Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Ooze You Can Use

Blog-post # 289:
(289 = 17*17, square it.)

 Gibbous Knots Of Anything
Astigmatic Clangor
Forewarned Of Metaphors
Without Isometries Or Dimensions
Morphological Thoroughness
Apparently Synesthetic Syzygy
(I perhaps slightly prefer the top and bottom images.)

One anagram:

Nails touched wedges
wide as notches glued.


The economy is so bad now that we all have...

liens on our lean-tos..


Contrary to popular belief,
the wealthy ubermenschen
are not actually picky-eaters.
No, they almost always enjoy the...

flavor of the weak..

(.. republicannibals?..)


We untermenschen, the plebby masses, will ALL soon (if we are not already) be considered by the elite to be the...


(No more economic-political punning today, but punning nonetheless.)

Where they grow any damn tree they want to:

The arbitrary arboretum.


You know which part of your body lives the longest after the rest of your body has died?
The pupils, because they tend to...


(Aside from the pun, this is true also, in a way, because pupils are the absence of substance -- by definition, if not in actuality given the fluids and such within them -- and emptiness doesn't really die.)


The layer surrounding my body, protecting me from harmful radiations:

The ooze-zone layer..


So, considering my ooziness, this is a good time to bring up my new pickup-line.
(Highly likely to be plagiarized by me.)

I'm like a high-performance sports car...
And I'm going to ride your curves!"..


I posted the following before already, I'm sure, but it is worth repeating again:

"Girl, I'm like a chocolate sundae...
'Cause I'm going straight to your thighs"...


The opening line of a personal:

"Warped man seeks curvy woman."

(Maybe something too about how the two can oscillate together or something, but discretion is advised here.)




kikinotdee said...

I like this one Morphological Thoroughness
die-late that was terrible :D Ugg :D

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

The new-and-"improved" blogger interface seems to have added additional spaces between the words in your first sentence (but not in your second sentence, for some reason), Kiki. At least these extra spaces didn't show up in the email-version of your comment I received. Hmm..

On another topic, speaking of the word "extra": I like how the word "extraneous" means basically the same as the word "extra", but with extra(neous) letters!

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

PS: I see what blogger is doing. It is adding spaces to make the lines end at the edge of the right margin. Did it always do this? It doesn't look good to me.

Also, "extra" does not mean the exact same thing as "extraneous", not even close with most of the different ways to define the two words.

kikinotdee said...

well the two have the meaning "outside" in common and you think outside the box , so it kind of fits and it made me smile :)