Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Small Post For People-Kind

Blog Post # 78:

First the pictures, of course.

Indescribable Chemistries

An Aperiodic Hypothesis

Beautifully Condemning


The last picture's name is reminiscent of this anagram I just made up.



No politics today, by the way!

Unless you count as politics going over the results of my latest poll.

If you could commit any one crime without consequences, what would it be?

The votes (9 votes total):

Murder gets 2 votes.
Rape gets one vote.
Theft gets a vote.
Trespassing gets one vote.
And something else gets 4 votes.
No votes for drug use, speeding, or jaywalking.
(I'm guessing that many people are already guilty of those crimes that got no votes, but we aspire to commit higher crimes if possible.)


And here is the real crime. I'm about to post a poem! (Before you get mad, remember that I did not post any politics today, not even in the anagram.)

One Thought

One finger upon many hands -- one reality
Shared by many dreams -- a single cusp
Protruding from several crescents -- yes,
Just one phoneme, one note, pronounced
Among many words, pronounced and sounded
Among many chords.

And I spoke of that phoneme, of that meme
Infinitely finite. And I grasped that finger;
And it was both pitiful and arrogant. Yet
I was only one being despite our numbers,
Despite the billions of a world disowned.

Yes, I was but a single soul forgotten
By our human multiplicity, forgotten by
The wayward beauty of our condemnation. I
Spoke of that single word containing its
Refraction. And I was alone, and thus was held
Within all artificial anthropomorphism.

Ah, I dared to exist, although I feared my own
Labyrinths. So, I simply rested in my oneness
Tending towards zero. I simply conceived of one
Thought among billions of brains all careless,
All metaphysical but physiological and each
Surely unspectacular.


That's all today.


Roosterruler said...

That's the kind of poem I would rather have printed out before I read it. It deserves to be more than just digital.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

That sounds like a compliment. If so, thanks. You are probably the first to compliment any of my poetry, if that is what you did. Or maybe you could be referring to the fact that some of the poem's lines are broken up into two lines each, due to the fact that the blog's columns are narrower than the number of characters my poems sometimes are per line. (I wish I knew how to widen the columns in my blog, but I don't, sadly.)