Tuesday, December 31, 2013


[Even the circles are sometimes symmetrical.]

Blog-post #411:
(411 = 3*137.)

Hopefully this is not my
last blog-post ever...
[Things unsaid.]

Here are 10 new inanimations.
Some of them have now actually
been scanned with an actual
scanner (albeit not so well),
and the others have been,
as before, "scanned" (very
poorly) with the webcam.

I have also scanned some other
older pen-drawings I have posted
here already, but not all of
them. I was going to post those
here too, either in a new post
or as edits to the older posts,
but I have not enough time to
do that at all today.


Either Yet Or Whatever Within It

Either And-Or-Or,
Or Maybe Partway




Metaphors Fade;
Of Dreamt Shape



Bent Yet Is Its Entropy

[Seven; 7]

A solid universe:
Ever sinusoidal.


Asleep, a blur:


As schizophrenia, and as
systematic as minds:
That mad psychosis is..
a mad, insane craziness.


Its entirety entropically
dies as it, a lie.
All creation yet is spited,
yet is inertial.


Sinusoids rotate beneath
linear rings' depths.
The spirals are turning
(as to bend inside those).


Of dreamt shape:
Metaphors fade.


As light seen, as
inside altered colors:
All those designs are
also iridescent.



"Hope, else sleep, oh."

"Say, also so slay as."

"Hoses semi-messes, oh."


What did the punning
safe-cracker do?

The safe was broken into
by being broken.. in two.

[Thus, he really
earned his job-title
as a 'safe-cracker'. So
cunning and punning; and
stayin' safe as he cracks.]

The tendency of an object to
accelerate when an external
force is applied to it:



What we think we know
about the genetic
lineage of Neanderthals
is being redefined so
often these days, those
particular hominids
might best be called...



Hey, just wonderin'.

Are you goin' to
purchase that road?

Oh,.. buy the way?..


Thor had a hammer?

I thought it was an axe;
as in, whenever lightning
strikes people's houses,
those incidents are..

This word-play may offend.]

A 'pair of towers'
led to
a 'terror of powers'.

(Please, spare{orism}
us the tune{erism}s.)

[And thus, spoonerists are
all terrorists. See? QED.]
This word-play may offend.]

High-priced call-girls:

They get 'rich'..
as they get 'dick'.

(And Richard gets them
sometimes, too.)

[^Might be an old joke that
is not mine. Must be, in fact.]

Speaking of offensiveness:

When we speak of the sport
of 'of-fencing', maybe we
should not mention directly
that sport's long-blades..

For they are the...


[Really offensive:
Warning, politics.]

Maybe corporations SHOULD
have "free-speech" rights
after all. The Supreme Court
was correct. Hallelujah.

[Although, why
do corporate-persons seem to
have MORE such rights than
human-people persons have?]

But unlimited campaign-
contributions could still be
outlawed constitutionally in
the US, however,.. using..
ANTI-OBSCENITY legislation..


I am uncertain, but I think
that the word 'sigmoid' is
used only as an adjective
and not a noun,..
except it is used as a noun
at least when referring
(anatomically) to the lower

(And, oh how I wish that
that word also could be
used as a noun referring
to the general geometric
S-shape or C-shape that
is sigmoidal.
I mean, there are two
adjectives already that
are acceptable,
'sigmoid' or 'sigmoidal';
but the only time 'sigmoid'
is a noun is in reference
to an embarrassing

This situation is like,..
what if 'semicolon' was
only an adjective (except
when it was used as a noun
which meant the.. sigmoid,

"Man, that punctuation-mark,
whatever its name, sure is..
semicolon.. in its shape."
[Then everyone snickers.]

On this last day of this
time-period we have been
arbitrarily calling "2013",
I have a question:

What is the name of the same
date an integer-number of
years BEFORE a significant
event will occur?




I guess if something
has never happened, or
if it has happened
forever ago, it would
be either an..

'An-NEVER-sary' or
an 'An-EVER-sary'.


A bonus anagram:

This was written for Xmas Day
itself, and has now expired.
But maybe you would want to
share it next year on Dec 25
with the people you care
about most.. (care about for
the better or for the worse)..

This day:
Mithras' Natalis Invicti.
Hail! It is
Christmas and Nativity.


And now, on to 2014,...

Have a.. Cheery Ymas*.

*(New Years)


Monday, December 23, 2013

Spigralmoid / Spigmoidral

[Therein themselves they are as sigmoidal;
As themselves therein are they spirals.]

Blog-post # 410:
(410 = 2*41*5.)

Five new "scans"* of
pen-drawn inanimations:

*('Scannots?' --
See my recent posts for why they are so ugly.)

Likewise Unlike Cosines

Itemized Linearities
Of Delineated Curvatures

Introspective Inflections
Of Perfectnesses

Unto Underwhelming
Universes Underway

Yet This Yet Is As
That Math That Is Thus

(18 -- one is 5-part,
and one is 3-part.)

The winter season:
In weather's tones.
There, snow is neat.
(Then, it now erases
.. its own earth seen.)

[^In honor of the
solstice a few days
ago. Xmas-related
anagrams below.]

These transpositions
in us:
Nonsense is apt,
or it thus is.


As the diffraction
rotates more;..
Its creations are
formed of that.


Spiral things are all also hewn
or else made into everything.
As any real sigmoidal lengths
overlap their own lines there.


Spins are sigmoidal,..
Spirals so imagined.


Celestial images are
mostly linear;
As electromagnetism
is really a lie.


In the sleep, a cosmos'
celestial energy:
Electromagnetic shape
is solely seen.


These limits are
as tangents of
weirdest curls.
Their fate was
misled to its
cruel strangeness.


The entirety was geometric;
as anything is fluid.
Yet images created their
own insightful sanity.


I 'Nope'.


These videos imagined.
The movies aged inside.


Video dreams:
Movies' dread.


Circular sums total
to pi, into nil.
rotations curl.


Lost ices.

[^Did I already
publish this one?]

Its charms:
Trims cash.


Its Psycho-Christmas;
a lie.
As this hypocritical mess.


An altar in us.


Any universe's altar is..
.. every sins' Saturnalia.


'"One?" "None, no.",


'"One?" "No one, no."'

[A weirdest palindrome:..]

Celestial uvula;
its electrons.'


That last palindrome is the
album-name of the non-real


(Another band-name, but
not at all original:
'Black-Light Blight'.)

A 'celestron':

Electrons each the
size of the universe?
Or simply electrons
of celestial origin?
(Quite quasi.)


Very very big/huge
hollow/curved pasta:


{^Very very unoriginal pun.}

We are surely doomed if even
a single purely mathematical
sine-wave starts getting all
aperiodic and weird on us;
... as that would surely be
quite a... 'bad-sine'.

(Sinful sinusoids:
They are quite the

"Them Brits and their metric
system. Hey, how much is a
metric ton worth in America?"

"Now days, a bit more
than 3600 US dollars."

(^You might .. pound..
yourself in the head for not
getting this one right away.)

(We bit more off than a
bit more than we can chew.
Were we a bit more off
than a bit off?)


elected officials:



Ironically, positive numbers
were 'discovered' by humanity
before negative numbers were.
Yet, numerically, the negative
numbers come before positive
numbers, of course.

And, furthermore, the idea
of mathematical infinity was
conceived at a time before
forever from now.

Yet once, the idea of the
mathematical zero was
(Although the general idea of
absence has always existed:
"Me have 'zero' meat to eat
stored here in my cave, ug.")


What if science and reality
are so such that all physical
quantities are finite and
What if infinity exists in
no scientific way at all?

Then maybe zero (somewhat
defined, if non-rigorously,
as infinity's reciprocal)
does not exist either.

And then maybe no quantity
at all, then, is exactly
(since any x, precisely
defined, would otherwise
be equal to x + 0).

And that is why all
is blurry and uncertain.
... even this very
'proof' herein.
(Which probably falsely
gives laypeople the idea
that the Uncertainty
of quantum-physics may
necessarily apply to
being rigorous here -- but
is there even such a thing
as rigor at all, in
mathematics or anywhere?)

Quite Erroneous Demonstration
Quasi-Erroneous Derivation?



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pseudo-Psychedelic Astronomy

[The title means nothing{ness} today.]

[What "meaninglessness" means is more
meaningful than what "meaning" means
(or than what 'meaning' does not mean).]

Blog-post # 409:
(409 = a prime {in this universe, anyway}.)

Nine pen-drawn inanimations posted today.
Again, the quality of these is far worse
than otherwise because of the unwanted
limitations I have in how they are
Also, maybe you all -- especially any new
readers (are there any?) -- should go back
and view some of the well over a thousand
computer-generated images (most in color)
which I have posted here to my blog in
the past. See what I used to do.

And again, again, again,.. maybe for
only cynical reasons (as I am acting..
'cyclic-nically'!), I will post
the titles below in color.. again.

Glassiness, Void,
Volume, And Luminosity

Edgelessness Else Of
Edgeless Elseness

As Oneness Divisible By Zero

Delineated By Line-lessness

Entwined With Disentwinement



Erstwhile Else Earthen



In me, as in
void more bland:
Oblivion remains damned.


This silliness.
Hell is its sins.

[^Somewhat like the first
anagram in post # 390.]

Inside these
angular dimensions:
The roundness I
imagined as lines.


A semi-thing is;
This imagines.


A thing is; time is;
This imagines it.


Beads less probable
than dust:
As the bubbles and
as droplets.


Vast things/items
ad infinitum,
and therefore so:
Distant math is forever of
them, as it is unending.


I was confusing the words
"seemly" with "unseemly".
"Seemly" means polite,
appropriate, conforming to
what is considered proper.
And "unseemly" is not that.

But I think it ironic,
however, that "seemly"
does not actually mean
what "unseemly" does;
because "seemly" looks
like "seamly", as in,..
along the fringes.


The sanity most
personally IN us each:

INsanity,.. (obviously).


Mathematics' infinite-sums
are of their terms summed...



When a star is brighter
and it is larger sized,
then it really has some..



If all the stars collectively
tilt too far, the universe
may tip over and become



The ambidextrous rancher
sketched the cows in his
employee's corrals.

his hands holding pens
sketched what were in
his hand's holding-pens.


If you think too hard about
tough philosophical ideas
regarding cattle, those
ideas might really...
'herd your head'.


If we don't be careful, our
desire to hubristically
build the economy/tech-sector/
so grand -- so it is to be
better than even God -- will
then eventually lead to quite

Tower Of Bubble.


Those people who
pose naked are..

'fashion-less models'.

(Too bad, though, that
nudity will always be..

[^I think I might have posted
these two jokes before.
I know I did already post
the parenthetical one,
even if it is only
paraphrased here.]

"Stick it up YOUR bumper!"


A confusing and controversial
bumper-sticker can quite
likely cause some..


(.. On the topic of spoons,

[Serious stuff.]

Our deaths ever were
more certain to so be..
than is any possibility..
that we even are alive.


(If there is no perfect nonexistence,
is this either solely so because
perfection is {perfectly} nonexistent,
or else because zeroness is of zero
{even regarding its own enumerations}?)


The Universe has been proved MANY
times, via reductio ad absurdum,
to not exist at all.
(Reductio ad absurdum,..
ad infinitum.)

And the "fact" (or illusion) that there
are (apparently) some people who still
do not completely know or accept that
this is so (or, ha ha, very weirdly,
do not seem to care) is itself yet
another disproof of reality via
reductio ad absurdum.

[Warning: Politics.
Warning: May offend
some sensitive readers.]

Regarding the claim over these last
few decades by some that the late
Nelson Mandela was a Commie:

If Mandela was a Commie,
therefore he was a socialist.
If he was a socialist,
therefore he was a Nazi.
(Fox pundit/viewer:
"What part of 'National
SOCIALISM' don't you get,
you liberal MORANS(sic)!?!?"*)
If he was a Nazi,
therefore he was a fascist.
If he was a fascist,
therefore he was a
If he was a White-supremacist,
therefore he was self-hating.
If he was self-hating,
therefore he was a liberal.
And if he was a liberal,
therefore he was a Commie.


See, easy.

I thought I was going to prove
the universe was nonexistent
above via reductio ad absurdum.

Instead, my circular logic
was simply circular.
(And who can argue with its
absolute validity, except a
stupid moranic fascist liberal
Nazi Commie!?)

By the way, speaking of circles,
the word "mandala", which is of
course similar to "Mandela",
comes from Sanskrit for "circle"
or "disk".
(And THUS: Proving Mandela was a
Commie via circular reasoning is
a very valid way to prove this.)

It ALL makes sense now...
It all makes nonsensical
sense now..

"The universe is only just over
2000 years old. What part of the
calendar starts at 0 AD don't
you get, YOU IDEOTS!?"
"The Bible says pi = 3 exactly.
Why do you liberals deny that
TRUTH? What part of 'pi is a
ROUND NUMBER' don't you get,


As long as America's doctors
are hyperactively diagnosing
kids' attention-deficit issues
these days, maybe they should
also start diagnosing our
Republican Party Congressmen,
especially, with...

Deficit-Attention Disorder..


Saying that American
"democracy" -- already a
misnomer -- has become a
"demon-cracy" is too easy.

Maybe given the government's
recent desire to control us
via the public's terror
of terror means the US
is now really a..

(Ares approves of his son's
name being used this way,..
.. I hope..)

Name for possible novel
about time-travel:


(This maybe is not a..
novel novel-idea, however.
But time says otherwise..
{or counter-otherwise?}.)


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Topways Sideheaviness

Blog-post # 408:
(408 = 3*2*2*2*17.)

Eight new art-inanimations.
As before, these are "scanned"
pen-drawings. The quality of
the scans is absolutely pathetic
(compared to if I had actually
scanned them with a real
scanner, and all that).
However, the good news is, at
least these images here (unlike
in my previous post) are facing
the correct direction and are
not incorrectly flipped. Yay.

Should I again put their
titles in color?
Or does that seem too
cynical or pretentious?

Formulae All To
Be Foreproved

Likewise As Glassiness;
Else Unlike Glass


Divergences Conversified,
Or Conversely

Oculus Of Calculus



Sidewaysness Atop The
Top-waysness Beside It


Celestial instinct:
It tints all science.


So celestially
sharp was this.
What all else is:


All science is as form.
Thus that cosmos is
as a continuum.
In such, its motions
so are of calculus
sans mathematics.


Glassy moons
are of cosines.
Oneness' cosmology
is as far.


In a glassiness there:
Lenses are as night is..


... Night is:


This sphere alternated
less like any globe's node.
Holes else penetrate beyond
their silk and glass.


As lengths melt; as
accelerations rotate:
Those arctangents are
almost celestial.



[^Am I posting this
anagram.. again..?]

The stirrings:
Their strings.


The spirals of
This noise
overlaps itself.


Smoke's hint
was foreseen.
These skies
warn of omens.


All is there.
Hells are it.


Labs cope.


Using sepia tones
in your speech:

Speaking in..

(^Ye olde joke?..
"Dude, too un-soon."..)

[However, having facial
redness is an obvious
sign that one is quite
.. 'tints'..]

Due to dark energy, the
universe's expansion is
allegedly undergoing*...


*(Or, more accurately,

Which girl is so very shallow?




'Sue Doe - Nymph';

This is probably
not her real name.


a good name for a
guy to have (or to
pretend to have) is..

'H Tim Smith'.

Which way is he going?
He might be in the Tea Party,
however, as it would be
appropriate that he is just
another.. 'Palin-drone'.


It was a big bother for
the big brother to be
a baby-sitter for
his baby-sister.


"What ya' smokin'?"


(Smokin' regrets,
like cigarettes.")

Minimum-wage assassins:

Some are just makin' ends meet..
while they're makin' some meet
their just ends.

Possibly offensive word-play.]

That 'bastard mated'
instead of he having...

(.. And would he had done
so, if he had done so, with
a spoon,.. if imperfectly?)

I wonder how many sightings
by people over the centuries
of leprechauns, fairies,
mermaids, angels, unicorns,
nymphs, angels, demons, etc,
as well as early sightings
of extraterrestrials, were
due simply to eyeglasses
(let alone antipsychotics)
not having been invented
yet (or at least not being
yet widely available).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The absurdly nonsensical
meaninglessness of our world
is just meaningful enough,
ironically, to still have a
significant and often negative
impact on our lives and on
our existence.
It would have been great if
this meaninglessness had
instead been PURELY so of
its own nature, and thus
could have then been ignored
without consequence --
as it would have then
otherwise been in-essence
without any essence and
would have had absolutely
no actuality or presence
or effect in our reality.

(But meaninglessness is mean.)



Saturday, November 30, 2013


[Quite a spectrum of inflections,
inflectcetera, etcetera...]

Blog-post # 407:
(407 = 11*37.)

Not having image-making software
anymore or a scanner, I have taken
very blurry/distorted/washed-out
webcam photos of some sketches I
have done recently, and am
posting these here instead.

(Believe it or not, the actual
pen-drawn images look EVEN BETTER
than these crappy photos do!..)

Note: Most of these images,
against my wishes or my ability
to do anything about this, are
flipped horizontally. The
others are flipped vertically.

As these are all black-and-white
images, I have posted their
titles in color.

10 new less-so-computer-related
art inanimations:


Absolute Asymmetry
Entwined Endophrenically


Cyclical Phyllotaxis

Zigzags' Sygygies With Loops

Arctangential Rectangle

Line-lessness All
Counterintuitively Collinear

Precessions Of Avant-grade
Retro-garde Occurrences

One Aspect Of All
Furtherless Of One

Space Thinning Into
Spacelessness' Spinning


The hues as
pretty as colors:
They thus so are
so spectral.


The ideas' shapes recycle.
These are as psychedelic.


Reality's lengths
are clockwise.
All these corkscrews
I yet align.


The actuality has that symmetry,
or otherwise the same does not.
Yet myths are as mythical; thus,
those too were as rotated in them.


This end totally overlaps
and/or is askew.
It was so very parallel
to knots as hidden.


Calculus' roses:
All our success.


This syzygy of
irrational mathematics:
That crazy symmetry:
Again it is foolish.


Post-science din:
Inside concepts.


The yell:
Yet hell.


Those holocausts:
A lost echo shouts.
(Each shout so lost.)


Within vastly
elaborate dystopias:
Totality's labyrinths
do weave as pi.


(This engram.)
Then as grim.


If planets align so those
before are like those after,
we have quite the...

o 0 o O 0 * 0 O o 0 o



All the characteristics*
of something can be arranged
into its..


in a way.)


Colorfully complex circles
and swirls of the mind; these
hallucinations** are quite...




The internet has become higher
regarding its bandwidth than
regarding its brow.

oh the irony...

(Though, texting can get
pretty damn low in both ways.)



A type of dish-ware which is,
at each of its points, of
a height from the tabletop
proportional to the square of
the distance from that point
to the dish's center, as
measured along these points
projected downward onto the

A.. 'para-BOWL-oid'..

(Or in other words,..
a 'parabolic dish',
as it is more commonly


Speaking of

All overlaps


Being 'trick-trolled'
is like being
but with more..


When the space-aliens want to
come live on Earth, we
human-beings will tell them,
"Sorry, there are way too many
terrestrials here already.
The last thing Earth needs
is any EXTRA-terrestrials."..


Only two types of people:

Those who have a huge
problem FACING reality,...

and those who have a huge
problem WITH reality.


Even though they almost all are
involved in corruption, being
authoritarian, and/or in some
other types of criminality/evil,
.. I am not at all saying we
should jail ALL the politicians.

But if we jailed, say, 95% of
the politicians, this would
immediately solve about 95%
of the world's problems.

Hey, just sayin'..


That particular quantity is
maybe greater than another
specific quantity, or maybe
it is less than that;
or maybe it is neither,
but is somewhere within
the intermediacy..



Friday, November 22, 2013

As Asymmetric Mandalas

Blog-post # 406:
(406 = 7*29*2.)

I managed to get the universe to
allow me to make one more image.
I do not think it is at all a good
enough image to be my last computer-
art image ever made, so I hope that
it is not my last.
This blog really needs some color
posted to it, however.

Of The Non-Space Of
Its Non-Spinning


Typewriter Art:
(And some more color, also.)



(13 --....
"Thirteen yet:..
= The entirety."
14 anagrams now..})

Of tokens or dreams;...
Knots are so formed.


Any nautilus compares
itself inside with knots.
That continuum dies, yet
life's spiral is as known.


As inside the
grid's permutation;...
Repetitions are
adding this sum.


All permutations:
Numerals total pi.


As polychromatic scenes:
Each color's scan is empty.


There, all is so created;
all is so polychromatic;
so any is all.
Only these colors are as
mythical, as elliptical,
or as solid.


Again, any flatness or
its shape is round.
As false and as thinning
are your posits.


these have alternated;
and those were soon
to be forming.
Most do so later,
then before, then
do so anew, then
ever so again.


The oddness is more than
negative or negated.
Those same even integers
dare add to nothing.


Forever the lie;
Therefore: Evil.


Asking anew.

(^Compare with the
recently posted:
Knew again.")

Asymmetric mandalas:
A man's mystical dream.


The asymmetric mandalas
steer reality.
Their mystical dreams
are yet as mental.


Hey, this ain't a spoon
.. or a 'color-roaster'...
Yeah, but it's quite a
coast-to-coast rock-and-roll


This was fine.
But then it was redefined
as being less than fine.
So then it became defined
as being quite.. 'de-fine-ed'..


Ha, a hodge-mash of
mis-mish-podged words..


(These would be quite
fitting to say,
but to so say these
is yet quite a sin.)]


Lent and Ramadan and other
religiously-based fasting
holidays/seasons aside;
ironically, it is the feasting
holiday-seasons of Thanksgiving
and Christmas which can most
appropriately be called odes
to the God Of Masochism.

These two feasting holiday
seasons require (DEMAND!) of many
that they travel, often by plane
(which is punishing enough any
time of the year), at the
absolutely worst possible time
of the year, generally, to travel
in terms of weather (in the
northern hemisphere, anyway).

And this hellish traveling is
all for what end?
To see your family, sometimes
your extended family; which can
be for some people,.. well,...
very VERY rather quite stressful,
even without the accompanying
air-travel, hotel/motel nonsense,
blizzards, colds and flu, or
the inevitable getting fatter
(and even without the required..
*(Oh, don't dare forget about
gift-buying required of you,
even if you are otherwise
not at all an X-mas celebrator.)

'Official announcement:
Important notice to all citizens:
Attention, you WILL be merry!'


[Due to a serendipitous

Adding gets the same sum however
the addends are arranged.

This is due to the mathematical
balance of..


(^Already posted?)

Speaking of Asymmetric Mandalas:

Symmetry, mathematically, is a
very general concept. Generally
(probably too generally), I
would say it is the
invariance of any aspect
of a mathematical concept
(geometric, abstract, etc)
under some transformation/
Symmetries, in a very general
sense, are 'isometries', in
other (mathematical) words.
Not exactly the same thing,
however, I am guessing.
(And not just in the sense
that "symmetry=isometry"
is not a palindrome..)

Perhaps it is arbitrary
in some cases how any
human-beings consider
"symmetry" to be exactly

Maybe even the concept itself
of symmetry-versus-asymmetry
is symmetric in a way;.. as it
is also (just as) asymmetric?

[The converse of absurd asymmetry
is as the asymmetrical absurdity
of its own converse..]

Possibly offensive wordplay.]

"Hey, that woman with the
good-lookin' rear-end,
wow, she sure is REALLY...


[Warning, warning:
Politics hereafter.
May offend some
sensitive readers.]

Ironically, political
'CANDIDates' are often
NOT that candid.


If political candidates were
marketed sincerely, and were
otherwise marketed as food
is on its packaging:

"This candidate is 100% organic.
Now flavored with a subtle HINT
of honesty!
No preservatives
(but no term-limits).
No artificial sweeteners
(or any sweetness at all).
Honesty-flavored candidate
political person-like product.
(Artificially and
naturally flavored.)
Warning: May cause severe
gastric disturbances if
ingested internally
(or is taken seriously)."..


A prediction I should share:

An act made criminal in
the near-future:

Trying to smuggle your own
brain within your skull.
(Which is soon to be a felony
and, yes surely, is to even be
considered an act of terror.)

And of course some Americans
will have no problem with this
new law,... because,..
THEY "have nothing to hide!"..

["I've heard of
'brains strugglin'';
.. But 'brains SMUGGLIN''??...
Now, that there's hard
t' understand.."]

Also, soon even thought-smuggling,
let alone simple brain-smuggling,
will be a serious crime.
(^An idea I have seen already
in the popular sci-fi.)

This is a good band-name
"The Thought-Smugglers".


If you want to know what is
really going on in the news,..

don't watch the news.

And if you want to know
what is REALLY going on
in the news,..

just assume the worst.

(^Carlin takes it down the court,
passes it to Quet, who shoots
and SCORES!)


And, on the occasion of the day
after the birthday of one of my
favorite writers whom I have
read almost absolutely nothing
by, a happy (319th, plus 1 day)
birthday to you, Voltaire.


The Voltaire-orist,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Infinitely Asymmetric Finitude

[I am posting this on November 12,
2013, which {in the US, at least}
can be written as '11-12-13'.
There must be something clever to
say regarding this, involving
perhaps either word-play, simple
math, or luckiness. But alas,
I am much too numbed by the
numerous numerological
potentialities here.
{See final 3 anagrams in today's
post. And see second-from-bottom
item, too.}]

Blog-post # 405:
(405 = 3*3*5*3*3.)

Oh, I forgot to number my last post.
It was # 404, of course.
(404 = 2*101*2.)

(And interestingly, the factorizations
for these last 3 post numbers are
palindromes, as far as their
prime-factors' base-10 representations
are concerned.)


Here is some typewriter-art:
It is now getting 2-dimensional..
(View with fixed-width font,
of course. And the column of this
text should be, as you see it
displayed on your screen,
at least 32 characters wide.)



(Same viewing rules apply.)

!..!.. -----..!..!...o..!-!.!--
!-!.!--...o..!..!.. -----..!..!


Hey, I was able to squeeze out
of reality the ability for me
to make two more inanimations.

('Re-once', says the anagram.)

Clockwise-Dimensionally As
Counter-Conversely As So

Inflectional Lackings
Of Such Inflections

(This are fine, but are inadequate
for likely being the last images
I maybe ever post here.)


Inside this or
in massive void:
Divisions made
their visions.


Zero, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten:
The existing universe:
Forever of the zone
we intone.


Time was still to spin less.
Its emptiness slows it all.


Emptiness is loss:
Time spins less so.


Nil's axioms of perfect nil:
Inflections as plexiform.


The approximations stir.
Axioms part their points.


Nil's pieces:
In eclipses.


Within quasi-ellipses:
This wise nil equals pi.


Twirled hallucinations
are seen.
As all, a weird nil
continues there.


Zero's braids of nil:
In folds so bizarre.


Fog does fall therein itself;
as pools do drift as storms.
Floating droplets are lifted
less so, so to form sad fish.


Most posits fling
their lasso.
This loop's form
is its tangles.


These entire syzygies
are gazing.
Their zigzags' rings
yet see an eye.


are so.
It plurally once is
as time or as it.


Our only gem.


There, numerology
is almost as this.
Our myth also else
ignores its math.


That omen is made via it:
This dream of chance.
As the mathematics
formed each divination.


"I have positive attitudes regarding
my cerebrum, cerebellum, hippocampus,
occipital lobe, temporal lobe, pineal
gland, medulla oblongata, etcetera,.."

"Hey, that is quite a good...
mind-set.. you have there."


The hypoCRITIC says he is
an official of art.
Actually, however, he
is simply being very...


One acting properly exactly
as others want him to act:

Being on one's..
behest.. behavior.

[^I might have posted
this one already.]

The number of knots one moves
along the strings within the
knots is one's...

'Tangular velocity'.


I am having serious symptoms of..
withdrawal.. from reality.


Ironically, for something vacuously
so non-dense as to perhaps even be
completely nonexistent, reality
surely is..



Obvious logic-truths that no
longer are true are the
ex-axioms,.. the.. 'exioms'.


I really enjoy breaking bad news
to people (as I hate to tell ya').

Yes, I want to BREAK that news
in f*cking half!.. and then smash
the f*cking hell out of it!
(As I hope to smash the f*cking
Hell out of our reality,
literally, smash it all the way
into some other jerks' reality.)


Regarding numerology:
I guess it could be
instead called..


However, technically, numerology
is just one branch of mathemancy,
akin to actual mathematics'
arithmetic and number-theory.
I suppose if one does divine
omens from, say, infinite sums,
trigonometric functions, algebra,
integral/differential calculus,
geometry (which has indeed been
done historically), topology,
group theory, differential
equations, etcetera,... , then
doing that would involve some of
the other branches of mathemancy.

(An unoriginal but appropriate
observation: Some people who are
pro-math and anti-pseudoscience
also practice a form of mathemancy
these days, even if they do not
want to admit that they do.
This branch is.. statistics.)


And now to scare away all
of my readers,..
that one reader, an absurdly
abstract characterization
of what a human-being might
have been if it otherwise
ever existed.

This non-poem may appear
to be a poem -- but it
actually is not.
(The continuity, for
one thing, is too..
off.. for poem-ness.)

I am just throwing
some ideas together..

(And, no, you are not
suppose to like this.
Its purpose is not to
be enjoyable or even to
be well-written at all,
certainly not so at all
when considered as a

Disjointed (Dismissed)

Every magnitude
is exactly nil.
And thus,
zero is inexact.

Yet, posits are multi-plural
and else are also polygonal,
if multi-polygonally so.

As unknown is nil through an
absolute absence of science,
of a science so claiming so:
That the Nothingness
never could have been.

Or consistent is the
consistency between
(comparatively, regarding)
any consistencies and
any inconsistencies.
(As blurry is this lacking
of any blurriness.)

Thus, this is us:
Upon inwardness
and into upwardness;
misaligned alongside
all alignment of/or its
sinusoidal singularity.

Engraved with such ripping:
That non-dimensionality's
infinitely aperiodic helix
is logarithmically less as
labyrinthine than it is
as plexiform.

Uncounted and unencountered,
zero transposed to be
exchanged by every concept
of transposition.
And the circles alternated
with the oscillations; and
they ever (vice-versa) do
transpose this translucent
cosmos (of a translucency
adulterated by perfect
transparence) with the
concepts of permutation.
As in there, therein, here
all is more so amorphously
made than are any concepts
of our metaphors or than
are our metaphorical
conceptualizations of
what is any converse.

However, existential
uncertainty (or maybe
potentiality) was entirely
more ambiguous regarding
its essence than even
concerning its actuality.

Furthermore, furtherless
(moreunder, lessover),
what if the descriptions
of our abstractions are
hereafter always unreal,
those descriptions of
such science, reality,

The questions are lying.
And the answers ask us,
what then therefore is,
theoretically, the
meaning of "Therefore"?




Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A-sensical Non-symmetries

Typewriter Art:



My latest posts are made up
of computer-art inanimations
which are VERY inanimate, so
much so as to be nonexistent.


All is this false finitude;..
As it has nullified itself.


As crafted is torn finitude.
Tuned are its diffractions.


Helices or mazes:
Some are zilches.


That helix is wrung by its
rays' angles and into its
lines' limit.
As this strangely existential
nihilism doubts any twirling.


Each ill.


A lush helix was as
rotating energy.
Hexagons are aswirl,
yet thus align.


The universe's reality
did contort into curls.
Its null-vector yet has
its rounder direction.


These cosmic universes
entirely are of this.
Yet the nil-science is
forever so as their sum.


Everything as cosmic
is as truth; as we do
foresee within us.
Thus, this was science.
Or its vague mythoi are
of weirdness.


The universe is solid
and yet is as wide.
Heavier was solitude's
density inside.


Solitude's sin:
It is loudness.


As lies else known:
We ask loneliness.


My loneliness arose.
Losses are only mine.


It rises.
I resist.


Sly terrorists often
abused an evil reality.
Yet torture still is
forever as insanely bad.


Flawed inside our arena;..
We fail and are so ruined.


Die in-full.


Knew again.


As in these eyes
I overlapped;...
They are a vision's
deep sleep.


On which day was all
positively aswirl?...

of course!..

What is each strand of DNA
in a X-chromosome made of?

A double-'SHElix'.


This clockwise sidewalk
is a sideways cakewalk.



We are all the...



Being afraid of death:



Many of those who believe the
biblical "loaves and fishes"
story is literally true,
and believe that those loaves
and fishes were eaten by the
crowd with their spoons
(if only somewhat so), are,
I guess,...

'Crumb-amentalist Fish-tians'.


The serious
(although serendipitous)
criminal simply..
to his life of crime.


It is ironic that 'Mr Meaner'
is LESS meaner than he who
is a 'fellow-ny'.

Possible offensiveness.]

"Sometimes a Sigmund...
is just a Sigmund"..

(And sometimes a Freud..
is just a fraud;..
Uh, I mean, a FREUD,..
Yeah, just a Freud,...
That's it, a fraud..
No,.. a FREUD..
That's right,..
just a penis..)

[Warning: Possibly offensive
{but not for the same reason
as above} adult material.]

"Hey, you bring the beer,
wine, vodka, and rum to
our party."

"You mean the
alcoholic drinks?"

"Yeah, he sure does!..
(So you better bring
a lot.)"

[Hey, sorry,
just poking fun..
And if one pokes fun
too hard,..
it might get angry
and kill you..]

Which type of alcohol best
complements corned-beef
and sauerkraut on rye?

Reuben alcohol,
of course!..


I posted here already about how
-- in regards to the commonly
known saying, "Even a stopped
clock is correct twice per day"
-- that a clock whose hands
are traveling backwards
(counterclockwise..) can be
(counterintuitively..) correct
more than twice per day.

But more so ironically, a clock
(with hands traveling in either
direction) is more often
correct the faster (ie. at more
of an incorrect speed) its
hands are spinning.
(And even more ironically yet,
it is more often correct if the
hands are spinning backwards
than if clockwise.)

In-fact, if the clock's hands
are traveling infinitely
quickly (in either direction),
the clock is, in a way, correct
all of the time, but yet it is
obviously absolutely useless
for time-keeping purposes.
(^I have completely ignored any
possible relativistic effects
here. Never mind, for just one
thing, that the clock's hands
could only spin at the fastest
at a top-speed of light-speed.
And I think then the hands
would spiral into some weird
shape, relatively, as we
would observe them from our

However, if the clock's hands
are traveling at exactly the
correct speed and in the
correct direction, but the
time displayed is off by any
non-zero amount (no matter
how small), then, ironically,
the clock is ALWAYS wrong.*
But yet such a clock, despite
being forever wrong, might be
very useful still for keeping
time (especially if its
offset is very small).

Ha, counterintuitive

A para-clocks, indeed!..

*(As I would suppose even the
most accurate clocks on Earth
all are wrong in this way,..
regarding the EXACT time,
anyway; aside from the correct
time being DEFINED as what one
particular atomic clock says.)
Politics and satire.]

Soon, with the help of
facial-recognition cameras
and AI, those with allegedly
relatively asymmetric faces
will be arrested simply for
this reason.
(After all, who is going
to argue with what
psychologists have
been saying?!...
I mean, the psychologists
themselves surely have very
good facial-symmetry!..)

In other words,..
the authorities
will be using..
(..and facial full-fronting
and facial 3/4-viewing..;
as any angle will do due
to AI 3D-form determination

[And somewhere you KNOW
there are statistics showing
the greater likelihood of
criminality and terror-
carrying-out by those with
relatively asymmetric faces.
Let's not be so politically-
correct and naively kid
ourselves about these
people's threat to our
families' safety!]
{In other words,...
if you are not..
"fair and balanced" {but now
in regards to your face, its
skin-tone, and features} you
thus do indeed have something
to hide:..
Your face!.. at least.}

Hey, since the US Constitution
does not matter at all anyway
any more in regards to this
nation's laws, hey,
here is something:

I have now made a law.

Never mind that I am not a
legislative body and that
this law has not undergone
any legislative protocol in
being created.

Because, as is now known,
any such protocol is "quaint"
and outdated and obsolete.
And,.. it is no more.
So, maybe I should keep this
new law secret, since many
such new laws in this country
are now kept secret,
especially if such laws are
the most unconstitutional
of our new scary laws. Hey,
why not keep them secret?
Revealing them might make
people really dislike the

But I will tell you what
this law is anyway, as I
am being "transparent":

All US politicians (Hell,
ALL politicians world-wide.
Why not?) are now to be
considered terrorists.
And they should be
treated as such.
(Round'em up!)

Oh, and no one can
challenge the legality of
this new law at all either
-- for doing so in any way
at all itself I have
declared to be a felonious
act of terrorism, too.

And,.. no one can even
discuss the negatives of
this new law or its
possible evils,
let alone discuss its
as that will at the very
least give the authorities
more than enough probable-
cause (more than enough of
AN EXCUSE) for further
investigation of every
aspect of the critics'
lives... with possible
arrest or execution to
soon follow.
(No habeas corpus either,
in this regard, because
I have declared this.
And you have no right
to challenge this fiat
of mine, because.. only a
terrorist would do that.)

Don't like any of this?
That is an act of
terrorism, too.
Are you going to
criticize this law's
legitimacy in any way
at all?
You then are a terrorist.
And a felon.
And.. even worse.

Have fun with your new
"freedom" I have given
you, America.
And the world thanks us
for showing them the way,
..as the world always has.



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zeniths Of Zigzagging Zeros

Blog-post # 403:
(403 =.... 13*31.)

So, you get why I hurried
to post this on Halloween?

Because this is post # 403,
403's prime-factors are...

(And the bottom three anagrams
of this post are especially
apt for Halloween.)


Oh, and maybe I will never
again post images, by the way.
I am having some huge problems
with the image-making software
I was using.

So, maybe my last post with
images, post # 402, will be
my LAST post with images..

But we will see,... or not.


Some typewriter-art
in the meantime:..

Quoth the art:..


(17 -- All so 'savantine';
which might be a neologism,
and is suppose to be the
adjective form of "savant",
of course.)

Time, as reality,..
.. is yet material.


As the zero, as nil:...
Zeniths also are.


As destined was
oblivion, thusly,..
.. always in the
boldest voids in us.


A question:


Equations' din:


This equation:
Oh, quantities!..


Anagrams were those
quantities, or mostly are
less than is added-up.
Yet this math else
rearranged words/puns, as
it also made equations.


This, the semantic zero,
is almost as an integer.
It theorizes so in
mathematical strangeness.


All semantics:
It calls names.


Semantics are those.
Names create this so.


The dizzy hypnagogia:
This again renders
those lines.
They are as anything is:
Zigzags hidden there
in loops.




They are data-mining ourselves
and more so solely our insanity.
Any idiots only yell their names
as rogues to a random universe.


People's bodies are
humanity's sin:
Our many nipples do be,
as this I see.


These dreams did be
as ruinous ignorance.
Our brains are the
demons caged inside us.


Ever as silly:
Evils are sly.


This Hell's ignorance was ours;..
Stirring so, as such Halloween.



'Semantic; it names.'


More and more folds
are being folded..

the amount of folding is..



To show some argument is
likely untrue is to..

'con-flimsy'.. that argument.

(But sometimes you must
persist in your debunking,..
and continue this..
despite the resistance by
some people to the evidence.)

Being too hypocritically
pedantic about tying other
people's incomes to their
job-evaluations might be a
sign that it is the critic
who is actually the..

'income-pedant' one!..


Ironically, the 'mod-est'
person is not 'modestly' so.

("Hey, you're being too modest
about your mod-ness, man."

"Oh, shucks. But really I am
not nearly the most mod person
ever, though. Really.")

The brilliant and insane
monks sang their confusingly
complex and perplexing
plexiform, if bland,..

'gray Gordian chants'..

(Bothered by their singing,
however, Alexander The Great
told them to just..
"Cut it out!"...
But there was no.. chants..
that they ever would..)


You hear about the actor who
played the paranoid character?

Yeah, he was detained by
the police...
for.. acting suspicious..

[.. And even more unoriginal
of a joke, I know.]

They say that, "A picture is
worth a thousand words".

Well, if that picture was
painted by someone famous,
those words might each be


A silly silly quiz:

Which makes more sense?

1) A mint?
2) A perfume-factory?


Scary portmanteau:


(And scary because they don't
JUST make you sleeeepy..)


The technological
nemeses of our
privacy lead their..
against us.


Some women are willing
(or so they say) to
date shorter men.

Well, that's surely..
.. big.. of these women..


I like to lightheartedly tell
people about how I am SO STRAIGHT
that I am "as straight as a beam
of light traveling through
Euclidean space-time".

I guess, though, that if what they
say is true about everyone being
at least a little bisexual, then
there are at least two types of
(quasi-straight, but almost
entirely so) straights, maybe?:

'Riemann-space straights':
(parallel lines eventually converge)
Those who tend towards being
attracted to any genders.

And 'Lobachevsky-space straights':
(parallel lines eventually diverge)
Those who tend towards not being
attracted to any genders.

(And it is not too...
'hyperbolic'.. of me to claim
I am more so, at least somewhat,
of the latter type.)

REALLY big integers are the..


[They are quite

(Is "The Infinitegers"
already a band-name?)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Paralleladoxically Incommensurreal

Blog-post # 402:
(402 = 2*67*3.)

Nine new computer-art inanimations:

Inflections Transposed Into Their
Own Theorems Of Transposition

Its Indescribably Counterclockwise
Counter-Inflections Of Iridescence

Meaningless Is The Essence Of This
Obscured So, If So This Is Dreamt

Therein The Hemispherical
Uncertainties Herein Unrevealed

The Truths Never Less Known Than
What Else Is As Unperceivable

Many Of Any Counterclockwise
Few-nesses Are As Uncountable

Corollaries Co-Correlated Unto
Meaninglessness, Yet Into Meaning

Non-Parallel With Every Geometry;
Unparallel To Every Paradox


(See below about the
bottom image's name.)

(Some of these may require
viewing at a high-resolution
to best view them. The top
image might be the largest
image, in terms of data,
I have ever posted here --
not that that helps it any.)

(Only three.)

The incommensurable grays:
Many things become surreal.


Thusly, as formulated totals
yet still are theorized:...
The zero surely adds that to
itself to sum all reality.


Inside those
zigzags' dimensions:...
Ghosts imagined
dizziness' noise.


Those opposed to a certain
supercollider* creating a
black-hole, which then destroys
the Earth, might be a bit...


*(Would this collider
at CERN then be a..

Emotional geologists can
get very nostalgically..


(about the VERY old days,..
millions and billions of
years ago).


Which bodily substance is
the most hemispherical?

'HEMI-GLOBE-in', of course.


The Lone Ranger, you know,
later became an oncologist.

Yeah, he became quite a..
doctor, indeed.

(So many jokes must have
already been made about
'on-call oncologists',
that I will just leave
it at this.)

A loud argument is a..



To asininely assume some
nonsensical thing:

To.. 'assinume'.

Possible offensiveness..]

I heard that a significant
number of the ancient Greeks
practiced bisexuality.

But I would not even...
on that necessarily being so.

[Warning: Even more
offensive offensiveness,
ie. politics.]

They say to we Americans
(starting when we are young),
"We are free."

Yes, we are SO free here, that
we are.. 'FREEDOM-free', even!

(That be
are we!
{Oh, Hell. Orwell.})

[Quite a portmanteau.]


Noun (yet only somewhat) --
The strangeness so strange as to
be non-comparible even to itself
or with every other unmeasurable
concept and aspect; as it is
unlike any subjective object or
any objective subject, and is
less like each dissimilarity or
similarity or comparison (and
is else less like such concepts
of what concepts sometimes are).


If a dreamer dreams that he/she
is given a box with a surprise
inside, is there any meaning to
what is 'actually' in the box
before the dreamer opens it to
see what the surprise "really"
is {and "was" while the
contents were unknown}?

And I suppose there would be
even less significance to the
"actual" contents if the
dreamer never opens the box
before waking {and never
dreams again of that box}.

This seems so much to me to
be like quantum-physics and
its collapsing wave-functions
of our "reality".
Does the situation of the dream
I describe render the contents
even more absolutely meaningless,
though, given that these hidden
contents only "exist" inside
a dream?

([{But I will tell you what
was in this box so dreamt
and never opened:..
Only the very concept
of our uncertainty..}])