Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Infinitely Asymmetric Finitude

[I am posting this on November 12,
2013, which {in the US, at least}
can be written as '11-12-13'.
There must be something clever to
say regarding this, involving
perhaps either word-play, simple
math, or luckiness. But alas,
I am much too numbed by the
numerous numerological
potentialities here.
{See final 3 anagrams in today's
post. And see second-from-bottom
item, too.}]

Blog-post # 405:
(405 = 3*3*5*3*3.)

Oh, I forgot to number my last post.
It was # 404, of course.
(404 = 2*101*2.)

(And interestingly, the factorizations
for these last 3 post numbers are
palindromes, as far as their
prime-factors' base-10 representations
are concerned.)


Here is some typewriter-art:
It is now getting 2-dimensional..
(View with fixed-width font,
of course. And the column of this
text should be, as you see it
displayed on your screen,
at least 32 characters wide.)



(Same viewing rules apply.)

!..!.. -----..!..!...o..!-!.!--
!-!.!--...o..!..!.. -----..!..!


Hey, I was able to squeeze out
of reality the ability for me
to make two more inanimations.

('Re-once', says the anagram.)

Clockwise-Dimensionally As
Counter-Conversely As So

Inflectional Lackings
Of Such Inflections

(This are fine, but are inadequate
for likely being the last images
I maybe ever post here.)


Inside this or
in massive void:
Divisions made
their visions.


Zero, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten:
The existing universe:
Forever of the zone
we intone.


Time was still to spin less.
Its emptiness slows it all.


Emptiness is loss:
Time spins less so.


Nil's axioms of perfect nil:
Inflections as plexiform.


The approximations stir.
Axioms part their points.


Nil's pieces:
In eclipses.


Within quasi-ellipses:
This wise nil equals pi.


Twirled hallucinations
are seen.
As all, a weird nil
continues there.


Zero's braids of nil:
In folds so bizarre.


Fog does fall therein itself;
as pools do drift as storms.
Floating droplets are lifted
less so, so to form sad fish.


Most posits fling
their lasso.
This loop's form
is its tangles.


These entire syzygies
are gazing.
Their zigzags' rings
yet see an eye.


are so.
It plurally once is
as time or as it.


Our only gem.


There, numerology
is almost as this.
Our myth also else
ignores its math.


That omen is made via it:
This dream of chance.
As the mathematics
formed each divination.


"I have positive attitudes regarding
my cerebrum, cerebellum, hippocampus,
occipital lobe, temporal lobe, pineal
gland, medulla oblongata, etcetera,.."

"Hey, that is quite a good...
mind-set.. you have there."


The hypoCRITIC says he is
an official of art.
Actually, however, he
is simply being very...


One acting properly exactly
as others want him to act:

Being on one's..
behest.. behavior.

[^I might have posted
this one already.]

The number of knots one moves
along the strings within the
knots is one's...

'Tangular velocity'.


I am having serious symptoms of..
withdrawal.. from reality.


Ironically, for something vacuously
so non-dense as to perhaps even be
completely nonexistent, reality
surely is..



Obvious logic-truths that no
longer are true are the
ex-axioms,.. the.. 'exioms'.


I really enjoy breaking bad news
to people (as I hate to tell ya').

Yes, I want to BREAK that news
in f*cking half!.. and then smash
the f*cking hell out of it!
(As I hope to smash the f*cking
Hell out of our reality,
literally, smash it all the way
into some other jerks' reality.)


Regarding numerology:
I guess it could be
instead called..


However, technically, numerology
is just one branch of mathemancy,
akin to actual mathematics'
arithmetic and number-theory.
I suppose if one does divine
omens from, say, infinite sums,
trigonometric functions, algebra,
integral/differential calculus,
geometry (which has indeed been
done historically), topology,
group theory, differential
equations, etcetera,... , then
doing that would involve some of
the other branches of mathemancy.

(An unoriginal but appropriate
observation: Some people who are
pro-math and anti-pseudoscience
also practice a form of mathemancy
these days, even if they do not
want to admit that they do.
This branch is.. statistics.)


And now to scare away all
of my readers,..
that one reader, an absurdly
abstract characterization
of what a human-being might
have been if it otherwise
ever existed.

This non-poem may appear
to be a poem -- but it
actually is not.
(The continuity, for
one thing, is too..
off.. for poem-ness.)

I am just throwing
some ideas together..

(And, no, you are not
suppose to like this.
Its purpose is not to
be enjoyable or even to
be well-written at all,
certainly not so at all
when considered as a

Disjointed (Dismissed)

Every magnitude
is exactly nil.
And thus,
zero is inexact.

Yet, posits are multi-plural
and else are also polygonal,
if multi-polygonally so.

As unknown is nil through an
absolute absence of science,
of a science so claiming so:
That the Nothingness
never could have been.

Or consistent is the
consistency between
(comparatively, regarding)
any consistencies and
any inconsistencies.
(As blurry is this lacking
of any blurriness.)

Thus, this is us:
Upon inwardness
and into upwardness;
misaligned alongside
all alignment of/or its
sinusoidal singularity.

Engraved with such ripping:
That non-dimensionality's
infinitely aperiodic helix
is logarithmically less as
labyrinthine than it is
as plexiform.

Uncounted and unencountered,
zero transposed to be
exchanged by every concept
of transposition.
And the circles alternated
with the oscillations; and
they ever (vice-versa) do
transpose this translucent
cosmos (of a translucency
adulterated by perfect
transparence) with the
concepts of permutation.
As in there, therein, here
all is more so amorphously
made than are any concepts
of our metaphors or than
are our metaphorical
conceptualizations of
what is any converse.

However, existential
uncertainty (or maybe
potentiality) was entirely
more ambiguous regarding
its essence than even
concerning its actuality.

Furthermore, furtherless
(moreunder, lessover),
what if the descriptions
of our abstractions are
hereafter always unreal,
those descriptions of
such science, reality,

The questions are lying.
And the answers ask us,
what then therefore is,
theoretically, the
meaning of "Therefore"?




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kikinotdee said...

I'm really not sure about the typewriter art Leroy, I'm sure if I knew more about maths it would make more sense to me......or not, hey!! I'm a simple creature I like pretty colours and shapes, although I'm not keen on the red wiggly line that google keep putting under the word colours! I'm English deal with it :)