Monday, March 26, 2012

Entropy Consistently Reoccurring

Blog post # 278:
(278 = 2*139.)

Extraterrestrial Loxodome

Eclipse Of Universes

Entropy's Artificialities

Syzygy Without Palindromes

Hubristic Arithmetic

(I like these images, immodestly.)


(But today's one anagram is unacceptable, truthfully.)

Largely tough inflections split.
The spills centrifugally go into.


Human overpopulation has led
disastrously to...



When astronauts die, do they get an...


(I KNOW I must have heard this pun before.
Yes, it has been .. going around..)

'Rand-DUMB-ness' is 'cha-(IDI)OTIC'!


(Related somewhat with the previous pun.)
I used to think it was possible that pi's digits (base 10) were completely determined via perfect randomness. Maybe they are, however, at least becoming more and more randomly determined for digits of less and less significance.

That indeed would be a nice example of...





flip said...

polkadots are new. and good

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I did both of the polka-dotted images yesterday. I don't know what possessed me to use polka-dots; but I like the effect, especially in conjunction with the colors. I have to be careful now, though, because the temptation hereafter will be to overuse them in upcoming images.