Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A-sensical Non-symmetries

Typewriter Art:



My latest posts are made up
of computer-art inanimations
which are VERY inanimate, so
much so as to be nonexistent.


All is this false finitude;..
As it has nullified itself.


As crafted is torn finitude.
Tuned are its diffractions.


Helices or mazes:
Some are zilches.


That helix is wrung by its
rays' angles and into its
lines' limit.
As this strangely existential
nihilism doubts any twirling.


Each ill.


A lush helix was as
rotating energy.
Hexagons are aswirl,
yet thus align.


The universe's reality
did contort into curls.
Its null-vector yet has
its rounder direction.


These cosmic universes
entirely are of this.
Yet the nil-science is
forever so as their sum.


Everything as cosmic
is as truth; as we do
foresee within us.
Thus, this was science.
Or its vague mythoi are
of weirdness.


The universe is solid
and yet is as wide.
Heavier was solitude's
density inside.


Solitude's sin:
It is loudness.


As lies else known:
We ask loneliness.


My loneliness arose.
Losses are only mine.


It rises.
I resist.


Sly terrorists often
abused an evil reality.
Yet torture still is
forever as insanely bad.


Flawed inside our arena;..
We fail and are so ruined.


Die in-full.


Knew again.


As in these eyes
I overlapped;...
They are a vision's
deep sleep.


On which day was all
positively aswirl?...

of course!..

What is each strand of DNA
in a X-chromosome made of?

A double-'SHElix'.


This clockwise sidewalk
is a sideways cakewalk.



We are all the...



Being afraid of death:



Many of those who believe the
biblical "loaves and fishes"
story is literally true,
and believe that those loaves
and fishes were eaten by the
crowd with their spoons
(if only somewhat so), are,
I guess,...

'Crumb-amentalist Fish-tians'.


The serious
(although serendipitous)
criminal simply..
to his life of crime.


It is ironic that 'Mr Meaner'
is LESS meaner than he who
is a 'fellow-ny'.

Possible offensiveness.]

"Sometimes a Sigmund...
is just a Sigmund"..

(And sometimes a Freud..
is just a fraud;..
Uh, I mean, a FREUD,..
Yeah, just a Freud,...
That's it, a fraud..
No,.. a FREUD..
That's right,..
just a penis..)

[Warning: Possibly offensive
{but not for the same reason
as above} adult material.]

"Hey, you bring the beer,
wine, vodka, and rum to
our party."

"You mean the
alcoholic drinks?"

"Yeah, he sure does!..
(So you better bring
a lot.)"

[Hey, sorry,
just poking fun..
And if one pokes fun
too hard,..
it might get angry
and kill you..]

Which type of alcohol best
complements corned-beef
and sauerkraut on rye?

Reuben alcohol,
of course!..


I posted here already about how
-- in regards to the commonly
known saying, "Even a stopped
clock is correct twice per day"
-- that a clock whose hands
are traveling backwards
(counterclockwise..) can be
(counterintuitively..) correct
more than twice per day.

But more so ironically, a clock
(with hands traveling in either
direction) is more often
correct the faster (ie. at more
of an incorrect speed) its
hands are spinning.
(And even more ironically yet,
it is more often correct if the
hands are spinning backwards
than if clockwise.)

In-fact, if the clock's hands
are traveling infinitely
quickly (in either direction),
the clock is, in a way, correct
all of the time, but yet it is
obviously absolutely useless
for time-keeping purposes.
(^I have completely ignored any
possible relativistic effects
here. Never mind, for just one
thing, that the clock's hands
could only spin at the fastest
at a top-speed of light-speed.
And I think then the hands
would spiral into some weird
shape, relatively, as we
would observe them from our

However, if the clock's hands
are traveling at exactly the
correct speed and in the
correct direction, but the
time displayed is off by any
non-zero amount (no matter
how small), then, ironically,
the clock is ALWAYS wrong.*
But yet such a clock, despite
being forever wrong, might be
very useful still for keeping
time (especially if its
offset is very small).

Ha, counterintuitive

A para-clocks, indeed!..

*(As I would suppose even the
most accurate clocks on Earth
all are wrong in this way,..
regarding the EXACT time,
anyway; aside from the correct
time being DEFINED as what one
particular atomic clock says.)
Politics and satire.]

Soon, with the help of
facial-recognition cameras
and AI, those with allegedly
relatively asymmetric faces
will be arrested simply for
this reason.
(After all, who is going
to argue with what
psychologists have
been saying?!...
I mean, the psychologists
themselves surely have very
good facial-symmetry!..)

In other words,..
the authorities
will be using..
(..and facial full-fronting
and facial 3/4-viewing..;
as any angle will do due
to AI 3D-form determination

[And somewhere you KNOW
there are statistics showing
the greater likelihood of
criminality and terror-
carrying-out by those with
relatively asymmetric faces.
Let's not be so politically-
correct and naively kid
ourselves about these
people's threat to our
families' safety!]
{In other words,...
if you are not..
"fair and balanced" {but now
in regards to your face, its
skin-tone, and features} you
thus do indeed have something
to hide:..
Your face!.. at least.}

Hey, since the US Constitution
does not matter at all anyway
any more in regards to this
nation's laws, hey,
here is something:

I have now made a law.

Never mind that I am not a
legislative body and that
this law has not undergone
any legislative protocol in
being created.

Because, as is now known,
any such protocol is "quaint"
and outdated and obsolete.
And,.. it is no more.
So, maybe I should keep this
new law secret, since many
such new laws in this country
are now kept secret,
especially if such laws are
the most unconstitutional
of our new scary laws. Hey,
why not keep them secret?
Revealing them might make
people really dislike the

But I will tell you what
this law is anyway, as I
am being "transparent":

All US politicians (Hell,
ALL politicians world-wide.
Why not?) are now to be
considered terrorists.
And they should be
treated as such.
(Round'em up!)

Oh, and no one can
challenge the legality of
this new law at all either
-- for doing so in any way
at all itself I have
declared to be a felonious
act of terrorism, too.

And,.. no one can even
discuss the negatives of
this new law or its
possible evils,
let alone discuss its
as that will at the very
least give the authorities
more than enough probable-
cause (more than enough of
AN EXCUSE) for further
investigation of every
aspect of the critics'
lives... with possible
arrest or execution to
soon follow.
(No habeas corpus either,
in this regard, because
I have declared this.
And you have no right
to challenge this fiat
of mine, because.. only a
terrorist would do that.)

Don't like any of this?
That is an act of
terrorism, too.
Are you going to
criticize this law's
legitimacy in any way
at all?
You then are a terrorist.
And a felon.
And.. even worse.

Have fun with your new
"freedom" I have given
you, America.
And the world thanks us
for showing them the way, the world always has.



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