Monday, December 23, 2013

Spigralmoid / Spigmoidral

[Therein themselves they are as sigmoidal;
As themselves therein are they spirals.]

Blog-post # 410:
(410 = 2*41*5.)

Five new "scans"* of
pen-drawn inanimations:

*('Scannots?' --
See my recent posts for why they are so ugly.)

Likewise Unlike Cosines

Itemized Linearities
Of Delineated Curvatures

Introspective Inflections
Of Perfectnesses

Unto Underwhelming
Universes Underway

Yet This Yet Is As
That Math That Is Thus

(18 -- one is 5-part,
and one is 3-part.)

The winter season:
In weather's tones.
There, snow is neat.
(Then, it now erases
.. its own earth seen.)

[^In honor of the
solstice a few days
ago. Xmas-related
anagrams below.]

These transpositions
in us:
Nonsense is apt,
or it thus is.


As the diffraction
rotates more;..
Its creations are
formed of that.


Spiral things are all also hewn
or else made into everything.
As any real sigmoidal lengths
overlap their own lines there.


Spins are sigmoidal,..
Spirals so imagined.


Celestial images are
mostly linear;
As electromagnetism
is really a lie.


In the sleep, a cosmos'
celestial energy:
Electromagnetic shape
is solely seen.


These limits are
as tangents of
weirdest curls.
Their fate was
misled to its
cruel strangeness.


The entirety was geometric;
as anything is fluid.
Yet images created their
own insightful sanity.


I 'Nope'.


These videos imagined.
The movies aged inside.


Video dreams:
Movies' dread.


Circular sums total
to pi, into nil.
rotations curl.


Lost ices.

[^Did I already
publish this one?]

Its charms:
Trims cash.


Its Psycho-Christmas;
a lie.
As this hypocritical mess.


An altar in us.


Any universe's altar is..
.. every sins' Saturnalia.


'"One?" "None, no.",


'"One?" "No one, no."'

[A weirdest palindrome:..]

Celestial uvula;
its electrons.'


That last palindrome is the
album-name of the non-real


(Another band-name, but
not at all original:
'Black-Light Blight'.)

A 'celestron':

Electrons each the
size of the universe?
Or simply electrons
of celestial origin?
(Quite quasi.)


Very very big/huge
hollow/curved pasta:


{^Very very unoriginal pun.}

We are surely doomed if even
a single purely mathematical
sine-wave starts getting all
aperiodic and weird on us;
... as that would surely be
quite a... 'bad-sine'.

(Sinful sinusoids:
They are quite the

"Them Brits and their metric
system. Hey, how much is a
metric ton worth in America?"

"Now days, a bit more
than 3600 US dollars."

(^You might .. pound..
yourself in the head for not
getting this one right away.)

(We bit more off than a
bit more than we can chew.
Were we a bit more off
than a bit off?)


elected officials:



Ironically, positive numbers
were 'discovered' by humanity
before negative numbers were.
Yet, numerically, the negative
numbers come before positive
numbers, of course.

And, furthermore, the idea
of mathematical infinity was
conceived at a time before
forever from now.

Yet once, the idea of the
mathematical zero was
(Although the general idea of
absence has always existed:
"Me have 'zero' meat to eat
stored here in my cave, ug.")


What if science and reality
are so such that all physical
quantities are finite and
What if infinity exists in
no scientific way at all?

Then maybe zero (somewhat
defined, if non-rigorously,
as infinity's reciprocal)
does not exist either.

And then maybe no quantity
at all, then, is exactly
(since any x, precisely
defined, would otherwise
be equal to x + 0).

And that is why all
is blurry and uncertain.
... even this very
'proof' herein.
(Which probably falsely
gives laypeople the idea
that the Uncertainty
of quantum-physics may
necessarily apply to
being rigorous here -- but
is there even such a thing
as rigor at all, in
mathematics or anywhere?)

Quite Erroneous Demonstration
Quasi-Erroneous Derivation?



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