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So, last night and a night a few nights ago I had dreams about folk songs. I don't recall hearing the lyrics of these songs before, at least not all their lyrics -- some lines of the songs sound familiar. The melodies definitely belonged to other songs. But since I can't express the melodies here easily anyway, I will just share the words I recall, plus any words I added to the song in my awake state.

Last night's song:

I got in a fight
last Thursday night.
I'm back in my home of bronze.

That's a euphemism
for my cell in the prison.
It's 5 o'clock Friday, I can't make bond.

Home again.
Home again.
You know, I'm home again.
Home again.
Home again.
Sadly, I'm home again.

I'd love to marry you, Jane.
But I'm in jail again.
For leaving you at the altar, there's no excuse.

Yes, I'm broke-hearted.
A new life I almost started.
But I'll miss our wedding. What's the use?

(Chorus again)


(More lyrics may be pending. I don't know.)


Here's a song for our era:

I'm broke.
You're broke.

Let's do like poor people do.
Let's love, let's drink, let's smoke.
Let's go dumpster-diving.

I'm broke.
You're broke.

Let's do like poor people do.
Let's love, let's drink, let's smoke.
It's all part of surviving.

Well, the world goes around.
Wouldn't it be amazing
if it were the rich who
were considered lazy?

Yes, the world goes around again.
Wouldn't it be funny
if the rich were all without,
and the poor had all the money?

(Repeat. More lyrics possibly pending.)


(Strum that guitar, people!)


How would you teach a computer what love is, when computers reach the point of awareness (if they haven't already reached that point!)?

I had a dream about this last night.

So, I am telling the imaginary computer. "Love is liking someone a lot."
Computer: "What is liking someone?"
Me: "Liking someone is being pleased by them a lot."
Computer: "What is this 'pleased by them'?"
Me: "Uh, they live up to your expectations, they cause you pleasure (both physical and mental), they love you back, uh..."
Computer: "So confused, if I understand the definition of confusion... Let's see:
Love > liking > pleasing > expectations = pleasure = return love....
+ 1.93367 / squareroot of pi, infinity, logarithm of 2.10016... etc etc... calculate, calculate...
Let's see, " the computer continues, " If a certain set of criteria are met by a person, then you 'love' that person. But the converse is not necessarily true -- love can be for someone that does not meet the criteria, correct?"

Me: " That's true in most cases, but in mine, for instance, women loathe me because of my ugliness."

Computer: "What is 'loathing'? What is ugliness?"

And I woke up.


Since no one has answered my latest poll so far, I will make this really easy.
Here are the first few digits of pi:
Remember not to count the initial 3 when counting 10 digits after the decimal point.

The first few primes are:

The first few composites are:

Now all you need is a calculator and the ability to count 10 numbers over.


[Poem deleted.]



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