Saturday, June 19, 2010

Totally Lost

Blog post # 82:

Here is some sucky art made recently. Sorry.

Calculus Of Magic Foregone

Of A Brittle Bijection

An Imperative Pairing


An anagram:

America is last
as I, lame racist


There was a story in the news about how as many people go to the ER now days for prescription drug overdoses as for illegal drug overdoses.

So, beware what drugs you consume, whether legal or not.

And remember:

There is HARM in pHARMaceuticals!...


How to make a maze without really trying:

I explained this to kids, and they got it. So, no excuses from the grown-ups!

Take a blank piece of paper. Draw a large rectangle on it with two gaps, "doors" on the top and bottom of the rectangle.

Next, fill the rectangle with a large number of dots, almost evenly spaced.

Next, draw a straight line-segment from the rectangle to any one of the dots within it.

Continue drawing line-segments. Draw each line FROM either the rectangle or from any dot that has a line drawn to it already.
Draw the line TO any dot nearby with NO lines connecting to it already.

No line should pass through another line.

See picture of partially completed maze:
Note the dotted line is going from a dot with a line connecting to it, to a dot with no lines connecting to it.

Continue doing this until every dot has at least one line connecting to it.

Now you have a maze!

I find the maze is better if you draw many lines from the perimeter rectangle, and if you often (not always) draw a line FROM the last dot drawn TO.


By the way, I notice there have been two votes in my poll. Now hear this: Those two answers are for the same number, and that number is WRONG! (The answer is NOT 327.)
The first vote, as I said in an earlier post, was made by a Google employee simply as a test to make sure my poll was working.
I assume the second vote for the same number was by someone who, always the conformist, decided to just follow the trends, no matter how such trends will lead them astray.



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