Friday, November 22, 2013

As Asymmetric Mandalas

Blog-post # 406:
(406 = 7*29*2.)

I managed to get the universe to
allow me to make one more image.
I do not think it is at all a good
enough image to be my last computer-
art image ever made, so I hope that
it is not my last.
This blog really needs some color
posted to it, however.

Of The Non-Space Of
Its Non-Spinning


Typewriter Art:
(And some more color, also.)



(13 --....
"Thirteen yet:..
= The entirety."
14 anagrams now..})

Of tokens or dreams;...
Knots are so formed.


Any nautilus compares
itself inside with knots.
That continuum dies, yet
life's spiral is as known.


As inside the
grid's permutation;...
Repetitions are
adding this sum.


All permutations:
Numerals total pi.


As polychromatic scenes:
Each color's scan is empty.


There, all is so created;
all is so polychromatic;
so any is all.
Only these colors are as
mythical, as elliptical,
or as solid.


Again, any flatness or
its shape is round.
As false and as thinning
are your posits.


these have alternated;
and those were soon
to be forming.
Most do so later,
then before, then
do so anew, then
ever so again.


The oddness is more than
negative or negated.
Those same even integers
dare add to nothing.


Forever the lie;
Therefore: Evil.


Asking anew.

(^Compare with the
recently posted:
Knew again.")

Asymmetric mandalas:
A man's mystical dream.


The asymmetric mandalas
steer reality.
Their mystical dreams
are yet as mental.


Hey, this ain't a spoon
.. or a 'color-roaster'...
Yeah, but it's quite a
coast-to-coast rock-and-roll


This was fine.
But then it was redefined
as being less than fine.
So then it became defined
as being quite.. 'de-fine-ed'..


Ha, a hodge-mash of
mis-mish-podged words..


(These would be quite
fitting to say,
but to so say these
is yet quite a sin.)]


Lent and Ramadan and other
religiously-based fasting
holidays/seasons aside;
ironically, it is the feasting
holiday-seasons of Thanksgiving
and Christmas which can most
appropriately be called odes
to the God Of Masochism.

These two feasting holiday
seasons require (DEMAND!) of many
that they travel, often by plane
(which is punishing enough any
time of the year), at the
absolutely worst possible time
of the year, generally, to travel
in terms of weather (in the
northern hemisphere, anyway).

And this hellish traveling is
all for what end?
To see your family, sometimes
your extended family; which can
be for some people,.. well,...
very VERY rather quite stressful,
even without the accompanying
air-travel, hotel/motel nonsense,
blizzards, colds and flu, or
the inevitable getting fatter
(and even without the required..
*(Oh, don't dare forget about
gift-buying required of you,
even if you are otherwise
not at all an X-mas celebrator.)

'Official announcement:
Important notice to all citizens:
Attention, you WILL be merry!'


[Due to a serendipitous

Adding gets the same sum however
the addends are arranged.

This is due to the mathematical
balance of..


(^Already posted?)

Speaking of Asymmetric Mandalas:

Symmetry, mathematically, is a
very general concept. Generally
(probably too generally), I
would say it is the
invariance of any aspect
of a mathematical concept
(geometric, abstract, etc)
under some transformation/
Symmetries, in a very general
sense, are 'isometries', in
other (mathematical) words.
Not exactly the same thing,
however, I am guessing.
(And not just in the sense
that "symmetry=isometry"
is not a palindrome..)

Perhaps it is arbitrary
in some cases how any
human-beings consider
"symmetry" to be exactly

Maybe even the concept itself
of symmetry-versus-asymmetry
is symmetric in a way;.. as it
is also (just as) asymmetric?

[The converse of absurd asymmetry
is as the asymmetrical absurdity
of its own converse..]

Possibly offensive wordplay.]

"Hey, that woman with the
good-lookin' rear-end,
wow, she sure is REALLY...


[Warning, warning:
Politics hereafter.
May offend some
sensitive readers.]

Ironically, political
'CANDIDates' are often
NOT that candid.


If political candidates were
marketed sincerely, and were
otherwise marketed as food
is on its packaging:

"This candidate is 100% organic.
Now flavored with a subtle HINT
of honesty!
No preservatives
(but no term-limits).
No artificial sweeteners
(or any sweetness at all).
Honesty-flavored candidate
political person-like product.
(Artificially and
naturally flavored.)
Warning: May cause severe
gastric disturbances if
ingested internally
(or is taken seriously)."..


A prediction I should share:

An act made criminal in
the near-future:

Trying to smuggle your own
brain within your skull.
(Which is soon to be a felony
and, yes surely, is to even be
considered an act of terror.)

And of course some Americans
will have no problem with this
new law,... because,..
THEY "have nothing to hide!"..

["I've heard of
'brains strugglin'';
.. But 'brains SMUGGLIN''??...
Now, that there's hard
t' understand.."]

Also, soon even thought-smuggling,
let alone simple brain-smuggling,
will be a serious crime.
(^An idea I have seen already
in the popular sci-fi.)

This is a good band-name
"The Thought-Smugglers".


If you want to know what is
really going on in the news,..

don't watch the news.

And if you want to know
what is REALLY going on
in the news,..

just assume the worst.

(^Carlin takes it down the court,
passes it to Quet, who shoots
and SCORES!)


And, on the occasion of the day
after the birthday of one of my
favorite writers whom I have
read almost absolutely nothing
by, a happy (319th, plus 1 day)
birthday to you, Voltaire.


The Voltaire-orist,

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