Friday, May 7, 2010


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These three pictures were made over the last 4 days.

Within The Outside

Translucent Is Reality

Disembodied Innocence


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

By the way, I was reading an old post of mine here where I promised I would never again post any politics to my blog. I am a liar.


So, did you pray yesterday (May 6th)?
If not, then why not? The president told you to.

An official "Day Of Prayer" makes as much sense as an official "Day Of Orgasm".
You an atheist? You not gettin' any sex? Tough luck. Get with the program and conform, damn it!

Conformity. It's the American way, even when that conformity directly violates the US Constitution.


Speaking of, it's the American way:

As a good number of you already know, Senator Joseph Lieberman is, along with John McCain, one of the main co-sponsors of the very anti-constitutional "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act".

So, it is no surprise that Senator Lieberman is co-sponsoring yet another Senate bill that would attack the US Constitution, the "Terrorist Expatriation Act". If I didn't know better, I'd think his (paraphrased) cries of "Treason!" were being directed mostly at himself.
Both the political left and right in this country have much to fear from Lieberman's proposal to strip American citizenship -- and also any rights to due process (and, I suppose, also any rights to not be tortured) -- from those who are only accused of providing "material support" to terrorists or accused of engaging in "hostilities" against the US or its allies.

What do "hostilities" entail? This would be solely up to the administration. Some of those on the left -- such as anti-war protesters -- and those on the right -- such as militia members and gun-wielding Tea Party protesters -- have both been unjustifiably accused, in this nation's recent past, of being terrorists or even of being interested in overthrowing the US government.
Should we let the administration alone decide who shall be stripped of their basic rights?

My point above is that anti-"terrorism" legislation can affect WHITE people too, not just foreigners or naturalized citizens born in the Middle East!

..... maybe...

The "War Against Terror" is, in Americans' minds,
really the War against Sand-Ni****s!

And what is it with all the hate towards brown-skinned people in general here in the USA? Aryan-zone-a is just one state that has taken upon themselves to gut all civil rights for a class of minorities. The racist and ultra-conservative mood is spreading across the country -- across the world, actually.

Even former progressives are moving far to the right, lately.

We're moving so far to the right, we're walking -- no, running -- sideways.

Watch your step. Off the cliff we go....



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