Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arithmetical Arrhythmia

Blog post # 279:
(279 = 3*31*3.)

(Six images.)

Intangible Miscoloration

Electromagnetically Non-Astrophysical

Disproved Via Provability

Insightfully Centrifugal

Thus Spiting Non-Existentialism

Our Oblique Eclipse


One anagram (but better than last post's):

The lunar obliqueness escapes,
annuls these baroque eclipses.


When you make many mistakes with numbers, you are doing...



However, when you really 'screwed'-up,
you did engage in...


[(Likewise, attending an orgy is to engage in..


.. Orgies = organized orgasms.
.. Maybe a future Olympic event?...
a synchronized {SIN-chronized} event, perhaps?)]


A great thinker who enjoys pondering Satan is a...



More moral:

Christ: Cryogenically crystalized in a chrysalis?

(So, so sorry. No more: whether more moral,
or moreover immortally immoral.)


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