Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Weirdness Does Go

Blog-post # 286:
(286 = 2*11*13.)

Each Spilled Misspelling

Unlike All Astigmatic Spectra

Re-repetitive Forelengthening

This Mediocre Massacre

Mandala Of Lopsided Paradox

Despite De-Facto Spite

(Yeah. Images.)


Have some anagrams (4):...

Thus, as murder,
dreams hurt us.


The weirdness does go.
I see these odd wrongs.


Yes, it protrudes.
Yet, dire pus rots.


An evil net


I won't even try out to be a mohel...

Because I could never make the cut..


And the nominee for the
"Lesser-Evil" political party is...


(Yeah, don't deny it; it might as well be.)



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