Saturday, April 21, 2012

And Quintessence Became

Blog post # 287:
(287 = 7*41.)

(Six images. Not much else, relatively.)

Nihilism's Quintessence

Quantum Irrelevance Of All

Into Surreal Harshness

Plural Yet Repeated

Encircling Us Within Us

Pseudo-Partial Quasi-Falseness


Three anagrams. (Yeah.)

See a quantum science beyond.
And quintessence became you.


And an erroneous thing rolls again.
Another one rings around all I snag.


A quasi-falsehood, it spited its pureness' sum.
This is of pseudo-partialness quite assumed.


In my last post, I said that the "Lesser-Evil" political party had nominated Satan for its candidate to run in the general election.
But the Greater-Evil will win instead, as it always does, because...
Satan is just .. 'LOSER-fer'!..


All the 'cool kids' are surely...


Each dream of dramatic palindromes:

(I'm not that impressed here.
The 'chilled-ren' joke even impresses me more. Anyway, I wonder if there has been some piece of children's fiction, maybe even a very popular work, where someone declares they are about to "Dine on chilled wren", and some kids overhear and get scared for themselves. I might have stolen this pun from that, although not intentionally.)



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