Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monochromatic Lies

Blog-post # 285:
(285 = 3*19*5.)

Our Human Ooze

Mysticism's Metabolites

Blurred Of Logarithmic Glass

Unstable Summability

Distilled By Equilibrium

Eternity Yet Dismantled


Anagrams, two. (1 + 1/2, more like):

Monochromatic lies;
I con them. I am colors.


[Warning! A little dirty.]

Some is sin.


A collection of voids is a...


("Hear me, my fellow Americans' brains...")

A poorly-constructed traffic-circle is an...

about round roundabout..


Why did the chicken cross the road?...

The chicken couldn't help it; it's just that that road sure does hate them chickens!...

(The chicken therefore definitely should become a...
'street-fighter', then!
Kick that road's ass!..)


[This one seems appropriate.]

It won't be until
'Hell freezes over'
that we FINALLY get...



Enough with the funny stuff.

(Full disclosure: I am an artist, poet, and have written songs, a maker of so-called 'intellectual property'. I have never download movies/songs/etc, paid for or not, in-part because: (1) I have only a dial-up internet connection; (2) almost every song/movie made these days [or really almost ever] absolutely SUCKS,... especially if the main reason that that song or movie was created in the first place is/was for it to make a monetary profit for its creators or for some big corporation [more significantly so if the latter].)

America's, and much of the world's, copyright/patent/trademark systems have gotten so very ridiculous.
(See news lately for references.)

I bet that in the near future you could maybe even get arrested for 'pirating' intellectual-property just because you THOUGHT of a particular movie or song without paying royalties for doing so. After all, isn't just thinking about something essentially copying it in your mind?!

We are definitely heading this way as a society at an exponentially accelerating rate lately, I'm sure you have noticed.

(Maybe... also maybe in the future, any guy who... 'thinks' of any particular woman will have to pay her royalties for that guy's privilege of being so entertained... This possibility might be much more dystopian to horny lonely people than to their objects of desire {who might get some extra income this way}.)

Hyperbole? I think not!
(Damn. Maybe they will institute a tax on hyperbole too in the near future! We're doomed!)



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