Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Blog-post # 316:
(316 = 2*79*2.)

(Seven new images.)

All Melodramatic Mathematics


Loudly Radiantly Seen

Analogous To Imbalance

We Are Else Of Impurities

Relativistic Hallucinogism

Seams Of Truth's Severing

Regarding the neologisms in the
names above:
"Hallucinogism" has the root
"hallucination", of course. I meant
this name to be defined as the
concept of hallucinations (alluding
to the word "neologism" also).
Yet it unintentionally, but
delightfully, now appears to me to
be a pun crossing "hallucination"
with "hooliganism".

"Tangendentalism" is a pun mixing
"tangent" with "transcendentalism".
Unfortunately, I dislike the word
"transcendentalism" because of the
inclusion within it of "dental".
There probably is nothing less
transcendental than teeth.
Oh, the irony!...


Anagrams (Seven,
as many as there are images.

These dreams spill.
All disperses them.

(I like this anagram^.)

All drawn sadly into you..
was only loudly radiant.


Alas, lonely eclipses:
All pi seen as closely.


Yet its quasi-circle:
Crystal is quiet ice.


To happen all as cylinders..
and spherically open last..


It created our chants
I see anew.
Those were instead


The Technically-Virgin Mary:
An ill itch,
yet very charming.

(I do think I heard of the
concept of a
"Technically-Virgin Mary"
years ago somewhere else --
probably from some comedian's
stand-up routine.)


It doesn't do much for me...



When 'chants' change 'chance'.


(Materialists have a thing..
for things.)

[It's okay I wrote this^,
despite its dumbness,
because I put it in parentheses,
.. right?]

Wouldn't it be ironic..
if iron was not ironic?

[This calls for being in
parentheses also.
But, alas, no.]

Regarding the quasi-Stasi,
of the police-state we find
ourselves living within

Their motto:
To Serve (and surveil)
And Protect (and detect)
(all about you)

In the 'police-state' they
ask you nicely (demand),
(for the Police-State)
your identity, your
affiliations, all your
activities, and... -- oh
yeah, or we will
enhancely interrogate
you,.. -- any and all
terror you are planning
or are guilty of, citizen!"

(Well, they already know
this all about you, anyway.
But they need an
'excuse for the abuse'
you are about to undergo.)

That's why it is called
"Enhanced In-Terror-gation".

(It is more fun for them
if you are freaking out.
Ah,... enhanced..)

To terror is human..



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