Saturday, September 15, 2012

Less Than Some Things

Blog-post # 330:
(330 = 2*3*5*11.)

Eight new images.
Quite a few; but yet
also more than a few.
(Ohhh... the irony..)

Unbalanced Meta-symmetry

Melodramatic Trans-neurologism


Via Our Aperiodic Sky

As Unmeasurable As Lattices

Pronoun Subliminally Round

Despite Non-phonetic Metronomes

Once Quantal Sinusoids

(Regarding the second image's name:
Yes, "Trans-neurologism" --
"neurologism" in particular --
is a neologism.
And the third image's name is not
"Timelessness", you should note.
In the bottom image, "Quantal" is
not my word. It is the adjective
form of "quantum", and also has a
couple other meanings.
Regarding the first image's name:
"Meta-symmetry" might be my concept
or already an old idea, likely
something from mathematics.
In either case, it sounds like it
must be a philosophically advanced
concept, or seems so to me,
especially when in oxymoronic
conjunction with the word
Excuse all my pretentiousness.)


(Eight: An innate eight.
In eight: our fate.)

This length's one mass:
Less than some things.


Be cones.


All does lift;
ascends, rises onto this.
Its ends soon fall closer,
as tides hit.


Yet a densest lore (your lies),
it is referenced thus.
Therefore, reality
detects/denies in us,
surely so.


When all is,
is mostly as equidistant,
then loss quaintly was
its idealism.


Each wise metronome,
then daring voices;
in the timings,
we have once cared more so.


Human epidemics' best ailment,
it stings us less.
Medicine is as tempting
as illness must thus be.




While in the numbers-game,
gamblers make bets;
in the letters-game,
however, they make...



What is crystallographers'
favorite veggy?


(Thus, lattice visit the
salad-bar, shall we?)


Why did nobody take Deidra's
existence seriously?

Because Dee-Dee was just a

(But she is claimed to be
likewise as.. Sir-E-Russ-Lee.)


(Sorry there are so few jokes
this post, relatively.
I wrote a couple more recently
that I can never post, however,
because they are so offensive,
even to myself.)


One last neo(compound)logism
I will post here, before I
look it up online and find out
it already is a word/phrase in
common usage, perhaps with a
definition much different than
how I intend it to be defined:

(Speaking of pretentiousness..)

My new artistic movement;
I will call it:


What is this, exactly?
Is it a style SO fantastically
unimaginable to be perhaps
even meta-imaginable!?
Super-imaginable, even!?
Hyper-imaginable, or is that
just going too far?

Oh, so, is it
hyper-super-meta-(even trans)-
existential, thus to be as
unreal as All?... Or as
metaphorical as we ourselves are,
or as is metaphor itself,
transcending how I misspelled
such wrongness, surpassing its
incorrect alphabetizations,
each ever absolutely unmeasurable
and as I indeed did dream?

Does it predate the periodicities
of our integers; does it equate
with its othernesses, yet plural?
Is/are its multi-valuations as
superimposed as every pretext for
prefixes? And those superlatives
are of super-lattices, yes.
And they are quite quasi-quantal
and negatively zero, and are
thus therefore therein as unreal,
herein equaling sidewaysness
drawn so oddly, not godly, never
also as we mega-macroscopically
contend, counter to each end,
to each counterclockwise machine
spun otherwise as phonemes or as
memes or hourglasses of refraction,
of reaction to retroactivity; then
becoming as retrograde as are
radioactive radios and TVs.
Tele-envisioned, static once was.
And we were weirdly surreal,
and trans-surreally
likewise as we were. Surely,
the poems are not those, are
not this sameness only composed
from perfection's enumerations
unencumbered by number. Ha, and
numbers too are now excessively
refrangible and entire, yet
without any apparently possible
or potential approximation.

(No, not a poem,
this improvised thingy.
So, don't get mad at me
for posting it.)

PS: I just learned the word
"refrangible" the other day by
accidently turning to it in my
dictionary. It means,
"Capable of being refracted".
This is the type of word I
really enjoy using in my poetry.
(And I will surely use the word
much more so than I, let alone
any other poet, ever should
use it).

Update: "Trans-Surrealism"
does indeed bring up some hits
on Google. There are more than
200 hits, but it seems many
of these are simply accidents
of online language, and are
unrelated to any artistic idea.

Some people before me have,
however, used this
compound-word to indicate
(an) artistic style(s).
I cannot say if this/these
style(s) are anything like I
myself had in mind for what
is "trans-surrealism". But,
of course, I really had no
idea what it was exactly,
or even vaguely, anyway.)



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