Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dimensions All Unmentioned

Blog post # 280:
(280 = 2*5*2*7*2.)

Monotonically Stirred

Glass Abstractly Visual


Bleakly Phosphorescent

Irrelevant Paranormality


Two anagrams, a duo of doom:

As this emptiness' shadow,
ha, it sips death's own mess.


Into any holes within us not sane,
it annoys one so until when it has.


The revolution we have desired,
it has only been an...


.. irreverent, true, but irrelevant.


Why should I wear glasses,
even though I need them?
With my eyes closed,
I still see the darkness in-focus.
And that darkness is all that is real, anyway.

(Glasses are all just
'focus-pocus', anyway..)

The human mass has left a massive mess.
'Humass' -> 'Humess'.


(In my last post I mentioned 'global-swarming'.)

Global-swarming leads to
global-warming, leads to
This has been a


Things said about directions =


You are confused about directions when you have..


You can get lost ON a desert isle,
but can also be lost IN ..
the dessert-aisle.

(I am certain I read this one somewhere before. But it is SO WORTH IT to repeat here, correct?..)



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flip said...

it sips death's own mess

Is this a euphemism? It strikes me as funny and conjures up bizarre images.