Monday, April 23, 2012

Weirder Than Water

Blog-post # 288:
(288 = 2*2*3*2*3*2*2.)

Infinity Thus Subservient

Liquid Moistened By Truth

Hypothetically Chromatic

Azimuth Of Otherness

As Skies Unnumerologically Fly


(I will get to the anagrams in a little while.
Now a word from our spons..., uh,..

What is...

Tyranny: The Patriot Act

Freedom: The patriots act!..

(Yes, apathy = tyranny...
Not that caring can do us any good at all, anyway, anymore.)


Anagrams! (Worth the wait.)
(Three: depressingly political)

The Patriot Act
Tap it. Cheat. Rot.


Nazis' ill magic kills everyone.
No slicker amazingly evil lies


Is drawn into the Beast,
this, a war, intends to be.


(Speaking of that last anagram..)

Biblical prophets will surely keep us...
'a-beast' of the situation.


[Warning! Potentially offensive pun!]

If you like to commit sodomy 'like crazy', you then are surely...


Why are scientist guys so sexy to women?

Because the scientists are always carrying out..


You know what is counterproductive spending for a company?



I'm flabbergasted(!) by my gastric flab.


Sure can't wait until there is a so-called
"Weirder-gate" in the news.

(Unless there already has been..)


Speaking of news:

Just one of the many proofs that a hoodie is not really a good justification alone for shooting a young minority male wearing one:

If it was, then the cops would be PLANTING HOODIES on the bodies of unarmed minority men/boys they shot and killed!

(Or do they actually do this?... Never can be too certain of anything these days.)



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