Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Hyper-Bull

Blog post # 281:
(281 = a prime... this time..)

Debunked By Dreams

If Formed Of Contingencies

An Untasted Objectification

Into Traumatic Intermediacy

Disoriented In Equidistances


Only one anagram, oh:

These I made. Arcs plus loops then surely overlie.
In all those are solely the superimposed curves.


(Are you erudite or erroneous?)
Yes, people are educated to various.. degrees..


I bet being a tailor isn't all that it .. seams..


Scientists often sleep in...


I wonder, if you are one of those people who cleans up accident scenes, is your salary enough to .. scrape by?..


So many awful stories in the news lately...
I am so worried about our inevitably absolutely horrible near future.
(Hopefully, I am just being a little..
'pessi-mistaken' regarding this..)

Anyway, as a result, I actually have PTSD:..

PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder!..


If you have noticed, there has been A LOT of evil perpetrated by politicians, especially lately.
You may say I am too hyperbolic in my thinking about some of this evil.
But it's not really 'hyperbole' at all,...
since each of these politicians indeed is a...

(And that's no 'hyper-bull'!)

Well, the ONLY good thing about all the political candidates is that they are not their opponents.
So I might decide I like ALL of them, therefore, each for not being the others.
(This makes as much sense, if not more sense, than liking any of them for any of the other reasons people do.)



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