Monday, May 3, 2010


Blog post # 69:

Only one picture today (made just now), and it sucks. Why have I put a crappy picture in today's blog post, you may wonder? Because I had to have SOME picture in today's post, and the picture I made yesterday sucks even more.

Upwards To Be Horizontal


An anagram:



So, what if you went to a wax-museum, and it literally was a museum of types of waxes?
"Here we have ear-wax and bees' wax and floor wax. And in this room.."..

That's almost as bad a joke as, you go to a yard sale, and they are selling 3 yards for the price of 1.


Does anyone name their daughter "Penny" anymore? Isn't naming your daughter that a way of telling her she is not worth very much to you?


From some forgotten song of mine. All I remember from it is this:

Yes, your theology is a little odd...
But you tend to be religious when you think that you're God.


Oh, so sorry about all the low-quality shit I posted today.


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