Friday, March 2, 2012

A Ungrammatical "A"

Blog post # 270:
(270 = 3*2*3*5*3.)

Balanced By Anti-Opposites

Infinitesimally Overwhelming

Disarrangement Itself Displaced

A Riddle Perhaps Theoretical

In Mathematical Disentanglement


Only two anagrams today
(but I like both of them):

War ever hates our being.
We are thus overbearing.


These losers I cannot contain,
as also the interconnections.

(This last one might be a lament by someone who owns/runs an online social-network, perhaps?)


(Okay, this particular blog-post is going to rapidly decline from this point on...)

Speaking of that last anagram, maybe so-called "social networks" really make up the...
(Is it "enhanced"?..)

Anyway, why do they call The Internet a "network"?
... when it causes us to W0RK less,
and so we only lose our NET-W0RTH.
(Maybe the internet is more of a "NOTwork", then...)


Why is the word "hypocrisy" what it is?
Shouldn't it instead be "hypercrisy",.. since one who is guilty of it is OVERLY critical?
I guess the word "hypocrisy" itself is hypocritical, therefore (or is hypercritical).

I used to think (long ago!) that the word "hypocrite" came from "Hippocrates" because maybe he himself didn't perhaps follow the Hippocratic oath. Ha!


Asininity: There is "a sin in it"(y).


Why do mother birds always tell the truth?...

Because they are surely 'on-nest'!..

(A little birdie just told me that I and my joke -- which isn't even original -- stink.)


Whoops. Almost forgot poll results:

What fraction (most closely approximated here) of what you assume about reality to be true do you believe is actually indeed true?

1 person said "All of it".
1 person said "1/16".
2 people said "1/64".
2 people said "1/256".
1 person (me) said "Less still, something".

Nobody said "1/4", "1/1024", "1/4096", or "Zero".





flip said...

Love the B&W image. Maybe because it is rare.

Kevin Routh said...

I don't comment very often, but I wanted to tell you that I always look forward to your blog!
I love your art and your words. Today I enjoyed all of your pictures, but I really liked "In Mathematical Disentanglement".

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Ha, you both liked best the same image. (And independently, apparently, since I approved Flip's comment for display after I received Kevin's comment.) I do notice that many of my images look different at different resolutions and sizes. And as for which images are "best" in any blog-post, there is at least some subjectivity anyway. It is not uncommon for some of my least favorite images I have made to be other people's favorites. Although I do like the B&W image here, too. (But it is simply my second-favorite of this bunch. I personally like "Balanced By Anti-Opposites" the best of these, but I have seen it at a somewhat higher resolution, where -- in my opinion(!) -- it indeed looks better.)