Saturday, December 7, 2013

Topways Sideheaviness

Blog-post # 408:
(408 = 3*2*2*2*17.)

Eight new art-inanimations.
As before, these are "scanned"
pen-drawings. The quality of
the scans is absolutely pathetic
(compared to if I had actually
scanned them with a real
scanner, and all that).
However, the good news is, at
least these images here (unlike
in my previous post) are facing
the correct direction and are
not incorrectly flipped. Yay.

Should I again put their
titles in color?
Or does that seem too
cynical or pretentious?

Formulae All To
Be Foreproved

Likewise As Glassiness;
Else Unlike Glass


Divergences Conversified,
Or Conversely

Oculus Of Calculus



Sidewaysness Atop The
Top-waysness Beside It


Celestial instinct:
It tints all science.


So celestially
sharp was this.
What all else is:


All science is as form.
Thus that cosmos is
as a continuum.
In such, its motions
so are of calculus
sans mathematics.


Glassy moons
are of cosines.
Oneness' cosmology
is as far.


In a glassiness there:
Lenses are as night is..


... Night is:


This sphere alternated
less like any globe's node.
Holes else penetrate beyond
their silk and glass.


As lengths melt; as
accelerations rotate:
Those arctangents are
almost celestial.



[^Am I posting this
anagram.. again..?]

The stirrings:
Their strings.


The spirals of
This noise
overlaps itself.


Smoke's hint
was foreseen.
These skies
warn of omens.


All is there.
Hells are it.


Labs cope.


Using sepia tones
in your speech:

Speaking in..

(^Ye olde joke?..
"Dude, too un-soon."..)

[However, having facial
redness is an obvious
sign that one is quite
.. 'tints'..]

Due to dark energy, the
universe's expansion is
allegedly undergoing*...


*(Or, more accurately,

Which girl is so very shallow?




'Sue Doe - Nymph';

This is probably
not her real name.


a good name for a
guy to have (or to
pretend to have) is..

'H Tim Smith'.

Which way is he going?
He might be in the Tea Party,
however, as it would be
appropriate that he is just
another.. 'Palin-drone'.


It was a big bother for
the big brother to be
a baby-sitter for
his baby-sister.


"What ya' smokin'?"


(Smokin' regrets,
like cigarettes.")

Minimum-wage assassins:

Some are just makin' ends meet..
while they're makin' some meet
their just ends.

Possibly offensive word-play.]

That 'bastard mated'
instead of he having...

(.. And would he had done
so, if he had done so, with
a spoon,.. if imperfectly?)

I wonder how many sightings
by people over the centuries
of leprechauns, fairies,
mermaids, angels, unicorns,
nymphs, angels, demons, etc,
as well as early sightings
of extraterrestrials, were
due simply to eyeglasses
(let alone antipsychotics)
not having been invented
yet (or at least not being
yet widely available).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The absurdly nonsensical
meaninglessness of our world
is just meaningful enough,
ironically, to still have a
significant and often negative
impact on our lives and on
our existence.
It would have been great if
this meaninglessness had
instead been PURELY so of
its own nature, and thus
could have then been ignored
without consequence --
as it would have then
otherwise been in-essence
without any essence and
would have had absolutely
no actuality or presence
or effect in our reality.

(But meaninglessness is mean.)



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kikinotdee said...

I love these drawing Leroy, they seem more personal, is it therapeutic doing it by hand? I think we have to believe in fairies and mermaids just a little anyway, I think you have a muse :)