Saturday, March 24, 2012

As Until A Dim Lens

Blog post # 277:
(277 = a prime thingamajig.)

Concentricity's Surrealism

Inequilateral Radii

Counterintuitively Clockwise

Dimensions Of Enlightenment

Unweird Evisceration

(I suppose my favorite of these is the first image.
The second is relatively okay, too.)


Four anagrams, for you:

Pi loathes a lie, creates radii.
All are as the aperiodicities.


I lament sundials,
as until a dim lens.


A Monster
most near


Of its rewindings or palindromes,
it is ending, slips forward no more.


And now some extremely trite puns...
(If they occurred in a cycle, it would be a
And as such, only the little kids could ever possibly enjoy them.)

Time to .. 'go-thick'.. gothically.
(Yes, some of the Goths are...

And, as they, I too am aware that we should indeed be afraid.
Yes, that is why we are so...
We surely have the IQs for the 'eye-cues'.
And yet we still analyze the 'anal-lies',
if only to 'de-spies' them.
Yes, for its despised lies of wise eyes
(eyes neither clockwise
nor counterclockwise),
The Evil-Media is...
forever Mediaeval.



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