Monday, March 12, 2012

In An Inconsistent Cerebrum

Blog post # 273:
(273 = 3*7*13.)

Mathologically Mythematical

As Arithmetic Amiss

Equilaterally Almost Isosceles

Unrealisms Themselves Cerebral

Misspelled Antitheses

Disproved By Confusion

(Sometimes, at least, I must post otherwise relatively disappointing images simply because I like their names. This is evident.)


An anagram and another:

All the soul is an inconsistent cerebrum.
Alas, in science, truth mounts rebellions.


Time is overuseful.
I refuse its volume.

(That first sentence could have been
"Overtime is useful," or
"Useful time is over."
But I like the neologism
"overuseful", which seems to give that sentence some deeper meaning.)


In the soul resides

(Yes, it's your qi, that inner-gy.)

(Maybe it's something genetic
that is inner-getic.)

(A movie/book written about writers with afflictions -- of illness or addiction -- writing disturbing poetry or prose, I guess could be named "S.I.C.". Already done?)



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flip said...

I, also, like the names of the pictures.