Saturday, November 30, 2013


[Quite a spectrum of inflections,
inflectcetera, etcetera...]

Blog-post # 407:
(407 = 11*37.)

Not having image-making software
anymore or a scanner, I have taken
very blurry/distorted/washed-out
webcam photos of some sketches I
have done recently, and am
posting these here instead.

(Believe it or not, the actual
pen-drawn images look EVEN BETTER
than these crappy photos do!..)

Note: Most of these images,
against my wishes or my ability
to do anything about this, are
flipped horizontally. The
others are flipped vertically.

As these are all black-and-white
images, I have posted their
titles in color.

10 new less-so-computer-related
art inanimations:


Absolute Asymmetry
Entwined Endophrenically


Cyclical Phyllotaxis

Zigzags' Sygygies With Loops

Arctangential Rectangle

Line-lessness All
Counterintuitively Collinear

Precessions Of Avant-grade
Retro-garde Occurrences

One Aspect Of All
Furtherless Of One

Space Thinning Into
Spacelessness' Spinning


The hues as
pretty as colors:
They thus so are
so spectral.


The ideas' shapes recycle.
These are as psychedelic.


Reality's lengths
are clockwise.
All these corkscrews
I yet align.


The actuality has that symmetry,
or otherwise the same does not.
Yet myths are as mythical; thus,
those too were as rotated in them.


This end totally overlaps
and/or is askew.
It was so very parallel
to knots as hidden.


Calculus' roses:
All our success.


This syzygy of
irrational mathematics:
That crazy symmetry:
Again it is foolish.


Post-science din:
Inside concepts.


The yell:
Yet hell.


Those holocausts:
A lost echo shouts.
(Each shout so lost.)


Within vastly
elaborate dystopias:
Totality's labyrinths
do weave as pi.


(This engram.)
Then as grim.


If planets align so those
before are like those after,
we have quite the...

o 0 o O 0 * 0 O o 0 o



All the characteristics*
of something can be arranged
into its..


in a way.)


Colorfully complex circles
and swirls of the mind; these
hallucinations** are quite...




The internet has become higher
regarding its bandwidth than
regarding its brow.

oh the irony...

(Though, texting can get
pretty damn low in both ways.)



A type of dish-ware which is,
at each of its points, of
a height from the tabletop
proportional to the square of
the distance from that point
to the dish's center, as
measured along these points
projected downward onto the

A.. 'para-BOWL-oid'..

(Or in other words,..
a 'parabolic dish',
as it is more commonly


Speaking of

All overlaps


Being 'trick-trolled'
is like being
but with more..


When the space-aliens want to
come live on Earth, we
human-beings will tell them,
"Sorry, there are way too many
terrestrials here already.
The last thing Earth needs
is any EXTRA-terrestrials."..


Only two types of people:

Those who have a huge
problem FACING reality,...

and those who have a huge
problem WITH reality.


Even though they almost all are
involved in corruption, being
authoritarian, and/or in some
other types of criminality/evil,
.. I am not at all saying we
should jail ALL the politicians.

But if we jailed, say, 95% of
the politicians, this would
immediately solve about 95%
of the world's problems.

Hey, just sayin'..


That particular quantity is
maybe greater than another
specific quantity, or maybe
it is less than that;
or maybe it is neither,
but is somewhere within
the intermediacy..



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