Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Iridescently Transparent

Blog post # 86:

Just some art, a new poll (yay!), and a poem (darn). All have something to do with color.

Weird Beauty

Transformative Cosmoses


Do people with synesthesia smell iride-scents when they look at brilliant colors?...


A new poll opens today!


Of these colors, which is your favorite?

Reddish Orange
Yellowish Orange
Yellowish Green
Bluish Green
Bluish Purple
Reddish Purple

Poll closes on July 14, 2010.


Now, as threatened, ... a poem:

Calculus Of Butterflies

Atop and within the chrysalis, these dreams are of
Ascension and colors. Here, such apparitions
Inspire their translucency, inspire their rotation
And beautiful rupture, a salve. Here, thoughts
Of transformation voice that magic never wayward.
Oh, here, my cowardice is foregone and forlorn, yes.

And at the apex of all imagination, dreams bifurcate
And concatenate unto their roundnesses. Yes, such is
A dichotomy of braided flight upwardly, upwards despite
All transcendence. And in this overlapping
Of wings and magenta upon yellowed blue,
The calculus of butterflies triumphs, as those beings
Do ultimately sleep. Yes, atop and within
Withered cocoons made from their paraphrasing,
The insect wakes to bleed, to soon fulfill
Each circumference of assumption knowing; it wakes to
Soon obtain the juxtaposition of bilateral chrysalises,
To soon become thus empty and meaningful
And divine in its symmetry coiled off-center, indeed.



Monday, June 28, 2010


Blog post # 85:

Here are the last 3 pictures I have made.

Substance Indeed Autocratic

Hazardous Equilibrium

Aperiodic Blasphemy


First, let's go over the results of the poll.
There were two votes. One vote for 327, the other for 401. Both votes are wrong.

The question, again:
What is (the 10th decimal digit after the decimal point of pi) times (the 10th prime) plus (the square of (the 10th composite))?

Let us see:
pi starts out: 3.1415926535...
So, the 10th digit after the decimal point is 5.

The first 10 primes are:

So, the 10th prime is 29.

And the first 10 composites are:

So, the 10th composite is 18.


5 times 29 is 145.
And 18 squared is 18 times 18 is 324.

Adding: 145 + 324 = 469.

So, the answer is 469, the last selection.

(I thought I would trick you all by making the real answer the last answer. Nobody hardly ever picks the first answer or the last answer when they pick an answer at random, I bet.)


A puzzle: Try to decode this:

19,1,19,17,2, ,3,14,11,12, ,12,12,3, ,

4,5,5,11,11,8,11, ,0,7,15,0,15,13, ,1,.,

18,19, ,15,4,2,5, ,6,7,8,11,3,13, ,

5,2,7,17, ,0,4,11,12,3,13, ,3,5, ,

1,3, ,14,11,8,9, ,

13,11,4,8,7,1,3,15,11,6,2,11,0,13, ,

5,12,7,19, ,6,7,8,11,3,13, ,3,9, ,

6,7,15,0,15,13,1, ,13,12,3,2, ,7,12,3, ,

11,2,13,17,13,6,6,2, ,7,7,15,0,15,13, ,

2,5, ,8,2,15, ,15,4,2,5, ,

7,3,0,5,11,11,6,1,13,11, ,0,7,15,0,15,13, ,

1,4, ,14,18, ,1,5, ,9,9,3,5, ,7,12,1,10, ,


* The first letter is S.

* The spaces are in the correct places.
(Example: The 1st word is indeed 5 letters long.)

* The message itself tells how to decipher it.

* The solution has something (not the obvious thing) to do with: a=1, b=2, c=3, d = 4, etc.


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

There is one foreigner who is a real threat to American democracy.

No, not Osama Bin Laden.

I'm talking about Rupert Murdoch!

He hates us for our freedom, you know...


I honestly believe that if there is a God, then "He" doesn't make people suffer because He hates them.
No, He hates them because they suffer.


(Did I post the following already?)

Terrorists who bomb people because of religion are guilty of....




Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun With Reality

Blog post # 84:

Of these three pictures made over the last 3 days, I only like "This Mental Finality".
But since lots of people have told me they like most the very pictures of mine I despise the most, I thought I would publish the top two pictures anyway.

Euphoric Exoskeleton

The Corpse Within Us

This Mental Finality

I admit, I only named "The Corpse Within Us" so because I liked the name, even though the name has very little to do with the picture itself.


Check out this 3-way anagram:

No end to USA lie, not even when...
Nine/ Eleven/ Two Thousand One!
Ee! Evil won and then outs none.


Shouldn't we say "not may" instead of "may not"?

For instance, we should say,
"We not may mass-murder with impunity."

Because "We may not mass-murder with impunity," sounds like it means that there is a possibility we will not mass-murder with impunity, not that we should not (not should?) mass-murder with impunity or that mass-murder is forbidden.

Got that?


You know that scene in Repo Man where the crazy guy is telling Emelio Estevez about shrimp plates? That happens to me a lot. (It used to happen more before I started taking my happy pills, though.)

I mean, in your opinions, is all of "Reality" synchronized with some kind of musical beat? (Well, is it, MAN!?)

Or are the coincidences just an illusion, and everything is instead occurring perfectly randomly?

Try this experiment. Wonder to yourself about some question you would like to know the answer to. Then, right after announcing the question aloud to yourself, look at a random phrase in the newspaper. I bet the phrase "makes sense" as an answer to your question. It may not be the true answer. But it will seem like someone heard your question and is telling you some answer, even if that answer is BS..... Fun with Reality!



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freak Out

Blog post # 83:


Quanta Tilting

Pivots For Fulcra

Vicinity Of Increments


Well, I had another mental freak-out yesterday afternoon. I realized when it was over that I needed to engage in those weird angry repetitions of my thoughts because I feel like I've lost control over everything. The news has been SO ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE lately, with fascism taking over our country and much of the world. And I really feel like we are literally doomed. HOW IN THE HELL will it EVER get better!?!?

It WON'T get better! Not until we are all dead!

So, I am feeling out of control. This is the same feeling of frustration and hopelessness that led me to become anorexic when I was a teenager, I think perhaps. Not sure, but perhaps.
And it is the same feeling of helplessness that drives me to "willfully" be celibate.
I need SOME control in my life over something, even if that one thing I do have control over is my sexual expression. Right now I don't even have control over my own thoughts, it seems.

Sorry, no more today.
(Ah, shucks, Leroy.)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Totally Lost

Blog post # 82:

Here is some sucky art made recently. Sorry.

Calculus Of Magic Foregone

Of A Brittle Bijection

An Imperative Pairing


An anagram:

America is last
as I, lame racist


There was a story in the news about how as many people go to the ER now days for prescription drug overdoses as for illegal drug overdoses.

So, beware what drugs you consume, whether legal or not.

And remember:

There is HARM in pHARMaceuticals!...


How to make a maze without really trying:

I explained this to kids, and they got it. So, no excuses from the grown-ups!

Take a blank piece of paper. Draw a large rectangle on it with two gaps, "doors" on the top and bottom of the rectangle.

Next, fill the rectangle with a large number of dots, almost evenly spaced.

Next, draw a straight line-segment from the rectangle to any one of the dots within it.

Continue drawing line-segments. Draw each line FROM either the rectangle or from any dot that has a line drawn to it already.
Draw the line TO any dot nearby with NO lines connecting to it already.

No line should pass through another line.

See picture of partially completed maze:
Note the dotted line is going from a dot with a line connecting to it, to a dot with no lines connecting to it.

Continue doing this until every dot has at least one line connecting to it.

Now you have a maze!

I find the maze is better if you draw many lines from the perimeter rectangle, and if you often (not always) draw a line FROM the last dot drawn TO.


By the way, I notice there have been two votes in my poll. Now hear this: Those two answers are for the same number, and that number is WRONG! (The answer is NOT 327.)
The first vote, as I said in an earlier post, was made by a Google employee simply as a test to make sure my poll was working.
I assume the second vote for the same number was by someone who, always the conformist, decided to just follow the trends, no matter how such trends will lead them astray.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inconsistently Flat

Blog post # 81:

Inconsistently Exponential

Impure Flatness

(Inconsistently Exponential is sort of a three-dimensional complement to the last blog-post's Radians Each Fulfilled.)


Quick, an anagram...
(A sucky anagram.)



By the way, the only vote so far on my latest poll was from someone from Google testing my poll out because there has been an error.
(If you get the error and want to vote, try reloading this page a couple times. The poll seems to appear okay about 1/3 the time at random. Yes, Google knows about the error, so it may be fixed by the time you read this... hopefully.)

So, aside from that one test vote, no one so far has voted in my poll, even though the major skill it requires is counting over 10 numbers. (See my last post.)

I know I am better at math than most people (even though I totally suck as compared with all career mathematicians). But should I really put that I can count to 10 on my resume'!?

I know you people can do better!


A little politics, then a lot of politics.
Well, the next item doesn't deserve a "Politics alert!" warning.

You all must know about my first Al Gore joke.

(Why does Al Gore dance like a robot?...
Because he uses an Al-Gore-rhythm!...)

[By the way, "Al-Gore-rhythm" gets LOTS of hits on Google. So the joke is definitely unoriginal.]

Now a newer tamer joke...

Al Gore is.... Green Al-G!...

(That's really bad. But he being green algae might explain his recent marital problems...)


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

There is a bunch to piss me off in the news recently (as always). But I thought I would just talk to you today about bigotry against homosexuals.

Some say that gays will go to Hell. Well, where are we to draw the line?
Should those who are attracted to hermaphrodites go to Hell too?
And what about men attracted to ugly women or women attracted to ugly men? (Personal experience: There are VERY few women attracted to ugly men!...) Will they go to Hell too?
Who decides what is ugly, anyway? Should men, like me, who are attracted to short plump women go to Hell? Maybe men attracted to tall thin women should be damned.

It's all so stupid!
God, if there is a God, likely DOESN'T CARE about people's sexual preferences! There are FAR more important criteria for judging people's souls! (And, oh yeah, people's souls probably don't even have sexual preferences! Do we really think that people are having sex in Heaven or Hell!?)



Monday, June 14, 2010


Blog post # 80:

Recently created:

Midway Through Introspection

Flow Into Weird Nothingness

(This picture ^ is piscine.)

Radians Each Fulfilled


So, last night and a night a few nights ago I had dreams about folk songs. I don't recall hearing the lyrics of these songs before, at least not all their lyrics -- some lines of the songs sound familiar. The melodies definitely belonged to other songs. But since I can't express the melodies here easily anyway, I will just share the words I recall, plus any words I added to the song in my awake state.

Last night's song:

I got in a fight
last Thursday night.
I'm back in my home of bronze.

That's a euphemism
for my cell in the prison.
It's 5 o'clock Friday, I can't make bond.

Home again.
Home again.
You know, I'm home again.
Home again.
Home again.
Sadly, I'm home again.

I'd love to marry you, Jane.
But I'm in jail again.
For leaving you at the altar, there's no excuse.

Yes, I'm broke-hearted.
A new life I almost started.
But I'll miss our wedding. What's the use?

(Chorus again)


(More lyrics may be pending. I don't know.)


Here's a song for our era:

I'm broke.
You're broke.

Let's do like poor people do.
Let's love, let's drink, let's smoke.
Let's go dumpster-diving.

I'm broke.
You're broke.

Let's do like poor people do.
Let's love, let's drink, let's smoke.
It's all part of surviving.

Well, the world goes around.
Wouldn't it be amazing
if it were the rich who
were considered lazy?

Yes, the world goes around again.
Wouldn't it be funny
if the rich were all without,
and the poor had all the money?

(Repeat. More lyrics possibly pending.)


(Strum that guitar, people!)


How would you teach a computer what love is, when computers reach the point of awareness (if they haven't already reached that point!)?

I had a dream about this last night.

So, I am telling the imaginary computer. "Love is liking someone a lot."
Computer: "What is liking someone?"
Me: "Liking someone is being pleased by them a lot."
Computer: "What is this 'pleased by them'?"
Me: "Uh, they live up to your expectations, they cause you pleasure (both physical and mental), they love you back, uh..."
Computer: "So confused, if I understand the definition of confusion... Let's see:
Love > liking > pleasing > expectations = pleasure = return love....
+ 1.93367 / squareroot of pi, infinity, logarithm of 2.10016... etc etc... calculate, calculate...
Let's see, " the computer continues, " If a certain set of criteria are met by a person, then you 'love' that person. But the converse is not necessarily true -- love can be for someone that does not meet the criteria, correct?"

Me: " That's true in most cases, but in mine, for instance, women loathe me because of my ugliness."

Computer: "What is 'loathing'? What is ugliness?"

And I woke up.


Since no one has answered my latest poll so far, I will make this really easy.
Here are the first few digits of pi:
Remember not to count the initial 3 when counting 10 digits after the decimal point.

The first few primes are:

The first few composites are:

Now all you need is a calculator and the ability to count 10 numbers over.


[Poem deleted.]



Friday, June 11, 2010

Confuse Us, Oh, Leroy

Blog post # 79:

Over the last 4 or 5 days, these are the only two pictures I created even slightly worthy of posting here. And even they suck. Sorry.

Ascent Of Everythings

(Yes, I used the plural of "everything" in the name.)

Numbers Imagined Via Magnitudes


My last poll received a relatively large number of votes. (Hey, 9 votes IS a large number for one of MY polls!)
So, I will follow that poll with a poll guaranteed to get VERY FEW responses. What the heck.

What is (the 10th decimal digit after the decimal point of pi) times (the 10th prime) plus (the square of (the 10th composite))?

By the way, 1 is not considered a prime or a composite. And I'm talking about positive integers here.

Possible answers:


I will post the answer someday, but not until the poll closes.


Had enough of math? Too freaking bad! Be glad I'm not posting another poem today, at least!

Here is a puzzle.
I came up with this puzzle, but didn't solve it. Rob Pratt found a solution, though. So at least one solution exists. There may be many more.

Start with a 9-by-9 grid.
Place any number of black stones and whites stones on the squares of the grid so that each square has exactly one stone.
For a given row of the grid, take the lengths of (number of stones in) the runs of black stones and white stones and multiply these lengths.
(By "run", it is meant a string of consecutive stones in the row (or column) all of the same color, bounded by stones of the opposite color or by the edge of the row (or column).)
Do this for all rows and all columns to get 18 products.
Is it possible to place the stones so that all 18 products are distinct from each other?

For those of you who are confused about what I am asking, here is a sample 9-by-9 grid with just 16 distinct values that occur. (14 products don't occur elsewhere.)

1 = black, 0 = white (although it could be the other way around just
as easily).
1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0
1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0
0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1
The row products are:
1*1*1*3*2*1 = 6, 1*2*5*1 = 10, 1*3*5 = 15, continuing:
16, 9, 18, 14, 24, 27.
And the column products:
2*1*1*4*1 = 8, 2*1*5*1 = 10, 1*1*1*5*1 = 5, continuing:
3, 1, 7, 12, 24, 20
So, the products 2 and 4 don't occur in my partial "solution".
While 10 and 24 each occur twice. Not acceptable.

I will not give a solution myself. But if any of you find a solution, please post a comment with the solution you found to this blog-post.

Update: (Jun 12, 5:17 am) Richard Heathfield has found several solutions as of now, and Rob Pratt has found another solution.


And finally, my webpage of computer art has been updated!

MANY pictures there.

[Update: URL censored because site has been hacked!]
Check it out.



Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Small Post For People-Kind

Blog Post # 78:

First the pictures, of course.

Indescribable Chemistries

An Aperiodic Hypothesis

Beautifully Condemning


The last picture's name is reminiscent of this anagram I just made up.



No politics today, by the way!

Unless you count as politics going over the results of my latest poll.

If you could commit any one crime without consequences, what would it be?

The votes (9 votes total):

Murder gets 2 votes.
Rape gets one vote.
Theft gets a vote.
Trespassing gets one vote.
And something else gets 4 votes.
No votes for drug use, speeding, or jaywalking.
(I'm guessing that many people are already guilty of those crimes that got no votes, but we aspire to commit higher crimes if possible.)


And here is the real crime. I'm about to post a poem! (Before you get mad, remember that I did not post any politics today, not even in the anagram.)

One Thought

One finger upon many hands -- one reality
Shared by many dreams -- a single cusp
Protruding from several crescents -- yes,
Just one phoneme, one note, pronounced
Among many words, pronounced and sounded
Among many chords.

And I spoke of that phoneme, of that meme
Infinitely finite. And I grasped that finger;
And it was both pitiful and arrogant. Yet
I was only one being despite our numbers,
Despite the billions of a world disowned.

Yes, I was but a single soul forgotten
By our human multiplicity, forgotten by
The wayward beauty of our condemnation. I
Spoke of that single word containing its
Refraction. And I was alone, and thus was held
Within all artificial anthropomorphism.

Ah, I dared to exist, although I feared my own
Labyrinths. So, I simply rested in my oneness
Tending towards zero. I simply conceived of one
Thought among billions of brains all careless,
All metaphysical but physiological and each
Surely unspectacular.


That's all today.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burn, Babies, Burn

Blog post # 77:

Yes, these three pictures were made over the last 3 days.

Coincidental Sums

Wayward Wiggles

Alphabetization Of Mathematics

No comment is deserved.


I don't care anymore. I've lost so many battles lately in regards to what I really care about. I don't even care anymore if I live or die, I think.

But I'm too LAZY to kill myself. That's why I will never do it, no matter how bad things get.

Part of me, anyway, is actually hoping for full-scale global nuclear war, believe it or not.
If things get bad enough on Earth in the near future that there is such a war, then I will probably want to die anyway. And if things get that bad, I probably will be mad enough at humanity that I will want billions of other human beings to die a horrible burning death also.

And the nuclear war will save me the trouble of having to get off my lazy ass and commit suicide.

So, keep voting Republican, people! And if a Democrat wins the White House, then he/she will probably start a nuclear war just for fun anyway, just as a Republican would.

Fuck it.