Monday, April 9, 2012

See, Still It Sees

Blog-post # 283:
(283 = yet another prime.)
(I have been 'primed' to expect primes...
but not primarily.)

In All Limbic Entropy

Sarcastic Substructure

Its Algebraic Prism

Visualizations Of Unthinking


One (annoying) anagram:

All of these bigoted asymmetries so;
This, a game, forebodes yet some still.


[Warning! Final two may offend some.]

See, still it sees.

Is a war. Be. Glass algebra was I.

Must save vast sum.
(^ Too moot!..)

Evolve. Rev love.

Pus-revolvers rev lovers up.

Stiff fuck; cuff fits.


We surely have a SHIT-uation, don't we!?

Hey, it all is just a bunch of BULK-WRAP!

(Me and my PUN-CROCK!..)


Now some rantiness:

Hey,... if we truly have a "War On Drugs", well...
we should put THE WAR in jail, then!

Maybe the reason the war has been such a failure is that it is always stoned!

... And the US Supreme Court would surely agree, too, that even a war is a "person".
So, since it is, let's jail it!

("Yeah, man. It's the WAR that's on drugs..")

Porn-stars surely do have good PR:...


Once I was good at math. You might say I was even...


Misnomers I 'miss no more'.


The optimists and censors say:
The foreboding is forbidden!

(Achtung! Es ist verboten!)


Speaking of speaking in German...

The "99%" are...
we plebby 'Untermenschen'.
(The PU's).

What parasitic* plebs (PP's), we are!

*(According to Any Rand, who was, in my opinion, the real
.. Ayn-tichrist.
-- And not because she was an atheist, either!)


Sometimes I much prefer the extremes.

* I prefer both really mellow music and hard hard rock (pun-crock!), but I hate the pop-music crap in the middle.
(Likewise, I like some of the more interesting and smarter rap, but not at all any of that 'bulk-rap'.)

* I most prefer making art images with intense high-saturation colors, and sometimes images that are black-and-white.

* I prefer really sweet foods and foods with absolutely zero sweetness. Anything that is slightly sweet, however, especially if it is not traditionally a sweet food, literally makes me nauseous.
(Note: I do like semi-sweet/dark chocolate, though, but because it is indeed sweet enough and chocolate is traditionally considered a sweet food.)

* And as other people do, I like ice tea and hot tea both, but I hate room-temperature tea.


Say this about CD's:
They sure 'turned the tables' on the turntable industry!

And 'in-turn', the internet (the in-turn-net) turned the tables on CDs.

If the internet somehow survives the many many attacks against it as of lately (from governments and industries trying to censor it, to all those stupid people who use it to post idiotic comments, etc), then perhaps it will extend unto the cosmos someday.
Then it could be called the 'infi-net'.



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