Friday, March 9, 2012

Somethingness Inarticulately Specific

Blog post # 272:
(272 = 2*2*17*2*2.)

Somethingness Only Also

Beautifully Unobserved

Irrespective Of Indeterminableness

Eccentric Congruency

Dim Din Of Misanthropy

Of Synesthesia Of Sadists


Pair of anagrams:

In that is time's odd chasm.
And this does mismatch it.


A science's criticality:
It is, as I, eccentric clay.


Do the words "animus" and "animosity" hate each other, each word thinking itself superior to the other?


I'm not 'current' on my knowledge of electricity...


I'd be a mountain-climber if I was so 'inclined'...


I'm 'drawn' to being an artist...



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Ash-Matic said...

Irrespective Of Indeterminableness just made me smile back