Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sad Loops Stirred

Blog-post # 318:
(318 = 2*53*3.)

(Seven new images, again.)

Pronouns Themselves Antecedents

An Eclipse Excessively Halved

It Incanted All Of Astronomy

Geometry Likewise Disentangled

Only Less And Else More

Hexagraphically Extrapolative

Polyplurally Multitonic

(Regarding "Polyplurally Multitonic" {the bottom image above}, this image especially is far less original in amount than by the amount of how much I find it interesting. As for its name, should I have called it "Multiplurally Polytonic" instead?)


(seven, again,.. again):

Arbitrary statistic:
It is abstract rarity.


Sane evil,
I enslave.


I was insane;
is a sin anew.


Why stir the sad loops?
Or they split shadows.


Said unto this,
questioned as skillfully,
.. to die.
Quiet is asked
if it only lulls;
and it does shout.


Touch things so indented as.
Into a sin, thought descends.


A vastness thus
encoded loops in hexes.
This passed unto
sad convex holes seen.


When you get your nouns,
verbs, articles, prepositions,
adjectives, adverbs, etc
all scrambled in your
sentences, you surely do
have some...



we need universal healthcare,
because the Universe is sick!

It is sick with the
cosmic contagion, with
the interstellar infection.
And all astronomy looks
ashen (with its asthma,
its aspergers, and its

Well, it all is just unwell.
(Can't you tell?)

All astrophysics needs an..
'astro-physician'! Stat!


The vast and hidden uber-class
of the world's secretive and
most powerful elite, where none
of them will ever be punished
for any of their surely
infinite crimes; they are the..

Uncountable Unaccountable.



Oh, I am so...


(What, are not* you too?)

*(And why does 'are not'
sound so awful here
compared to if I had
used the contraction
"aren't" instead?
Idiotic idioms!)



Friday, July 27, 2012

A Least Silly Doom

Blog-post # 317:
(317 = prime.)

(7 images.)

Translucency From Refraction

Entropy Hypocritically Entropic

Cosmos Approximately Electromagnetic

Of Unequal Onenesses

Un-dimensionally Demystifying

Monotonically Into Bidirectionality

Macroscopic If Yet Predicated

Of these, I most like the top image ("Translucency From Refraction"), the second image ("Entropy Hypocritically Entropic"), and the bottom image ("Macroscopic If Yet Predicated").

I don't know if anyone (except myself) has noticed that for the last few blog-posts, my images have all been square-shaped, and not 6-by-5 anymore.
Squareness is much more natural, I feel, than 6-by-5. 6-by-5 was originally chosen by me for the very unartistic reason that this better fits the computer-monitor's aspect-ratio. (And my monitor actually has a different aspect-ratio anyway.)
Reject arbitrariness,..
because you can have..
art-itrariness instead!..


Anagrams (nine, all mine):

A god's ire bites us all.
Ill bigots are as used.


And sadly,
human stupidity is ours.
It damns us,
thusly as did your pain.




Quasi-rendered as me,
it once split less...
in some ellipses'
quartered distances.


All teenagers so dumb:
Mobs sell, guaranteed.


In some disaster's
busted criticality:
Its sly deceit only rested,
but it is an atomic spiral.


A Science's Pulsating Loxodrome:
Magical Loops' Round Existences


Bald Guy


Time's bang:
This was theirs/ours,
a least silly doom.
As Earth,
it is blossoming
or is thus always melted.


That last anagram leads
me to realize that
"A Least Silly Doom"
would probably be
a good band-name.
(Somehow, the name sounds
to me like the name of a
British band, specifically.)

Also, I was thinking yesterday
that a good band-name would be
"Yyx", if this name is not
already used for a band
(which it probably is, though).
The significance of this name,
besides the chromosomal
abnormality it alludes to,
is that the name is pronounced
"Yikes". (At least the name of
my band is pronounced this way.
I don't know how the other Yyx
pronounces their name.)


I don't know why so many people
don't trust the climate-scientists.
It's instead really the geologists
studying earthquakes who are..


If 13 is a "baker's dozen";
then is 11 of something
(at least something good) a
"faker's dozen"?..


What is the antonym of


Oh, woeful is the one who

(Did I write about this already?)

New word: (adjective)
Danger caused by an error is so..

(if not just dang erroneous).



Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Blog-post # 316:
(316 = 2*79*2.)

(Seven new images.)

All Melodramatic Mathematics


Loudly Radiantly Seen

Analogous To Imbalance

We Are Else Of Impurities

Relativistic Hallucinogism

Seams Of Truth's Severing

Regarding the neologisms in the
names above:
"Hallucinogism" has the root
"hallucination", of course. I meant
this name to be defined as the
concept of hallucinations (alluding
to the word "neologism" also).
Yet it unintentionally, but
delightfully, now appears to me to
be a pun crossing "hallucination"
with "hooliganism".

"Tangendentalism" is a pun mixing
"tangent" with "transcendentalism".
Unfortunately, I dislike the word
"transcendentalism" because of the
inclusion within it of "dental".
There probably is nothing less
transcendental than teeth.
Oh, the irony!...


Anagrams (Seven,
as many as there are images.

These dreams spill.
All disperses them.

(I like this anagram^.)

All drawn sadly into you..
was only loudly radiant.


Alas, lonely eclipses:
All pi seen as closely.


Yet its quasi-circle:
Crystal is quiet ice.


To happen all as cylinders..
and spherically open last..


It created our chants
I see anew.
Those were instead


The Technically-Virgin Mary:
An ill itch,
yet very charming.

(I do think I heard of the
concept of a
"Technically-Virgin Mary"
years ago somewhere else --
probably from some comedian's
stand-up routine.)


It doesn't do much for me...



When 'chants' change 'chance'.


(Materialists have a thing..
for things.)

[It's okay I wrote this^,
despite its dumbness,
because I put it in parentheses,
.. right?]

Wouldn't it be ironic..
if iron was not ironic?

[This calls for being in
parentheses also.
But, alas, no.]

Regarding the quasi-Stasi,
of the police-state we find
ourselves living within

Their motto:
To Serve (and surveil)
And Protect (and detect)
(all about you)

In the 'police-state' they
ask you nicely (demand),
(for the Police-State)
your identity, your
affiliations, all your
activities, and... -- oh
yeah, or we will
enhancely interrogate
you,.. -- any and all
terror you are planning
or are guilty of, citizen!"

(Well, they already know
this all about you, anyway.
But they need an
'excuse for the abuse'
you are about to undergo.)

That's why it is called
"Enhanced In-Terror-gation".

(It is more fun for them
if you are freaking out.
Ah,... enhanced..)

To terror is human..



Friday, July 20, 2012

A Rusty Hell So Dreamt

Blog-post # 315:
(315 = 3*5*7*3.)

(Seven images.)

Plural Algebras Astray

Philosophies Disallowed
(Previously named:
Understandings Unallowed)

Unto Unobvious Universes


Subsurreal Subhumanism

Ironically Hierarchical Arctangent

Its Subliminal Alchemy

(The neologism "subsurreal", from
the name "Subsurreal Subhumanism",
is noteworthy because the "sur"
in "surreal" means 'super',
or so I read.)


(13; if counting the
first one as just 1.)

Vain Rules
Slave Ruin


A rusty Hell so dreamt:
Surreally most hated.


Priests revealed:
Perverted as lies.


I flung all astray
into ash. It dies.
Lastly, this is ruined,
aloft again.


Our flower's
petals arise.
We are of its
plural roses.


The silly fetus;
it feels thusly.


Zigzag zaps;
Gag's pizazz.


That turn I
so misaligned..
in our same
distant light.


Floral hate:
for all heat.


These abused are ill,
displaced so to hate,
because I erased those,
do split all death.


Skies I dreamt:
Dire mistakes.


[Warning: Next two
anagrams may offend.]

Sick fun.


Vaginas are of it:
Favorites again.


I must sure be mushy, moist,
and squishy,.. because..

I feel like shit!..

(Cheech&Chong can't be wrong.)


In business news:
You hear about the prostheses company?

They have recently changed hands..


Maybe the Protestant and Catholic
churches should get together
and do a..



'Diarrhea-lity' is surely
a 'dire reality'.


Odd language fact:
A woman who often
is 'bearin'' children is
surely NOT 'barren'?

(And the baroness cannot bear it.)


You know what is not feng shui?

The ashtray.. It's astray.


That sticks out just too much.

Time to 'jut-tison' it..


Am I a 'lay-czar'?..

Or a 'loser'???

(I don't even know how to spel..)

(You laser praiser.)


[Warning. May offend!]

Irony lesson for today:

Irony: When some guy says,..
"I can't stick it in her,
because it is too 'hard'."


Yes, this is a good
time to sign-out today.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Avoid The Ovoid

Blog-post # 314:
(314 = 2*157.
I know, I know: 314 is also pi*100,
rounded down.
Yeah, as if that even matters...
Or is even round,
or is roundly even.)

(Seven images.)

Lapse Of Elapsed Dimensions

Almost Quasi-Circular

Telescopic Thus Sans Science

Physics Then Damns Us

Hypothetical-Heretical Anagram

However Imploded Is This

Phonetic Phosphors

I like most of these images. Of the names, however, I only like "Lapse Of Elapsed Dimensions", "Almost Quasi-Circular", and "Phonetic Phosphors" (since this last name is all {pseudo}synesthetic).


Anagrams (5, no jive):

Then as I dream,
death remains.


This pours into its
thin flatness gained.
It sprouts nothing itself,
and is then as I.


Its geometry lesson:
One sees mostly trig.


These ruined us...
in the ruse used.


USA: Beware in Afghanistan.
War, again it has been snafu.

(Ah, an Afghanagram..)

Related to the last anagram
(and maybe related to the
anagram above that one too):

New word:
(noun and verb),
which is what one is claiming if one
is claiming to be succeeding,
while actually one is failing horribly.

As in,
"The US is making
af-gains in Afghanistan."
(And we are af-gaining
the people's trust there.)

We could also call that country
"Again-istan", because of all the
empires that have lost wars fighting
there during the long history
of that region.


Palindromes! (7):

Is all as, alas, all as I?

It is if less is self. Is it I?

Was its all indeed nil,
last I saw?



So, stats all lopsided is poll:
Last; at SOS.

Politic: It I lop.

(The last palindrome above
alludes to the "heading-off
our biggest problems" pun
from my blog a couple posts ago.)

Chop up your paper into bits
to prepare it for your art-project
with your..

Papier-mache machete.


Social-networks are about..

clickable cliques.

(Oh, I do believe I indeed
heard this before. Are these
'clickable cliques' thus
cliche?.. And as cliche
as is.. papier-mache?)


Punk-rocker clothes brand-name:

"Terrible Wearables"


"There are likely more people
on Earth who are assholes than
people on Earth with assholes."

-- L Quet



Friday, July 13, 2012

This Insane Embodiment

Blog-post # 313:
(And posted on the 13th of the month, too.
.. Which -- as positive zero does also --
means absolutely nothing.)
(313 = a prime.)

(Seven images.)

Concentricity Offset By Conscience

Geophysics Also Only Nonexistent

Upwardly Decelerated Divergence

Anti-loops -- Into Opals

Deviant Trigonometries

Mis-entropically Anthropic

As Pseudo-Symmetric Subsequences


Anagrams (15.. Oh, my.
The most yet in one post.):

Into opals

(Note: This is the name of
the middle {4th} image above.)


Once a ring;


That ignorance is but a sore.
Its cares are about nothing.


Afloat below is a lost evil Hell.
It all flies to above all wholes.


Luck reversed inside...
dire likeness curved.


Inside this are abstract noises.
It sees its brain's actions heard.


It is in anyone's sins.


Your realism's divergent soul ends.
Simultaneously, odd rings reverse.


Asked of is our ends,
if rude snakes do so.


Oh, alas, and ours was really...
also as round as all are why.


This insane embodiment;
it had been most sin in me.


Time did slant anew,
and was tilted in me.


All that is counted besides me,
it comes until a death blessed.


Beside it,
I best die.

[Warning. Following may offend.]

Denial is as gross existence.
See its scandal in sex-orgies.



Ironic: I nor I.

It is ironic in? Or is it I?

... Reverses.Reverses.

(Forever of..)


In this world both of
global-warming and of a
bad economy, it is
no wonder that many..
temps have higher degrees..


Maybe someday, classical physics
will.. 'exact' its revenge
against Heisenberg..


Never satisfied, the sculptor of
female forms really likes to..
'touch-up' his works!..


If you have never had sex because
you have always avoided people,
you surely must be..
a divergin' virgin.
(Perhaps with other diversions..)


If there were two women who
both really wanted to marry me,
and if I was to (selflessly,
of course) not turn either down,
wouldn't that be..



How do my eyes see?
Even when it's icy?


(Because I have
opted-out of optics.)



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Odd Entity Of Every Eventually Even Identity

Blog-post # 312:
(312 = 3*2*2*2*13.)

(Alas, six art-images.)

Created Via Rusted Glass

Neither Empty Nor Equated

Philosophical Phosphorescence

Posited By Loneliness

Both Isolated And Superimposed

Prophesied To Not Have Been


Anagrams, lots and lots
(Twelve. 12?
'Do zen' with this dozen..):

Nothingness alone is
real via causality.
As seen as I, all angry
oculi envision that.


The aura's colorfulness:
Thus as of our clear lens.


Almost is a science!
Seances so claim it.


Of surrealism:
Muse for liars.


A dream's lure,
made surreal.


Of it, pi evolved as our spool.
For, positive values do loop.


I doubted the honest circles also lie.
Their coils counted those beside all.


Why it all hates pessimists:
This was/is simply the least.


This, an annoying toilet, indeed:
Into it alone is ended anything.


The females:
Feel as them.


Next two anagrams may offend.]

A woman sins there..
in her moans as wet.


You are fucking its death.
Okay, as if cured in the gut.

(Note how the anagrams in
some adjacent pairs above
relate to each other.)

Sending the world's tyrants
to the guillotines would..
'head off' lots of our
biggest problems!..

"Where you goin' to, Tyrant?"

"Oh, just headin' off
to the guillotine."..


My days are getting odder and odder..

But my nights, however, are evening..


Speaking of 'evening out':

The difference between
the rich and the poor:

The rich wear their
best clothes to go out.

While the poor wear
all of their clothes out.


A robotic-exoskeleton is..

a get-up-and-go get-up.



Believers in the
science are..

'fearin' heights'
in the Fahrenheit.


Our 'Id Entity' is our identity.

(So goes those Super-Egos.)


I surely like women
(and math too!)..
in the 'figurative sense',..


"Almost" is almost the word "all",
and uses 'most' of the word 'all';
yet it is mostly "most".


Scented stick-deodorant is just..

stick-on stink..



Friday, July 6, 2012

Claustrophobic Philosophers... Versus Vice

(.. and vice-versa..)

Blog-post # 311:
(311 = prime.
But I am unprimed for a prime.
No prime-time, primarily.)

(6 images of artsiness.)

Before Every Infinity

Then Of Vague Arithmetics

Refractive Claustrophobia

Anything Never Something

Being Of Being Then Becoming



Six anagrams. A hexagram?

My insanely specious
creeds enrage us so.
As money, pseudosciences
are lying ruses.


She is the one virgin.
He gives in to her sin.


Devils shit on our
hope's spheres.
Oh, philosophers
severed its sun.


Its claustrophobia,
it is but a poor clash.


We got indented,
wedged into net.


Our last eventual reality
itself slips.
So, all is irrelevantly
upset at us, I felt.

(I like the first top two of these
and the bottom one by far the best.)

Robots who have never had
sexual-intercourse* are only...

'technically virgins'..

Or would that be robot
oral-sex instead?)


And if your DNA has made you so ugly
that you have never gotten a date,
you unfortunately might have..



Why is everyone so furious?

Because anger is.. all the rage!..


Socialism is..


(Okay, now THAT is an unoriginal
joke. And I fear it might get me
on some government list.
Sing it:
"I'll be on the list..
as a likely terrorist!")


Here is a fun gag to play
upon your neighbors..

Put up this sign on a pole:



Answers to the name "Pounce".
(Full name: 'Pounce de Leon'.)



So, do stand-up comedians
perform at 'gag-gigs', then?