Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun With Reality

Blog post # 84:

Of these three pictures made over the last 3 days, I only like "This Mental Finality".
But since lots of people have told me they like most the very pictures of mine I despise the most, I thought I would publish the top two pictures anyway.

Euphoric Exoskeleton

The Corpse Within Us

This Mental Finality

I admit, I only named "The Corpse Within Us" so because I liked the name, even though the name has very little to do with the picture itself.


Check out this 3-way anagram:

No end to USA lie, not even when...
Nine/ Eleven/ Two Thousand One!
Ee! Evil won and then outs none.


Shouldn't we say "not may" instead of "may not"?

For instance, we should say,
"We not may mass-murder with impunity."

Because "We may not mass-murder with impunity," sounds like it means that there is a possibility we will not mass-murder with impunity, not that we should not (not should?) mass-murder with impunity or that mass-murder is forbidden.

Got that?


You know that scene in Repo Man where the crazy guy is telling Emelio Estevez about shrimp plates? That happens to me a lot. (It used to happen more before I started taking my happy pills, though.)

I mean, in your opinions, is all of "Reality" synchronized with some kind of musical beat? (Well, is it, MAN!?)

Or are the coincidences just an illusion, and everything is instead occurring perfectly randomly?

Try this experiment. Wonder to yourself about some question you would like to know the answer to. Then, right after announcing the question aloud to yourself, look at a random phrase in the newspaper. I bet the phrase "makes sense" as an answer to your question. It may not be the true answer. But it will seem like someone heard your question and is telling you some answer, even if that answer is BS..... Fun with Reality!



1 comment:

The CivILLian said...

Whoa that's dope. I sort of ask those kind of questions all the time. It fuels my Escribe Adventurism.

But honestly, I think reality in fact is in sync to a beat. Sort of like in the same vein as keeping time. It may not be always fast-paced like a metronome, yet it's still punctual and connects.

And I think the fact that we don't have it figured out beyond human curiosity is what makes it so beautiful. Time is an art.