Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Odd Entity Of Every Eventually Even Identity

Blog-post # 312:
(312 = 3*2*2*2*13.)

(Alas, six art-images.)

Created Via Rusted Glass

Neither Empty Nor Equated

Philosophical Phosphorescence

Posited By Loneliness

Both Isolated And Superimposed

Prophesied To Not Have Been


Anagrams, lots and lots
(Twelve. 12?
'Do zen' with this dozen..):

Nothingness alone is
real via causality.
As seen as I, all angry
oculi envision that.


The aura's colorfulness:
Thus as of our clear lens.


Almost is a science!
Seances so claim it.


Of surrealism:
Muse for liars.


A dream's lure,
made surreal.


Of it, pi evolved as our spool.
For, positive values do loop.


I doubted the honest circles also lie.
Their coils counted those beside all.


Why it all hates pessimists:
This was/is simply the least.


This, an annoying toilet, indeed:
Into it alone is ended anything.


The females:
Feel as them.


Next two anagrams may offend.]

A woman sins there..
in her moans as wet.


You are fucking its death.
Okay, as if cured in the gut.

(Note how the anagrams in
some adjacent pairs above
relate to each other.)

Sending the world's tyrants
to the guillotines would..
'head off' lots of our
biggest problems!..

"Where you goin' to, Tyrant?"

"Oh, just headin' off
to the guillotine."..


My days are getting odder and odder..

But my nights, however, are evening..


Speaking of 'evening out':

The difference between
the rich and the poor:

The rich wear their
best clothes to go out.

While the poor wear
all of their clothes out.


A robotic-exoskeleton is..

a get-up-and-go get-up.



Believers in the
science are..

'fearin' heights'
in the Fahrenheit.


Our 'Id Entity' is our identity.

(So goes those Super-Egos.)


I surely like women
(and math too!)..
in the 'figurative sense',..


"Almost" is almost the word "all",
and uses 'most' of the word 'all';
yet it is mostly "most".


Scented stick-deodorant is just..

stick-on stink..



1 comment:

kikinotdee said...

I have no monsters in my Id, does that mean I have no Identity? Am I really here or am I part of your Id you being the only one awake, or are you asleep am I a dream?