Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anagrammatically Correct

Blog post # 76:

Three pictures, made over the last 3 days:

Asymptotically Clockwise

Schism Of Resemblances

Dreams Once Molten

I like the last two pictures best. (Although the name of the last picture is too cliche, I think.)

The first picture looks like two stylized eyes (aligned top to bottom, instead of side by side). That picture was inspired by a poem about asymmetric corneas. (Don't worry, I won't publish that poem here.)

The second picture looks like some odd fruit being severed. I don't really know what I was trying to represent here. I can't remember, even though I made this picture just yesterday.

The third picture is some strange thing floating above the ocean, I guess, with a weird sky behind it all.

You see what you want to see in my pictures, though. They are a Rorschach test.




(Someone should check to make sure this is an actual anagram.)


Pick-up line:

"Girl, I'm like a chocolate sundae....

I'm going straight to your thighs."

I myself would NEVER use a pick-up line, let alone one this crass.
Still, I don't want it to go to waste, so I have posted it here.
By the way, did I already post this line in my blog a long while ago?


[Politics alert!]

The country is moving so far to the far-right lately that I think it is very likely we may actually have a President Palin before too long.
I sincerely fear that if she becomes president, Sarah will round up (and maybe execute) Democrats and progressives in some sort of quasi-genocidal campaign.

Nah. This won't happen. You know why not?

Because the country is moving so far to the right that by 2013 there will BE NO Democrats or progressives in America to round up in the first place!

Get ya' some 'socialists', Sarah!


By the way, don't forget to vote in my poll, if you haven't yet!


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Blog post # 75:

(I received the same error as last time I posted a blog-post loading these pictures below. The pictures appeared on my end, anyway, last time. Hopefully they appeared for all of you both times.)

I made these four pictures over the last 5 days. I am not really proud of any of them; but maybe I am proud of Cater-corner To Cosines mostly.

Imperfect Static

Cater-Corner To Cosines

Refracted Suffocation

An Inexact Eclipse

(Note an "Inexact" and an "Imperfect" in two of the titles.)

I see I have some new followers! If you missed my 74 earlier posts, please go back and read/look at as many as you all can stomach.


I hate to break this all to you, but all I have to post today are some political and anti-religious musings, and then a poem.
(I sure want to LOSE those new followers, don't I?!)


People say God = love. I say, I doubt this is true. But it IS true in one way.
Both our ideas of God and our ideas of love are based on BULL SHIT.
And both our ideas, past and present, of love and God have lead to some of humanity's most profound bigotries.

God, an artifact and an artifice of our own minds.


If many present-day Christians can portray all Muslims (not just the extremist Muslims) as evil and responsible for terrorism,
then I can portray all religious people as evil and responsible for terrorism. Where are we to draw the line?


An observation on the Tea Party: I think Sarah Palin will cause the Tea Party to self-destruct. Unlike many in the Tea Party, she is not at all libertarian in her political views. The only thing that she and many of the Tea Party activists agree on is lower taxes and hatred for Obama. For example, many in the Tea Party are against the Patriot Act. Do you think that Sarah for one second would try to eliminate the Patriot Act if she was president?? HELL, NO! She would magnify its evils 100-fold in any way she could! I think the only real reason the rest of the Tea Party puts up with Sarah is because she and they are both stupid and bigoted. They can relate to her. If the rest of the party, though, would take one second to think (hard for them, I know), they would see that Sarah is a liability to their world view.


[Poetry alert! Poetry alert!]

Wrote this just today:

Metaphorical Flower

This flower's petals were quite the wings of such a
Butterfly endowed with my contemplation. And the
Petals sprouted from a stem also a rope also
A rod, a twig transformed. And this flower's
Thorns were the cusps of my anger and voice,
Were the cones drawn of glass and crystal
And their cutting stereotypes. And each leaf
Of this was but a blasphemous skin of all
Humanity designed via our intercourse. Oh, this
Flower was impatient; for, it glowed as
The corona of an irradiant moon. And all
Those butterfly wings as petals, they billowed
And flew and coerced this oxymora to be only
Obvious in their asymmetry. Yes, the flower drew
Itself upon ellipsoids and did so inexactly.
But it was still impressive although beautiful.
Yes, it was surely a magnificent topology
Made from ribbons and origami. It did, therefore,
Perceive us wholly as being composed of expletives.
It did perceive us each as being cosmic, as being
Only dreamed. But we rejoiced in its circumferences.
We rejoiced in its poetry both spurious and
Complicated, in its metaphors sometimes wilting.



Saturday, May 22, 2010


Blog post # 74:

Okay. There was an error when I uploaded these, so hopefully they appear properly anyway.

Four pictures made over the last 5 days:

Lament Disarrayed

Psychosis' Equilibrium

Ugly Perfection

Of Oozing Crescents

Note how "Psychosis' Equilibrium" and "Ugly Perfection" don't follow my usual pattern of trying to have about the same amount of colors from different parts of the color wheel in each of my pictures. I am trying something new.

I hate to admit that my usual usage of a variety of colors in each picture comes from my attempt to have the printer not run out of one color ink before the other colors run out. A stupid reason to balance the colors, I know. But it looked good having the color balance.


I am deleting the results of my last poll today. And I will put up a new poll.

The new poll's question:
If you could commit any one crime without consequences, what would it be?

The answers:

Theft (Grand or otherwise)
Drug use

(Argg. I can't think of any more crimes. I better add a "Something else" choice too.)


That's all for today.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Iridescent Black

Blog post # 73:

Three pictures made over the last 3 days:

Burning Colors Denied

Between Implication And Apparition

Lipids Made From Truth


Okay, the recent poll closed.
And in a landslide, ALL THREE VOTES went to "To wrap an egg in a ribbon" for the definition of "thillop".

Let's review the original possible full definitions, shall we?

[From the Apr 23, 2010 issue, #64, "Polygonal".]

Which definition do you think "thillop" should have?

1) (Noun) A type of martial-arts move involving the elbows.
2) (Noun) An obscene gesture made by making a V with the fingers of both hands, and repeatedly forcing the cusps of the V's together so that the four fingers represent two people's legs during a sex act.
3) (Noun) A type of small space vessel used by the extraterrestrials who in the future will destroy all life on Earth.
4) (Verb) To wrap an egg in polyester ribbon.
5) (Noun) A type of "spiral" that starts on the outside, proceeds to near the center, but then ends in an intermediate region.

Funny how the only verb won. I kind of prefer nouns to verbs, myself. But that is just me.

I think I will assign some of the other words that I had in the last poll to the other definitions.

1) (Noun) A type of martial-arts move involving the elbows.

I think that will be a "Rix".

2) (Noun) An obscene gesture made by making a V with the fingers of both hands, and repeatedly forcing the cusps of the V's together so that the four fingers represent two people's legs during a sex act.

I will call this a "Quune". (Just sounds dirty, huh?)

3) (Noun) A type of small space vessel used by the extraterrestrials who in the future will destroy all life on Earth.

A "Ryirty". Yes. "Ryirty Zirt" was the name of a video game I came up with a long time ago. It involved lots of little enemy space ships. So, I guess this applies.

5) (Noun) A type of "spiral" that starts on the outside, proceeds to near the center, but then ends in an intermediate region.

This is an "Ostimaxillus", I say.

And, the winner by popular demand:

4) (Verb) To wrap an egg in polyester ribbon.

To Thillop!

The egg, don't drop it.
Instead, just thillop it!

I was thinking originally that the accent should be on the first syllable of "thil-lop". But now I think it sounds cooler to have the accent on the second syllable, especially in the little rhyme above.

But I am depressed that there were only 3 votes. You people MUST do a better job of voting next time!


One political note: [Warning! Warning!]

With all the ultra-fascists that are leaders, especially these days it seems, I say what the world needs is...


(Sorry, Sarah. Politics is for adults, not for silly rabbits.)


Okay, I have saved the "best" for last.

A poem! I wrote it yesterday. Sorry.

The Whirling Visions Of Consciousness

The whirling visions of consciousness, of
Iridescent black, they jut and thrust and
Still encircle such an annulus as themselves.
Oh, they smudge and blur these arpeggios
Beneath them. But again they erupt, prior to
Their ascension to be only a polyp, to be only
The one pustule of such a multilateral loop.

Yes, within that hole between their solitude,
A helix rises and is solely its protrusion.
And ribbons curve before this and behind
So as to encase the ring now ellipsoidal.

Imagined is that configuration of images and
Haphazard thoughts. But yet all is trite. Yet
All condenses into the distant sleep beyond us.
Yes, it all condenses into simplicity and its
Extrema, into the whirling words we dream of,
The very words implied by their inability to
Define Everything or Everything's apparitions
Of such circles, circles each amorphous, each
Introspective though despicably extraordinary.



Friday, May 14, 2010

The Descent Into Hyperbole

Blog post # 72:

First picture made two days ago. Last two pictures both made today. (I very rarely make two pictures in one day. Very rarely.)

Such Quantum Circumferences

Truth Once Sculpted

Otherwise Unidirectional


Should I be dead?

Seriously, I contribute absolutely NOTHING to society or to the world. And I am just a parasite.
I'm ugly and crazy and unemployed. So, if evolution is to be our guide, I should be dead.
Survival of the fittest means death to the less than fit.

Of course, I won't reproduce anyway. I don't want to anyway, and I couldn't if I did want to. So there is no danger of me passing on my genes if I do stay alive.

But I am doing more harm to the world by being alive than I would do being dead.

Still, I WANT to live. But is that selfish?
Fuck yay! I'm selfish.


[Politics alert!]

You all must know by now about the bill -- cosponsored by Senator Lieberman (of course) -- to take away citizenship from Americans who are ACCUSED of aiding "terrorists" or are accused of engaging in "hostilities" against America or its allies.
When citizenship is taken away, then the US can arrest and hold you without charge or trial indefinitely, maybe torture you. You will have NO rights.
And what constitutes "terrorism" or "hostilities" against America or its allies, anyway? This is solely up to the administration.
(By the way, the Denver Post published my letter on the issue in the May 14, 2010 issue.)

So, I got to thinking about this, and about Arizona.
You see, TWO-THIRDS of Americans SUPPORT the anti-immigration law in Aryan-zone-a.
Only 20% of non-Latinos in America oppose this law.

So, I wonder, how are the authorities in Arizona going to make sure they don't racially profile Latinos in general, when many Latinos are American citizens?


Make a blanket ACCUSATION that ALL Latinos in Arizona are "terrorists". (After all, the definition of the word "terrorist" is arbitrary.) And then, if Lieberman's bill passes, ALL Latinos in Arizona or wherever else will not be US citizens anymore if they were before, and the authorities can safely arrest ALL Latinos, therefore. No legal issues at all.

Sound like extreme hyperbole?

Just wait until Sarah Palin is president. There will be NO SUCH THING as extreme hyperbole. There will only be reality, which USED to look extremely dystopian to the point of hyperbole.

Now, America actually NUKED Japan over Japan's fascism. Maybe someone should nuke the USA, if we try such fascist shit. After all, if our country "goes rogue" (not that it hasn't already!), then nuking us will "save more lives in the end", according to the rest of the world, much as we use this same excuse to this day to "justify" the double nuking of Japan.



Monday, May 10, 2010


Blog post # 71:

These two pictures were made within the last 3 days.

Bending Of Sleep Into Dreams

Ad Finitum


Okay, please forgive me people, but I have not much to post today but a couple poems and one political observation. Please don't be upset with me...

[Poetry alert! Poetry alert!]

Here is a poem I wrote today:


We measured those numbers so as to ascertain
Each ad infinitum. We assigned these algebras
To the calculations of truth; and then we
Voiced words to describe such definitions, to
Describe such colors and pluralities. For, the
Amplitudes of all integers were depicted in
Their process, were deduced in the progression
Of mathematics into space, of geometry into
Coincidences, intentions, and redundancies.

Measured were those edges formed from thoughts.
And yet our minds are incomprehensible. Yes,
Even our visions are not drawn, despite each
Of symmetry's conjectures. Thus, the
Conclusiveness was but theoretical, and the
Numbers were undetermined. And these impressions
Of values and equations were unsound. Yes, they
Were metaphorically placed amongst all radii
(Ha, I speak of dimensions),
Amongst all numermetry itself parameterized.


"Numermetry" is a new word. The measurement of numbers. But aren't numbers themselves equal to their own measurements, you may ask? Isn't the measurement of numbers like the colors of colors, you may also ask?
Yes, but it all goes beyond that. Mathematics is in-part the study of the properties of numbers. So, this is the measurement of numbers. And, also, I like redundancies. So, the measurement of the values of numbers is interesting to me, because numbers are by their very nature measurements. Think.


Here is the poem I wrote yesterday.

Indescribable Exoskeleton

Indescribable is that quasi-exoskeleton within what
Equals existence. It seems to be fraught with
Everything and all. But among its retinue, it is
Plaid and parallel and dimly iridescent. Yes, it
Floats. Yes, it is odd. Yes, its cusps are both
Inverted and protruding, some upwardly, one backwardly
Into a single unidirectional tail. And that tail
Too ascends, as it is indescribable. And those
Horns also penetrate the madness of every wind.

But, where is the bug that completes this object?
Where is the solitude of being whole? Does
It too float inside a benign shell? Or does
It curse its lonely dissection again? Oh,
I attempted to impart those words of explanation
So as to define this corpse. But I fail anew
In my phonemes. Yes, I am careless in my scribbles once
Substantive. Oh, once I was perforated, but then I was
Contained inside the very exoskeleton that remains,
Remains stagnantly upon me, despite such dreams,
Despite such grim molt.


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

Just a thought....

I bet the state of Aryan-zone-a arrests BARACK OBAMA the next time he visits,.... because there they think he is an "illegal alien"!



Friday, May 7, 2010


Blog post # 70:

These three pictures were made over the last 4 days.

Within The Outside

Translucent Is Reality

Disembodied Innocence


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

By the way, I was reading an old post of mine here where I promised I would never again post any politics to my blog. I am a liar.


So, did you pray yesterday (May 6th)?
If not, then why not? The president told you to.

An official "Day Of Prayer" makes as much sense as an official "Day Of Orgasm".
You an atheist? You not gettin' any sex? Tough luck. Get with the program and conform, damn it!

Conformity. It's the American way, even when that conformity directly violates the US Constitution.


Speaking of, it's the American way:

As a good number of you already know, Senator Joseph Lieberman is, along with John McCain, one of the main co-sponsors of the very anti-constitutional "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act".

So, it is no surprise that Senator Lieberman is co-sponsoring yet another Senate bill that would attack the US Constitution, the "Terrorist Expatriation Act". If I didn't know better, I'd think his (paraphrased) cries of "Treason!" were being directed mostly at himself.
Both the political left and right in this country have much to fear from Lieberman's proposal to strip American citizenship -- and also any rights to due process (and, I suppose, also any rights to not be tortured) -- from those who are only accused of providing "material support" to terrorists or accused of engaging in "hostilities" against the US or its allies.

What do "hostilities" entail? This would be solely up to the administration. Some of those on the left -- such as anti-war protesters -- and those on the right -- such as militia members and gun-wielding Tea Party protesters -- have both been unjustifiably accused, in this nation's recent past, of being terrorists or even of being interested in overthrowing the US government.
Should we let the administration alone decide who shall be stripped of their basic rights?

My point above is that anti-"terrorism" legislation can affect WHITE people too, not just foreigners or naturalized citizens born in the Middle East!

..... maybe...

The "War Against Terror" is, in Americans' minds,
really the War against Sand-Ni****s!

And what is it with all the hate towards brown-skinned people in general here in the USA? Aryan-zone-a is just one state that has taken upon themselves to gut all civil rights for a class of minorities. The racist and ultra-conservative mood is spreading across the country -- across the world, actually.

Even former progressives are moving far to the right, lately.

We're moving so far to the right, we're walking -- no, running -- sideways.

Watch your step. Off the cliff we go....



Monday, May 3, 2010


Blog post # 69:

Only one picture today (made just now), and it sucks. Why have I put a crappy picture in today's blog post, you may wonder? Because I had to have SOME picture in today's post, and the picture I made yesterday sucks even more.

Upwards To Be Horizontal


An anagram:



So, what if you went to a wax-museum, and it literally was a museum of types of waxes?
"Here we have ear-wax and bees' wax and floor wax. And in this room.."..

That's almost as bad a joke as, you go to a yard sale, and they are selling 3 yards for the price of 1.


Does anyone name their daughter "Penny" anymore? Isn't naming your daughter that a way of telling her she is not worth very much to you?


From some forgotten song of mine. All I remember from it is this:

Yes, your theology is a little odd...
But you tend to be religious when you think that you're God.


Oh, so sorry about all the low-quality shit I posted today.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Blog post # 68:

Just a few things today, not much.

Somewhat Potentially (made yesterday)

A Dangerous Aesthetic (made today)


I tried and tried to come up with an anagram that describes the bigoted anti-immigrant feelings in Arizona.

The best I could do (within 20 minutes) was this:


Oh, well.

I guess it could refer to the fact that sand is kind of whitish, like white sugar, white like white skin. And white sugar is sweet, like Arizona's disgusting disgust.
Yeah, that's it. I must have been thinking about how I had a dream last night I was eating lots of brown sugar...


Remember, as far as the latest poll is concerned, the COMPLETE definitions that you are to vote on can be found in blog post # 64 ("Polygonal").


Finally, a poem. ("Ah, shucks, Leroy! Not another poem. That's so not swell.")

Written today:

A Pitiful Insect

The entirety of this insect is wondrously disarrayed.
It hides within its counterintuitive anatomy.
Its cursed knives conjoin and abut that one wing,
A flap flung in retrograde unto such headlessness.

And in the pairing of beauty and transparency,
This bee, this wasp, this spheroid, yes, it departs
Within its arrangement, despite those combinatorics.

And it hypothetically arcs into its twin cusps.
And it does only obtain this attenuation of all
Flight, of all thoughts now autonomic.

Yet it glistens of my blood and of silt and
Of saliva and transition. Oh, in its equilibria,
It is random and dangerous. But it does dare
To sting us; for, it is angry. Ha, it is
Angered by its malformation, surely. But it
Is soothed by the refractive twisting of that
Very light within it. Ah, it is corpulent
And yet angular. And, alas, it does not love.

For, its geometry is arrogant, and its aesthetic
Is pitiful. It is grand, though, because it is
Absolved of our humanity. Yes, it is psychotic
And grotesque and impeded. But it will
Be the weirdness of our conformity. It will
Be our own fluttering descent unto such
Toxic artificiality we have proclaimed to be
Our elegance unjustifiably immune to insects.