Monday, March 19, 2012

Dizzying Diagonalizations

Blog post # 275:
(275 = 5*11*5.)

Therein Meridians Made

Tranquil Apex

Pseudo-Pretentious Dreamism

This Iridescent Dystopia

Exceptional Deceleration


One anagram today, only one:

A new Luddite era --
Until we are dead.


You know what is pointless?
The word "pointless",..
because points are essentially nonexistent (being all zero-dimensional, and all) in the first place..


For me, even working in a
mail-room would be...

pushing the envelope..


What kind of gun produces the grossest wounds?..

An Oozy!...


One who suffers their uncertainties about the existence of God is...



However, one who is certain of the weirdness is a...


The word "toilet" seems to be of French origin (which it indeed is). And, despite its actual (yet ironic) etymology, it seems it could have come instead from the word "toil".
So, that would have been even despite how healthy I keep hearing French food is;
it perhaps isn't all that high in fiber, however?!...


Is "reality TV" (and its stupid bimbos, male and female) responsible at least in part for the American public's almost unanimous apathy regarding the recent crackdowns on our "freedom" and the recent almost-total revocation of the US Constitution?

We are thus to live hereafter in a...
'Dystopia of dizziness'.

(Speaking of:...
"Con-Servatism": It SERVES us RIGHT..

Do conservatives use "con-dumbs"; since, for some conservatives, 'condoms" aren't allowed?
I suppose that "con-dumbs" are like conservative social safety-nets:
Lots of very big holes, then.
Let God decide if a woman is to become pregnant or not.
"Yes, let God's Will be done,
whenever ya' havin' fun!")



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