Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Refract Or Friction

Blog post # 276:
(276 = 2*3*23*2.)

Psychoses Of Astronomy

Philosophical Refractiveness

Topological Multi-Chromaticism

Subliminally Unexplainable


Three anagrams, these three of threeishness:

I am war's cliches killing as ruses.
Wishes cracking us is all realism.


Lost refraction.
Colors tint fear.


A claw lusts.
Saws cut all.


You know what physicists do on their vacations?

Just some nuclear-fishin'..


[Warning: Dirty, obscene! Warning: Dirty, obscene!]

(You heard of sad movies being 'tearjerkers'? Well,...)
Porn-movies are...

(Sorry, but I have very little else, relatively, to post this time.)

(Oo, oo, I just remembered. I have one more, but I probably shouldn't....)

If you mess with some guy's toupee, can you be arrested for...
.. disturbing the piece?...




flip said...

I liked the afterthought the best.

Kevin Routh said...

I like your jokes Leroy! I needed a smile today. :)