Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arithmetical Arrhythmia

Blog post # 279:
(279 = 3*31*3.)

(Six images.)

Intangible Miscoloration

Electromagnetically Non-Astrophysical

Disproved Via Provability

Insightfully Centrifugal

Thus Spiting Non-Existentialism

Our Oblique Eclipse


One anagram (but better than last post's):

The lunar obliqueness escapes,
annuls these baroque eclipses.


When you make many mistakes with numbers, you are doing...



However, when you really 'screwed'-up,
you did engage in...


[(Likewise, attending an orgy is to engage in..


.. Orgies = organized orgasms.
.. Maybe a future Olympic event?...
a synchronized {SIN-chronized} event, perhaps?)]


A great thinker who enjoys pondering Satan is a...



More moral:

Christ: Cryogenically crystalized in a chrysalis?

(So, so sorry. No more: whether more moral,
or moreover immortally immoral.)


Monday, March 26, 2012

Entropy Consistently Reoccurring

Blog post # 278:
(278 = 2*139.)

Extraterrestrial Loxodome

Eclipse Of Universes

Entropy's Artificialities

Syzygy Without Palindromes

Hubristic Arithmetic

(I like these images, immodestly.)


(But today's one anagram is unacceptable, truthfully.)

Largely tough inflections split.
The spills centrifugally go into.


Human overpopulation has led
disastrously to...



When astronauts die, do they get an...


(I KNOW I must have heard this pun before.
Yes, it has been .. going around..)

'Rand-DUMB-ness' is 'cha-(IDI)OTIC'!


(Related somewhat with the previous pun.)
I used to think it was possible that pi's digits (base 10) were completely determined via perfect randomness. Maybe they are, however, at least becoming more and more randomly determined for digits of less and less significance.

That indeed would be a nice example of...




Saturday, March 24, 2012

As Until A Dim Lens

Blog post # 277:
(277 = a prime thingamajig.)

Concentricity's Surrealism

Inequilateral Radii

Counterintuitively Clockwise

Dimensions Of Enlightenment

Unweird Evisceration

(I suppose my favorite of these is the first image.
The second is relatively okay, too.)


Four anagrams, for you:

Pi loathes a lie, creates radii.
All are as the aperiodicities.


I lament sundials,
as until a dim lens.


A Monster
most near


Of its rewindings or palindromes,
it is ending, slips forward no more.


And now some extremely trite puns...
(If they occurred in a cycle, it would be a
And as such, only the little kids could ever possibly enjoy them.)

Time to .. 'go-thick'.. gothically.
(Yes, some of the Goths are...

And, as they, I too am aware that we should indeed be afraid.
Yes, that is why we are so...
We surely have the IQs for the 'eye-cues'.
And yet we still analyze the 'anal-lies',
if only to 'de-spies' them.
Yes, for its despised lies of wise eyes
(eyes neither clockwise
nor counterclockwise),
The Evil-Media is...
forever Mediaeval.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Refract Or Friction

Blog post # 276:
(276 = 2*3*23*2.)

Psychoses Of Astronomy

Philosophical Refractiveness

Topological Multi-Chromaticism

Subliminally Unexplainable


Three anagrams, these three of threeishness:

I am war's cliches killing as ruses.
Wishes cracking us is all realism.


Lost refraction.
Colors tint fear.


A claw lusts.
Saws cut all.


You know what physicists do on their vacations?

Just some nuclear-fishin'..


[Warning: Dirty, obscene! Warning: Dirty, obscene!]

(You heard of sad movies being 'tearjerkers'? Well,...)
Porn-movies are...

(Sorry, but I have very little else, relatively, to post this time.)

(Oo, oo, I just remembered. I have one more, but I probably shouldn't....)

If you mess with some guy's toupee, can you be arrested for...
.. disturbing the piece?...



Monday, March 19, 2012

Dizzying Diagonalizations

Blog post # 275:
(275 = 5*11*5.)

Therein Meridians Made

Tranquil Apex

Pseudo-Pretentious Dreamism

This Iridescent Dystopia

Exceptional Deceleration


One anagram today, only one:

A new Luddite era --
Until we are dead.


You know what is pointless?
The word "pointless",..
because points are essentially nonexistent (being all zero-dimensional, and all) in the first place..


For me, even working in a
mail-room would be...

pushing the envelope..


What kind of gun produces the grossest wounds?..

An Oozy!...


One who suffers their uncertainties about the existence of God is...



However, one who is certain of the weirdness is a...


The word "toilet" seems to be of French origin (which it indeed is). And, despite its actual (yet ironic) etymology, it seems it could have come instead from the word "toil".
So, that would have been even despite how healthy I keep hearing French food is;
it perhaps isn't all that high in fiber, however?!...


Is "reality TV" (and its stupid bimbos, male and female) responsible at least in part for the American public's almost unanimous apathy regarding the recent crackdowns on our "freedom" and the recent almost-total revocation of the US Constitution?

We are thus to live hereafter in a...
'Dystopia of dizziness'.

(Speaking of:...
"Con-Servatism": It SERVES us RIGHT..

Do conservatives use "con-dumbs"; since, for some conservatives, 'condoms" aren't allowed?
I suppose that "con-dumbs" are like conservative social safety-nets:
Lots of very big holes, then.
Let God decide if a woman is to become pregnant or not.
"Yes, let God's Will be done,
whenever ya' havin' fun!")



Friday, March 16, 2012

In Entropic Tropes

Blog post #274:
(274 = 2*137.)

Postulated By Impossibility

Their Synesthetic Machinery

A Limbic Paradox

Known By Incomprehension

Our Magical Genocide


An anagrammatic pair:

Death's annuli were forgotten so.
As of an enlightened torus, we rot.


Any war is genocide.
As I, we con, are dying.


Those two physicians who use
counterintuitive treatments are
... quite a 'para-docs'.


Death is ... 'bye-bye-ological'..


Here is some entropy/misanthropy:

Human DNA is the double... HELL-ix!..


Yes, if vegetarians REALLY want to help the environment, they should not only keep from eating animals.
They should actually also become cannibals and eat PEOPLE!

(Nature would say thanks.)


You hear about the bandit
who stole the laundry?
.. He turned himself in(side-out)
to the police!..
(It socks to be him!)


Art-classes can be... 'edu-creational'.


I 'forgot' the 't',
so I had to just 'forgo' it.


Ah, punning: humor's punting.



Monday, March 12, 2012

In An Inconsistent Cerebrum

Blog post # 273:
(273 = 3*7*13.)

Mathologically Mythematical

As Arithmetic Amiss

Equilaterally Almost Isosceles

Unrealisms Themselves Cerebral

Misspelled Antitheses

Disproved By Confusion

(Sometimes, at least, I must post otherwise relatively disappointing images simply because I like their names. This is evident.)


An anagram and another:

All the soul is an inconsistent cerebrum.
Alas, in science, truth mounts rebellions.


Time is overuseful.
I refuse its volume.

(That first sentence could have been
"Overtime is useful," or
"Useful time is over."
But I like the neologism
"overuseful", which seems to give that sentence some deeper meaning.)


In the soul resides

(Yes, it's your qi, that inner-gy.)

(Maybe it's something genetic
that is inner-getic.)

(A movie/book written about writers with afflictions -- of illness or addiction -- writing disturbing poetry or prose, I guess could be named "S.I.C.". Already done?)



Friday, March 9, 2012

Somethingness Inarticulately Specific

Blog post # 272:
(272 = 2*2*17*2*2.)

Somethingness Only Also

Beautifully Unobserved

Irrespective Of Indeterminableness

Eccentric Congruency

Dim Din Of Misanthropy

Of Synesthesia Of Sadists


Pair of anagrams:

In that is time's odd chasm.
And this does mismatch it.


A science's criticality:
It is, as I, eccentric clay.


Do the words "animus" and "animosity" hate each other, each word thinking itself superior to the other?


I'm not 'current' on my knowledge of electricity...


I'd be a mountain-climber if I was so 'inclined'...


I'm 'drawn' to being an artist...



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Madness Drawn Onto Nothingness

Blog post # 271:
(271 = a prime, yes, perhaps.)

Universe Equal To Its Being

As Pretentious Eclipses

Unto Equations Of Unidirectionality


Analysis Analytically Miscomprehended


An anagram and an anagram and
an anagram and an anagram:

This negation ends sin.
I stained nothingness.


If in analytical madness,
mandalas scale infinity.


Nudity so pure.
You spurned it.


Ah, in odes we are forgotten,
oh, as of one regret I wanted.


"Oh, bet you worry"..
about your own 'obituary'...


(And if you were mean, it might be an...


I have... mixed-feelings.. about becoming a bartender.


Republicans can be such hypocrites.
Remember that Reagan/Mondale presidential debate?
Reagan says to Mondale, "There you go again."

I figure that Ronny had to have been pissing his undergarments right at that very moment..



Friday, March 2, 2012

A Ungrammatical "A"

Blog post # 270:
(270 = 3*2*3*5*3.)

Balanced By Anti-Opposites

Infinitesimally Overwhelming

Disarrangement Itself Displaced

A Riddle Perhaps Theoretical

In Mathematical Disentanglement


Only two anagrams today
(but I like both of them):

War ever hates our being.
We are thus overbearing.


These losers I cannot contain,
as also the interconnections.

(This last one might be a lament by someone who owns/runs an online social-network, perhaps?)


(Okay, this particular blog-post is going to rapidly decline from this point on...)

Speaking of that last anagram, maybe so-called "social networks" really make up the...
(Is it "enhanced"?..)

Anyway, why do they call The Internet a "network"?
... when it causes us to W0RK less,
and so we only lose our NET-W0RTH.
(Maybe the internet is more of a "NOTwork", then...)


Why is the word "hypocrisy" what it is?
Shouldn't it instead be "hypercrisy",.. since one who is guilty of it is OVERLY critical?
I guess the word "hypocrisy" itself is hypocritical, therefore (or is hypercritical).

I used to think (long ago!) that the word "hypocrite" came from "Hippocrates" because maybe he himself didn't perhaps follow the Hippocratic oath. Ha!


Asininity: There is "a sin in it"(y).


Why do mother birds always tell the truth?...

Because they are surely 'on-nest'!..

(A little birdie just told me that I and my joke -- which isn't even original -- stink.)


Whoops. Almost forgot poll results:

What fraction (most closely approximated here) of what you assume about reality to be true do you believe is actually indeed true?

1 person said "All of it".
1 person said "1/16".
2 people said "1/64".
2 people said "1/256".
1 person (me) said "Less still, something".

Nobody said "1/4", "1/1024", "1/4096", or "Zero".