Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inconsistently Flat

Blog post # 81:

Inconsistently Exponential

Impure Flatness

(Inconsistently Exponential is sort of a three-dimensional complement to the last blog-post's Radians Each Fulfilled.)


Quick, an anagram...
(A sucky anagram.)



By the way, the only vote so far on my latest poll was from someone from Google testing my poll out because there has been an error.
(If you get the error and want to vote, try reloading this page a couple times. The poll seems to appear okay about 1/3 the time at random. Yes, Google knows about the error, so it may be fixed by the time you read this... hopefully.)

So, aside from that one test vote, no one so far has voted in my poll, even though the major skill it requires is counting over 10 numbers. (See my last post.)

I know I am better at math than most people (even though I totally suck as compared with all career mathematicians). But should I really put that I can count to 10 on my resume'!?

I know you people can do better!


A little politics, then a lot of politics.
Well, the next item doesn't deserve a "Politics alert!" warning.

You all must know about my first Al Gore joke.

(Why does Al Gore dance like a robot?...
Because he uses an Al-Gore-rhythm!...)

[By the way, "Al-Gore-rhythm" gets LOTS of hits on Google. So the joke is definitely unoriginal.]

Now a newer tamer joke...

Al Gore is.... Green Al-G!...

(That's really bad. But he being green algae might explain his recent marital problems...)


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

There is a bunch to piss me off in the news recently (as always). But I thought I would just talk to you today about bigotry against homosexuals.

Some say that gays will go to Hell. Well, where are we to draw the line?
Should those who are attracted to hermaphrodites go to Hell too?
And what about men attracted to ugly women or women attracted to ugly men? (Personal experience: There are VERY few women attracted to ugly men!...) Will they go to Hell too?
Who decides what is ugly, anyway? Should men, like me, who are attracted to short plump women go to Hell? Maybe men attracted to tall thin women should be damned.

It's all so stupid!
God, if there is a God, likely DOESN'T CARE about people's sexual preferences! There are FAR more important criteria for judging people's souls! (And, oh yeah, people's souls probably don't even have sexual preferences! Do we really think that people are having sex in Heaven or Hell!?)




Tyrie said...

Are you creating those images with logarithms?

Love the blog, btw. Come by mine for a visit some time ....

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Sort of used logarithms. I didn't have a computer program calculate logarithms, if that is what you meant. The spirals in Radians Each Fulfilled and Inconsistently Exponential are based on what is called a "logarithmic spiral". I created those two pictures simply by shrinking part of the spiral the same percentage each time and repeating. (A geometric progression.) Thanks for the comment.

Pennyclad said...

I couldn't agree with you more Leroy, you would think there were a billion more pressing matters for people to worry about, rather than bother getting all lathered up about a group of people who aren't hurting anyone. no?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks for the comment, Pennyclad!