Thursday, April 12, 2012

Idiotic Abaci

Blog-post # 284:
(284 = 2*71*2.)

Superfluously Uncounted

Lessened By Eternities

Approximations Of Imaginableness

The Sky Un-Alphabetized

Such Transparent Solubility

A Subjective Machine

(Mostly, I like these.)

Anagram-ism (3, you see, for thee.):

Heaven mostly needed a risky disembowelment.
Indeed, my world mistakenly seems to have been.

[Warning! Next two may offend!]

Ids boil.


Is so as needs' nepotism.
Penis does moisten ass.


Another palindrome... (See my last post for several others.)

Is as to idiotic abaci to idiots as I.


Where controversial art is displayed:

The... art GALL-ery...


Yes, line-drawings are a form of art that can be especially... edgy.


Speaking of controversial edginess:

We all sure have been getting an edgy-cation lately in regards to economic-inequality.
It's been a ... lesson in our lessening.

In my last blog-post, I wrote (very little, however) about we plebs being the 'Untermenschen'.
Yes, we are the...
Unmentioned Untermenschen...

the unmentionable Untouchables, that is.


Be aware.
Beware the ... Brain-Scams.

You heard of the blood/brain-barrier?
What we all each have also is a...

(Be wary of that barrier..)


Speaking of pseudoscience:

I have been very interested in psychology-studies lately.
But this interest is akin to the interest some no-nonsense skeptic may have in reading his/her horoscope despite a dislike for magical-thinking.
It's all just for fun.

I have written before in this blog about my disbelief in the validity of most psychology-studies. (I think I may have written here regarding that.)

Take these two commonly believed psychology "facts":

1) One's facial-symmetry is a major indicator of one's physical attractiveness.
So, then, how can we ever decide if someone's face is physically attractive or not if we have only seen them from the side?
Almost impossible to do so, you would think!
Yes, perhaps facial-symmetry has something to do with physical attractiveness, but I seriously doubt it is one of the major reasons anyone -- at least me -- is attracted to anyone else at all. It is probably not even a significant factor at all, especially given all the other possible factors for a face's physical attractiveness.

2) People think cats are cute mainly because their faces resemble human infants' faces to us.
So,.. if we were to see a hairless cat or, for that matter, a furry-faced human infant, we would surely be repulsed.
One of the major reasons I personally find some smaller animals to be cute is their furriness/softness, a very non-human attribute. (But yet again, an attribute best left for the non-human-beings.)

There are many other cases of pseudo-psychological "facts" I also find laughable. Some of them are not as widely believed, though. And some are even quite obviously false, or must be false, I think, given how counterintuitive they are.

And as in any branch of science, the researchers' own biases and expectations will almost inevitably lead to less-objectively-done studies.

And I myself must be careful in deciding whether to believe or not believe the results of studies I read about -- because, as has been determined in psychological studies.. , self-deception is highly common amongst we human-beings.

Be aware. Beware.




The Quiet Riot said...

Superfluously Uncounted.....this is a beauty!

kikinotdee said...

Superfluously Uncounted is gorgeous, it moves like the dot in the cube ! Very cool!