:
With all of the super-colliders
being decommissioned lately, let's
get some of the unused ones and
then collide THEM together as
fast as we can somehow!

We can do this just so we can say,
"Oooohhh, the irony!...
For, it is the colliders
themselves now being collided!
Such is the essence of fate;
such is the fate of essence."



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thus In A Dissected Universe

Blog-post #332:
(332 = 2*83*2.)

(Only 6 new images today.
So sad.)

Meta-Philosophical Physics

Recently Relativistic Omnipresence

Disentanglement From Chaos

Terrestria Unreal And Unreally So

As Unmeasurably Indescribable As I

Subsets Of Density

I think that "Terrestria", as part of the 4th image's title, is a likely neologism.
It means to me, as you might have guessed, Earth itself or an Earth-like place/planet. (While, with the "-ia" ending, this word is more suggestive, as I intend, of perhaps a nation or land than the similar previously existent word for Earth, "Terra", is.) I do not know if this particular derivative of "terrestrial" exists already elsewhere amongst the more obscure parts of the English-language lexicon. I would not doubt that it is not my own word -- I hope, as with any word I might have originated but maybe did not, it already means what I intend it to mean here if it does already exist, however.

Also, "Meta-Philosophical" (from the top image's title) is probably a neologism.
It implies some VERY deep thinking, and thinking about thinking, and about that thinking about thinking as well, ad infinitum, perhaps.
All I can say about this is,...
I never meta-philosophical I didn't like!.. (harhar.)
(Which is even more appropriate given the meaning of the prefix "philo-".)


(6, likewise as six is six.)

Most of mundanity
looms near, certainly.
It is as randomly common
yet often lunar.


Agilely, a loser slips.
Silly spillage arose.


An idiot with gelatin
often slips.
And into his spillage
of it, it went.


They desire valuable voices
but deluded mouths.
Yet some had believed
their uvulas could be dust.


A square is yours;
then I saw a dot.
Quasi-round, they
are so as it was.


As its ruins
then deceived us,..
thus in a
dissected universe.


The jokes:

People who always blame
themselves seem to need a..



A literary reference to the
Bible might be called a..



Logically-redundant tattoos
are surely..


(And even logically-redundant
tattoos on one's backside can
need a backup.)

(That's too many tattoos, too?..)

Do some synesthetic people have

(Would that be similar to being


Social-networks surely like
to collect and exploit your
private information about
your friendships.
Yes, they want to get and use
your.. personable-info.


If the number of women vs the
number of men ever increases
(such as here in Denver, for
example), women then might be
effectively or even legally
limited to having, say,
only 3 or 4 boyfriends each.

That, then, would be the new..
'male-to-female ration'..


Yes, I eat a balanced diet:
First, I start the day by
eating something very sugary.
Then I eat something very salty
to balance the first thing out.
Then I eat something else that
is very sugary.
Then eat something very greasy.
Then I eat something salty again.

Yes, all in balance..


If you get sick from eating
milk-products, maybe it can be
said that, from them, you get..



I was thinking..
Automatic text-correction would
for once actually get it correct
if it rewrote your reference to
the Brookhaven supercollider, the
"Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider",
instead as the
"Relatively Heavy Ion Collider".*

(But we would never be so lucky
as for automatic text-correction
to ever be correct,..
even unintentionally!
Oh, damn good thing I never use
it to try to type-up puns!)

*(Or is this actually where they
derived the correct name from,
I am now wondering? I hear that
physicists have quite the
sense-of-humor, very pun-related.
That's 'super-symmetry' for you.
Good at math and science; vs
terrible at making up jokes.)



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tock-Tick, Tock-Tick

(.. Would that be what is meant
by 'counterclockwise'..)

Blog-post # 331:
(331 = a prime?)

Eight new images, again.

Synchronized Unto Synonyms' Synonyms

Unequally Unequal Unlike Inequalities

Electromagnetisms Of Null Refraction

Incommensurable Anynesses

As Of Loga-rinthine Laby-rithms

Emptiness Transposed With Void

Demystified Via Magic

Introspection Never Self-Envisioned

Notable neologisms here include:
"Anynesses" (from the 4th image's title), the plural of "Anyness", which is also a neologism; "Anyness" being the concept of anything and non-specificity.
"Loga-rinthine" and "Laby-rithms" (from the 5th image's title): Transpose their prefixes for these two words' more mundane origins.
(And "labyrinthine" is an old word which means 'like a labyrinth'.)
And (not too much of a neologism) "Electromagnetisms" (from the 3rd image's title) is the plural of "electromagnetism", obviously.


(Just 5.)

This wrecks us so into ruins,
into dust.
Its destruction is thus known,
is ours.


As water, these
do overlap there.
The droplets are
at sea, however.


Safely alone, I
mostly devastated her,
as any females loved
their hot lusty dates.


My dare:


These cute sour blossoms are
of tempting hues we then draw.
The butterflies (our songs)
were thus composed anew as them.


You may doubt it, but surely a
'exists, say'.


Cinnamon buns are often..



Refraction is the..
of white-light into its colors.


I can't stand sleeping.. And

I surely can't sleep standing.

Sleeping: I won't stand for it!


The sequence of higher-and-higher
courts appeals are made to,
until reaching the Supreme Court
(in the US), is the..

'Order in the courts'
appealed to.

And quite a..
'court-order' it is, too.


^Hey, this is no laughing matter!

.. unlike how any novelty
chuckling pile of fake poop is.


Many times things are not exactly
ten in number.
Yes, 'often' they are 'off-ten'.

But other times, instead, they are
indeed often 'of ten' in number.


If poltergeists pull up your
underwear, they have just given
you a..



New thing for them kids to say:
"Oh, that's so vulvar!"..

And an old-science-fiction-style
space-emperor says:..

"I am Vulv-Ar!
I am the emperor of this planet
called 'Nohyur-ananus'!
Welcome, Earthlings!
Are... 'you-tourists'..
to my planet? (oh, indeed,
we have many women here.)"


No more funny-business (like
Chuckling Fake Poop Piles, Inc):

So, people. What is the issue the politicians
must focus on THIS election to win??

(Paraphrasing an old campaign slogan):

It's.. the STUPIDITY, Stupid!..

(Speaking of politics:
Maybe we should call the Romney campaign
the "Champagne* Campaign"!?..
Or maybe call it the
"Mitt-doesn't-feel-our-pain campaign",
or just the "Pain campaign", for short.

Funny, that with my bad eyes, 4 years ago I thought the name "Palin" in the McCain/Palin yard-signs was spelling-out "Pain" each time I first saw one of these signs,... until my eyes focused better. Yeah, THEN I knew what I really saw..

But to be fair, for some reason the "Biden" in the Obama/Biden signs looked at first to me like "Lies". Must have been the kerning.. Yeah, the kerning. Damn them graphics-artists.)

*(Non-alcoholic champagne, of course, for Mitt himself. But even the sparkling grape-juice fake champagne is only the best stuff for Mr Mitt, since his tastes are so, well,..
refined like only the finest of white sugar and of white bread.
{But, of course.. Pass the White Poupon.}
Yet all the others working on his campaign can still booze it up, however.)


Finally, here,
for you Tea-Party-haters,
is an anagram:

Where shall we dump them?

"At sea,
as tea!"..



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Less Than Some Things

Blog-post # 330:
(330 = 2*3*5*11.)

Eight new images.
Quite a few; but yet
also more than a few.
(Ohhh... the irony..)

Unbalanced Meta-symmetry

Melodramatic Trans-neurologism


Via Our Aperiodic Sky

As Unmeasurable As Lattices

Pronoun Subliminally Round

Despite Non-phonetic Metronomes

Once Quantal Sinusoids

(Regarding the second image's name:
Yes, "Trans-neurologism" --
"neurologism" in particular --
is a neologism.
And the third image's name is not
"Timelessness", you should note.
In the bottom image, "Quantal" is
not my word. It is the adjective
form of "quantum", and also has a
couple other meanings.
Regarding the first image's name:
"Meta-symmetry" might be my concept
or already an old idea, likely
something from mathematics.
In either case, it sounds like it
must be a philosophically advanced
concept, or seems so to me,
especially when in oxymoronic
conjunction with the word
Excuse all my pretentiousness.)


(Eight: An innate eight.
In eight: our fate.)

This length's one mass:
Less than some things.


Be cones.


All does lift;
ascends, rises onto this.
Its ends soon fall closer,
as tides hit.


Yet a densest lore (your lies),
it is referenced thus.
Therefore, reality
detects/denies in us,
surely so.


When all is,
is mostly as equidistant,
then loss quaintly was
its idealism.


Each wise metronome,
then daring voices;
in the timings,
we have once cared more so.


Human epidemics' best ailment,
it stings us less.
Medicine is as tempting
as illness must thus be.




While in the numbers-game,
gamblers make bets;
in the letters-game,
however, they make...



What is crystallographers'
favorite veggy?


(Thus, lattice visit the
salad-bar, shall we?)


Why did nobody take Deidra's
existence seriously?

Because Dee-Dee was just a

(But she is claimed to be
likewise as.. Sir-E-Russ-Lee.)


(Sorry there are so few jokes
this post, relatively.
I wrote a couple more recently
that I can never post, however,
because they are so offensive,
even to myself.)


One last neo(compound)logism
I will post here, before I
look it up online and find out
it already is a word/phrase in
common usage, perhaps with a
definition much different than
how I intend it to be defined:

(Speaking of pretentiousness..)

My new artistic movement;
I will call it:


What is this, exactly?
Is it a style SO fantastically
unimaginable to be perhaps
even meta-imaginable!?
Super-imaginable, even!?
Hyper-imaginable, or is that
just going too far?

Oh, so, is it
hyper-super-meta-(even trans)-
existential, thus to be as
unreal as All?... Or as
metaphorical as we ourselves are,
or as is metaphor itself,
transcending how I misspelled
such wrongness, surpassing its
incorrect alphabetizations,
each ever absolutely unmeasurable
and as I indeed did dream?

Does it predate the periodicities
of our integers; does it equate
with its othernesses, yet plural?
Is/are its multi-valuations as
superimposed as every pretext for
prefixes? And those superlatives
are of super-lattices, yes.
And they are quite quasi-quantal
and negatively zero, and are
thus therefore therein as unreal,
herein equaling sidewaysness
drawn so oddly, not godly, never
also as we mega-macroscopically
contend, counter to each end,
to each counterclockwise machine
spun otherwise as phonemes or as
memes or hourglasses of refraction,
of reaction to retroactivity; then
becoming as retrograde as are
radioactive radios and TVs.
Tele-envisioned, static once was.
And we were weirdly surreal,
and trans-surreally
likewise as we were. Surely,
the poems are not those, are
not this sameness only composed
from perfection's enumerations
unencumbered by number. Ha, and
numbers too are now excessively
refrangible and entire, yet
without any apparently possible
or potential approximation.

(No, not a poem,
this improvised thingy.
So, don't get mad at me
for posting it.)

PS: I just learned the word
"refrangible" the other day by
accidently turning to it in my
dictionary. It means,
"Capable of being refracted".
This is the type of word I
really enjoy using in my poetry.
(And I will surely use the word
much more so than I, let alone
any other poet, ever should
use it).

Update: "Trans-Surrealism"
does indeed bring up some hits
on Google. There are more than
200 hits, but it seems many
of these are simply accidents
of online language, and are
unrelated to any artistic idea.

Some people before me have,
however, used this
compound-word to indicate
(an) artistic style(s).
I cannot say if this/these
style(s) are anything like I
myself had in mind for what
is "trans-surrealism". But,
of course, I really had no
idea what it was exactly,
or even vaguely, anyway.)



Monday, September 10, 2012

This Is The Last Blog-Title Referring To My Blog-Titles

(.. for awhile.)

Blog-post # 329:
(329 = 7*47.)

Eight new art-images:
(A spate of eight.)

Eclipse Without Loxodromes

Lexiform Plexicons

All Calculus Technically Polygonal


Indescribably Synesthetic Lens

A Science Both Neutral And Negative

Absoluteness And Itself

Tautological Nihilism

(Notice the second image's
title is a spoonerism.
And the 4th image's title
merges 3 words into one.)


(Just 4, no more.)

Veer into deep spirals,...
never despite Polaris.


Lepidopterans are as I:
Repeated in a spiral so.


Your cliques soon parted
time's forever less there;
Or one eclipse thus quartered
its very self more so.


My rise.


Beyond the Universe
(especially if the Universe
is by-definition All),
there is nothing (maybe
not even Nothingness).
That which is beyond It All,
then, is therefore on Its..


The Fahrenheit and Celsius
scales will just have to..

(agree to a degree to)
disagree their degrees.

(.. except at -40 degrees,
of course, you see.)


Since the conspiracy-theorists have been proven correct about so much lately; and almost every paranoid "fantasy" once considered to be only believable by psychotics has now turned out to be fact;
we are now living in..

Conspiracy IS Reality.


(But now for something serious,...
seriously the worst joke ever..)

You know what happened to
the milkmaid's corpse
after she died?

It was.. cream-ated!..


How did the dinosaurs get rid of obstacles in their way?

With their..




Thursday, September 6, 2012

But This Title Is Better Than My Previous Post's Title

Blog-post # 328:
(328 = 2*2*2*41.)

Six new images:
Or moderately-modern?)

Numerators Dividing Radians

Divined Via Reciprocals

They Are Almost Addends

Pathos Of Apathy Unseen

Superposited Yet Subimplied

Quasi-Plurally Chromometric

(Note: That the second title contains the word "Divined"; which is not "Divided", despite the apparent context.)


the first 3 are
the most great.)

The rainbow's
artistic craft seen:
Its water's refraction
can be this.


Yet so deeply are
primes in us all,
easily, eternally


Some pretty women
are shadows.
We prey/swear on them,
as most do.


Mistaken as...
a kiss meant.


Not all is false --
a fall into less.


Your senses are then
sinfully overweight...
yet where there is
all funny vigorousness.


You jostle spirals.
Rips jut as loosely.


Beware: Avoiding
rousing sins.
We are boring.
Divisions nag us.


2 is a prime number.
But 2 is not THE prime number.
(That is 1, instead.
But no, 1 is not a prime.)
But 2 is the prime prime.
And 'prime prime' is
two times as primal.


Some items many museums have
stored out of public view.
While other items, however,
the curators think may be
interesting enough to go
ahead and display anyway..
just.. in case(s).

(That is a really ancient joke.
Let's store it in the basement.)

What are the types of juices
that save on YOU at the store?..

Juices Christ, of course!..


The first editorial on the
editorial page would be,
I guess, an..

'atop-ed piece'.


I placed "upon" uponto "onto".
(Just did.)


New(?) word-use:
Use "surreally" instead
of "really" to show an
unrealistically extreme
amount of very-muchness.
As in,
"Those Republicans are
extreme lately."

(Also, "surreally" sounds
something like "surely",
as a bonus.)


I was just thinking about how much I liked the Mad Max movies, especially the second (Road Warriors) and the third (Thunderdome), despite Mel. Roadwarriors was so prescient, in that now days, as it turned out, we really DO go to war for gasoline. (Just ask the Iraqis.)
Too bad there are not actually now that many punk-rockers everywhere, though.

That is what pisses me off so much about this new century.
Here we have the ultimate dystopia unfolding, just like in all those post-Apocalyptic movies. (A post-Apocalyptic world without the actual {nuclear} Apocalypse.. yet.) But unlike those movies, we now have relatively few punk-rockers. And these times would be the absolutely PERFECT time for people to revolt by being punk-rockers! It was not as much so an appropriate time to be a punk-rocker back (when they were so much more prevalent) in the 70's, 80's (Although the Reagan-era needed them), or especially during the 90's. (Yeah, I too hated Clinton BACK THEN. But he looks really really damn good by the standards of these last 10 years!)

Surely, it was argued by others even as long ago as the 70's that the punk-rockers were not REALLY nonconforming rebels, but even were the opposite. But no matter how one defines rebellion -- even if by relatively ineffectual fashion-oriented means -- the will to rebel in-general just does not prevail like it once did, despite the much greater need for that social rebellion today.

And the internet hasn't helped, since it surely has given most of us a false-sense of personal rebellion. (Look at my blog, please. Please!)

Or, sadly, maybe we are just too lazy, or too afraid, now to rebel.


And some quotes for those
inclined to get angry:
(Not for me to use, though.
I only am a writer,
not a fighter.
No threats here, folks.
Just move along now.)

"I really want to
wipe those asses!"

"I want to smack the
smirks off those jerks!"

"Some people surely
need to be put out
of OUR misery!"

(Use if you want to, if you
are that kind of angry person..
And it is not like I could
otherwise prevent you from
doing so, let alone collect
any royalties from YOUR type